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secret life of an erotic strip dancer.
Posted:Sep 11, 2020 11:57 am
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2020 5:59 pm
After getting out of the shower, he securely wraps a towel around his waist and walks into his now transformed bedroom. There is soft music playing and candles lit around the room putting a soft glow on a high-backed chair in the middle of the room. As you walk over to the throne, you notice a note which simply reads "SIT ON ME".

he turned and sat in the comfortable chair and after a moment, he heard "70's love groove" by Janet fill the room just before you look up to see my elongated silhouette in the doorway. I slowly walk over to you and place my hands on the sides of your head. Looking into your eyes, I use my right knee to widen the gap between your legs. I step into the perfect V as I start to wind to the music. I pull your head down so I can graze your sensual lips with my cleavage as my knee gently caresses his already hard dic With my hips swaying in small circles, I allow my hands run down your moist chest as I straighten my legs and allow you a very nice view of my huge tits before I stand and run my hands over them.

Hips swaying in circles now, I let my hips guide out from between his legs and just out of your reach. I reach behind my back and release the clip from my bra. Still moving, I slowly turn and just catch it in front before it falls reveal my breasts.

Slowly I reveal first one luscious globe and then the other and the bra falls the floor. Looking at my nipples I see they are hard and I pinch them and roll them between my fingers and my thumbs for a few moments before I realize that I'm getting wet, which makes me all the hotter for you. Lifting one breast my mouth, I lick my nipple a few times as I move the music. I know he could see the wet spot forming low on my thong and he licked his lips. I switch breasts and suck my other nipple, my eyes closed as I enjoy my own sucking. When I stop playing with my breasts I realize my hips are more thrusting than swaying and I move toward him knowing that I need a lap dance and so does he.

Facing him, I sat on his lap and wrapped my legs around his waist and then I began to very slowly move my hips back and forth, rubbing my sensitive clit against the hard rod I felt under his towel. It feels so good for and I can tell it's pleasurable for him, too. My hands are on the back of the chair and because of that my breasts are once again right there in front of his lips. his tongue comes quickly out to lick my nipple and I cry out from the pure sadistic pleasure of it. I slowly stand and continue the slow winding of my hips and turn my back to him

I slowly bend my knees and lower my grinding ass onto his lap. The pressure of him feels so good under my undulating back side. I lean back lying on his relaxed body and reach back and link my hands behind his neck as I continue my molesting dance. I slowly begin to slide down his body until I am kneeling in front of you caressing his hardness with the back of my head to the sensual rhythm of the music. I turn and look into your eyes as I gently blow into the barely there opening in his towel.

I begin my slow slide back up his body massaging his body as I rise up. I get eye level and let my gaze fall to his gorgeous lips. Our lips are so close I can feel his soft breath on my lips. I move in another inch and kiss his neck before I lick it and back off. I slide my cheek along his as I go indulging in the sexy scent of his . I run my fingers down his chest, over your stomach, then down his inner thighs and down your legs before bringing them back up to the secured spot of his towel. I look into his eyes and smile before opening the towel to reveal what I already knew. With my lips very close to his now visible head, I straighten my legs and use my hands to push his legs together and give a quick flick of my tongue to his tip. It jumps as if to thank me. I bend further and slide my chest up your body until your dick is encased between my tits. I wind up and down letting my breasts dance with your steel as I slowly remove my soaking wet thong.

Up and down I glide, sucking your head every time it shows itself above my tits, and release it with a loud "pop" to be sheathed once again. I straighten up and straddle his legs before lowering myself onto me. You feel so good!!!! I place one hand then the other behind me on your knees then lift one leg then the other onto his shoulders before I continue my ultimate lap dance. My hips go in small, forceful circles letting him stir me up and hit every wall of my pussy. My head falls back when your hands are filled with my breast and I go from circles to forward and back motions fucking him until I feel the tell-tale throbbing.

