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lonlyforlove2 77M
16457 posts
11/15/2019 6:29 pm

Looks slike you have in mind what a good evening on one of the cold nights should be, I wish you sucess, you wont need luck, it in your favor to start with.....

Be sure to look in at lonlyforlove2 . It may make you smile

Paulxx001 63M
16648 posts
11/15/2019 6:36 pm

Cheers 🥂
That's a great idea!

DLjustfun 35M  
4 posts
11/15/2019 6:40 pm

So hott

DLjustfun 35M  
4 posts
11/15/2019 6:40 pm

any luck?

RockKickAss69XXX 51M
898 posts
11/15/2019 6:47 pm

Have a Great Weekend Kissin!

tickles4us 58M
7196 posts
11/15/2019 6:51 pm

Snuggle.... well maybe after...

Vive La Difference

ArkSoutherngent5 66M  
910 posts
11/15/2019 6:55 pm

Sounds like a Great Plan, Beautiful Lady....just to dam far away... lol

Although last week this time i was headed back from Pennsylvania about this time of day... which would have been a little closer to you.....

Have a Great Weekend, Stay Warm and above all Have a Little Fun....

Hugs and Kisses for the Beautiful Lady..

7819 posts
11/15/2019 6:57 pm

I'm showing a couple of overseas visitors around here yesterday and today. We are lucky, the weather is playing along!
Enjoy your weekend!

12745 posts
11/15/2019 7:16 pm

Hey, Mk.

*Happy Friday*

"Care to snuggle next to the fire?"
That Would Be Really Good Now!


pocogato12 68F  
33763 posts
11/15/2019 7:16 pm

I have to get maintenance over to show me how the flue operates in this place. So I guess It's regular heat tonight- me and the cats and some vodka

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dicappstally 30M
14 posts
11/15/2019 7:17 pm

You'll definitely be a great erotica writer lol

azriel1970 49M  
30009 posts
11/15/2019 7:27 pm

You know I am always down for a snuggle!!!!! Happy Friday and I am with you!!!

I_giv_pleasure 56M  
2712 posts
11/15/2019 7:32 pm

Would love to snuggle with you by a fire. I'll bring the wine.

Tmptrzz 57F
81961 posts
11/15/2019 7:32 pm

I am glad your enjoying your Friday and I hope you get your wine and your food, and that great company my friend. My day has been another nightmare on the rollercoaster again. I hope you stay warm and enjoy your weekend..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

AmorphousAmor 60M
3548 posts
11/15/2019 7:51 pm

misskissin, you're teasin' us with those latest poses of yours... add in a fireplace and that's just not playing fair... hot, hot, hot!

scottbb3071 29M
8 posts
11/15/2019 9:28 pm

Thats hot. I will come join you

Virgo0893 26M

11/15/2019 10:05 pm

Very hot

jajo696 65F
2224 posts
11/16/2019 12:40 am

Kisses by the fire....

What a wonderful goal ...

Wishful thinkin ~~

johnnydoesall69 50F
14 posts
11/16/2019 1:39 am

couldn't agree more.

pal334 66M  
40559 posts
11/16/2019 5:19 am

Oh yes, the fireplace cuddle time of the year. MY favorite, and when not available, a good book

Please cum visit my blog,,,,,,,,,,,,pal334

Mercy62019 64F  
89 posts
11/16/2019 6:37 am

I wish I had a fireplace to sit in front of with a bottle of wine and a male company to really heat things up.

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62062 posts
11/16/2019 6:49 am

Ohhh, that last two photos betray what you really mean when you say "cuddle by the fire". In THAT case you can count me....IN!

We're forecast to have two seasonally normal days this weekend - quite unusual, so more catching up on yard chores is likely on the agenda.

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Leegs2012 47M
54536 posts
11/16/2019 7:17 am

You look great in that last picture..my you have sexy LEGS!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62062 posts
11/16/2019 7:54 am

    Quoting  :

I guess I didn't realize that it was a secret that last one was you. My stiffening dick knew it right away.

What if I Was in UrAnus, and Didn39t Even Remember
Autumnal Colors, on HNW
Ten Different Places for Sex Play
Private Cleavage My Private Blog - Tell Me ALL Your Secrets

redhotfun4you2 57F  
1559 posts
11/16/2019 8:10 am

And a HAPPY FRIEDAY to you... yes I said "Fried". It is how my brain felt most of the day. However, it was a short day for me... I had scheduled some vacation time to leave early!!

It was also POP Day (Pay Other People) lol... and after they were all paid there was a little for a shopping for me day!! So I went and did a little Retail Therapy... I bought a new winter jacket... and a couple new tops... and a new briefcase for work.

I have no real plans for this weekend with the exception of watching the Nascar Championship Race from Homestead, FL on Sunday.

I thought briefly, about going in to work to get caught up on a few jobs, but haven't decided yet. I will check my work email and see how badly it has blown up since yesterday.

I don't have a fireplace but could put the "fireplace" channel on my tv...lol ... I too need some company to share it with... but that isn't happening... so I will watch a couple movies or whatever....

UPDATE... just checked email... it can wait until Monday...

sexysixties2 72F  
38886 posts
11/16/2019 12:29 pm

It's cold here....my weekend plans involve CAKE!! It's Dangermouse's birthday....can you believe he will be 9 tomorrow!!!

"Age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from age."

~~Anais Nin~~

lindoboy100 57M
21573 posts
11/17/2019 2:12 pm

Sounds awfy guid McKiss, mibbe a wee neck and should rub in front of the fire, followed by........

Pull ma finger.........

boobwhisperer69 57M  
6116 posts
11/17/2019 4:16 pm

Oh the things that would lead to!!!!

username80138 33M  
15 posts
11/17/2019 8:46 pm


templar_s 50M  
3875 posts
11/18/2019 4:54 am

I watched Dolemite on Friday in front of the fire place. Both Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes were hilarious! It was nice to see them both in a movie, and that was great story.

gardenboy321 57M  
41190 posts
11/19/2019 8:31 am

Never had the opportunity to snuggle (or other activities ) next to a fireplace.

Thoughts from the Garden...

livelifeliberate 50M
108 posts
11/20/2019 3:19 am

Great pic, hot mood setter. You always pair the right words with the right images. Super Hot!

Jaydee444777 55M
78 posts
11/20/2019 1:23 pm

So hot! Such erotic dreams conjured up!!

mamacita38dd 41F
51242 posts
11/24/2019 8:15 pm

    Quoting pocogato12:
    I have to get maintenance over to show me how the flue operates in this place. So I guess It's regular heat tonight- me and the cats and some vodka
God i love Poco...

mamacita38dd 41F
51242 posts
11/24/2019 8:17 pm

Beautiful pic my friend! Snuggle... yes please

Julie888x 54F
157 posts
11/28/2019 5:24 pm

You have some beautiful pics - and thoughts - on here...

Lostlicker87069 31M
63 posts
12/5/2019 3:22 pm

Very nice an romantic will enjoy

fishing1362 57M
145 posts
12/8/2019 6:22 am


orgzms4bofus 60M
79 posts
12/11/2019 8:08 pm

My good plans are to get there early and get the fire going so it will be cozy enuf to cuddle by the fire on top of a blanket with only lingerie and a nice bottle of wine and some ho,t oil, to massage your body and plenty of kissing you all over

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