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BiggLala 47F  
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7/12/2019 5:58 pm

Why turn down the younger guys on this site?
-My thoughts are that those who turn down the younger men are just not interested. I imagine they have their reasons.

What purpose does it serve to question it? Would not your efforts be better spent searching for and contacting the older women who *are* interested in younger men? What have your experiences been on the those sites specifically designed for older women/younger men?

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2Saltie2 62F  
1790 posts
7/12/2019 7:44 pm

I don't want younger. Simple as that. I don't care why you want older. You have preferences. I have mine. What is so hard to understand?

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superbjversion2 64F  
17623 posts
7/12/2019 8:10 pm

Your title rather explains it....maturity.

For me, it's the difference in life stages. My kids are grown and on their own and I'm retired. I want someone as free as I am.

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RyuFujin 52F  
740 posts
7/12/2019 9:24 pm

I don't find a lot in common with guys who are younger. On the flip side, I also don't find common ground if a guy's older than a certain age.

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