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A friend once told me....
Posted:Mar 24, 2019 5:55 am
Last Updated:Mar 24, 2019 6:10 am

That he got a hard on no matter who was playing with his balls. At the time I took that at face value and let it go. After a night of drinking people tend to be pretty loose with their comments about sex. Never in my dreams would I ever have imagined he was tossing me the opening salvo in an attempt to clue me in that he was interested in something happening between us. I mean I just didn't think of him in that way. Well, perhaps I did to be truthful. But at the time both of us were married, and starting families. So, the hints, and late night fantasy's of my own were just that, fantasy.

Oh sure, there was that time at a amusement park when I was changing clothes after getting drenched on a water log flume ride, down to my undies in the back seat of a compact car, trying to get my wet jeans off without dripping water all over the place and him looking in the window and remarking on the size of my still soft cock that was out lined in my wet shorts. I think I must have turned three shades of red after hearing him going on about it, and started to get hard as well. All the while both of our wives laughing at his comments, though not so much as they had both seen it themselves many times before. I actually dated his wife before they got married. Any who, I was stuck there getting a hard on, with my jeans soaking wet, and the only other thing I brought to wear was a pair of terry cloth running shorts I'd planned to use to swim in the pool at the hotel we were staying at that weekend. I put the wet jeans back on after pealing off the wet undies, I figured the wet and cold jean material would put a damper on the growing of my cock. It did, but as I was pealing off my undies I noticed he was still watching me, seeing the old fellow at half staff as it was he sorta smiled and gave me a wink. The wives had already started walking back to the park entrance to regain entry. I got the strange notion that had we been at the amusement park by ourselves without the wives that day, that things might have ended up differently.

Well time passes, and things change. A few years later he and his wife got divorced, a bad break up at the time but like water under the bridge they've become friends again. I can't say the same for the relationship between my own ex and myself. He moved away a few times to neighboring states, and we lost touch for a bit, but he always seemed to end up back in town after a couple of years away. The second time he moved back to town after being away, I noticed a new profile had come up on the site here. A guy close by, real close. Some great looking photo's though none of his face, and a profile that seemed to match my own. A bi guy looking for some occasional fun with others ( both men and women ) . So I figured what the heck? At the time my ex girlfriend and I were on the skids, the sexual relationship between us had all but ended, and at that point we were just room mates, with her complaining she wanted me to move out. So I wrote a message to the profile asking if he'd like to get together some time and talk? Perhaps more if we were so inclined? To my amazement he wrote back..that hardly ever happens on here. Well we chatted back and forth for a bit, sending email messages about what we were looking for, what we were into..that sort of thing, sometimes getting a little randy with each other. All the while I still didn't know his first name, or the fact that it was the very same friend of mine from years ago. He let the cat out of the bag in the end, telling me who he was, remarking on my photo's that I looked bigger then he remembered, and then asked me when the last time I got off was? I had to think? Hell, it must ave been a week or more since I last masturbated. Telling him so, and the fact that the last girlfriend was not going for anything between us at that time. In his next message he told me what a waste that was, all that cum ejaculated into a tissue...then he went on to say that I needed a real blow job. That he'd be more than happy to help me out with it as well.

Who was I to say no? Hell I'd been thinking about doing things with him for years. Nervous still, I accepted his offer to stop by on my lunch our one day during the week. When I got there he buzzed me in the front door and I went to his second floor apartment. Once inside, he offered me a cup of coffee and we chatted for a bit about old times, the ex's and then we finally got around to why he asked me over that day. I can't recall the actual conversation, but remember getting up and removing my outer coat and tossing it on a near by chair, kicking my sneakers off, and then dropping my pants, pulling down my underwear after that I sat down on the couch, my legs half spread open, my cock starting to rise by it self with thinking about was was to happen next. I remember him taking off his glasses and setting them on the coffee table, figuring he was going to take the t-shirt he was wearing off after that, and then move on to taking off his pants. well the t-shirt came off, but the pants didn't. Much to my dismay. After he had his shirt off he got down on his knees in front of me and reached over and took a hold of my growing cock in his hand with only a couple of tugs I was in full blown boner mode. Seeing this he bent over and holding my cock by the base licked it from my balls to the tip when he reached the top licked the precum that had already started to seep from the slit, and then engulfed my cock . His mouth was soft, wet, and warm, his tongue licking the underside of my cock as he sucked on it. This for sure wasn't the first time he'd had a cock in his mouth, he knew what he was doing. I for sure wan't going to make it back to work within the appointed lunch hour that day, and I didn't. His mouth felt so good, but I'm a visual type of guy and was hot to see if his cock was as hard as mine...when he came up for air, again tugging on my cock I reached over and pulled the button loose on his jeans and sort of pulled at his waist band letting him know I wanted a peek at the cock I'd fantasized so much about. Taking the hint he stood up and dropped his pants, showing off his own hard member to me. I reached over and pulled him too me using his stiff cock as a pull string, guiding it to my wet and willing mouth. Sucking his cock between my lips I tasted cum, like he'd gotten off before I had arrived. Perhaps thinking about what was to happen once I got there he opted to take the edge off as it were. As I sucked his cock, I cold tell it was sensitive, and after a bit he pushed me away..returning to his knees and taking my own now throbbing member back into his mouth once again. I'd like to say I lasted till the cows came home, but his hot sucking mouth, and his tongue wouldn't let me. I could feel my balls tighten, I guess he could as well as he started sucking me harder, his had bobbing on the down stroke so his lips met my harry balls. I tried pushing his head up when I felt the first spurt coming, but he wouldn't let me... forcing more of my cock into his mouth the first spurt I'm sure hit the roof of his mouth, the second and third landed on his tongue and he quickly swallowed. He kept on sucking till I was spent and only pulled away when I started to go soft once again. Though knowing my cock was sure to be sensitive, he did give it a couple of licks as I was going down bringing the last of my issue to the tip which he licked away.

I think that was the best blow job I ever had, well maybe one of the best in the top ten at least. One of the best because I really needed it,because he knew I needed it. Or, because I'd fantasized about something like that happening between us for so long. He started seeing a woman not to long after that, again much to my dismay. As that meant he wasn't "up" or available for fun with me. A bird in the hand as they say? But like I said before...time passes. The woman he got involved has recently broken up with him and moved out. Sad I know, I've had it happen to me so I know what he's going through. We've reconnected, and have chatted some. From our chats I know he's been down in the dumps about the break up. Perhaps it's time I repaid the favor he once did for me? Get his mind off his troubles and make him smile again? After all what are friends for?

Oh well, I've got an email to send, then I'm off to hit the shower...

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