As I continue my movements, I remove my legs, place my feet firmly on the floor, my hands on your shoulders, and after another forward thrust followed by a half circle, I stand, bend, and open my mouth and swallow your hot dick just before I feel the heat of you explode onto the back of my throat. I swallow every drop before I lick it clean, close your towel, and disappear back into the shadows.
Sex with my 38 year old math teacher
Posted:Sep 8, 2020 12:59 am
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2020 3:43 pm
Have you ever failed math in college so many times that you couldn’t take it anymore?
I transferred from Phoenix college to GCC last year August 2019, after I failed math for the 2nd time. It was an early morning class that started at 8, I showed up to class early and wanted to talk to the instructor before anything. He was so dreamy, a young handsome man with an athletic body and so beautiful, I was so nervous trying to talk to him, I made my way to him playing with my hair. His ocean blue eyes were so beautiful, u could drown in them. I talked to him and let me know I took the class before and I just wanted to pass the class so I can move on. He accidentally brushed my hands and I felt electricity jolt my body to my toes. Later in the semester, adjusting the tables in my class, my instructor walks in, and grabs my breast, sucking on them slowly while turning me on, my boobs and nipples never felt any better than seeing my instructor’s mouth on it. With the fact, I couldn’t take it anymore, I sucked on his 8 & half inch thick throbbing cock, slopping all over it, hearing him groan was so beautiful, I started dripping. We headed to the restroom to continue, where he ate my tight juicy black Pussy over and over until he pushed his cock into my pussy which was now at the time dripping wet, I had sex with my instructor and enjoyed fucking his big cock. Cumming 6 times in one morning before class was really good. He cummed so much in me at the time was awesome because I was on birth control. It was the best time of my semester. Part 2 coming
my sexual fantasy being a pregnant young girl @25
Posted:Sep 4, 2020 8:32 pm
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2020 12:25 pm
Two months back on July 4th to be precise, i took a pregnancy test and it turned out i was pregnant. having pregnancy fantasies has always been a huge turn on of mine. two weeks ago, i was at the shopping mall with a friend, when i saw a really nice couple kissing and i suddenly got turned on from just staring at them. my best friend who happened to be a guy knew something was up, so he kissed me. i pulled away telling him i had to go to the bathroom and he should come along, which to my surprise he actually came with me. once he was in the bathroom, i quickly took my thong off and gave it to him, then he kissed me while rubbing on my clit. it was so wet, he could see me dripping. so he quickly lifted me up on the counter after he cleaned it and put his dick in me which was about 8 inches when thick and erect, he began thrusting in and out slowly then fast, it felt so good,i cummed more than 3 times while in the bathroom of a mall. it was so hot. later that same day, I saw the movie 365 on Netflix, half way through the movie, i saw my best friend stroking himself and offered to help, he was so hard and so erect, so i got on his lap, put a condom on and pushed his dick into me, it felt so good,my legs started shaking from how good the sex is until i cummed all over him for the 10th time in one day. I had this fetish of having sex on a boat in the middle of nowhere.
my hormonal changes can stir things up quite a bit and lead to either no mood for sex or suddenly extreme horniness. but oh i mean who can resist a pregnant girl who gets turned on every 5 minutes. hope you enjoy my story.
my first time having orgasm
Posted:Jul 26, 2020 11:08 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2020 6:45 pm
my first time having orgasm was when i was 21, a young lady who had just started out in the food industry. i didn't know much, so everything was new but i was determined to learned and i got this job at a restaurant in Tuscany Italy. my boss was a older guy probably in his 40's but he is really cute and fair in complexion. i was to resume @8 am so he could show me the restaurant before it started for the day at 11 am that same morning. i decided to wear a yellow sundress with a sandal. i got there to the restaurant a few minutes early, the restaurant was closed and i had to wait for the man to come, a few minutes later, he came. he showed me around and kept giving me so many compliments about how small i looked. we finally got to this office and then he asked"If he could stroke my hair as it looked very soft" i said sure go ahead and he went right ahead feeling every inch of my hair.
then he began discussing my salary, accommodation and so on. when he was done, he gave me a key to my room which was very beautiful, the view was so scenic you would fall in love. so i took time to look around where i was, take pictures and so on, as i was busy enjoying the view and taking pictures, i caught a glimpse of my boss, he was shimmering in the sun with his ocean blue eyes, so in love with his eye color, i bumped into him hard, i looked up and said oh my, i'm so sorry, he said its was okay and asked what i was doing there, i said taking a walk and looking around. he offered to show me everywhere and i accepted, we got a drink and we had a few conversations in which i got drunk. he offered to take me home and opened my door to put me in my bed. he leaned towards me to kiss me as he put me down, we slowly kissed me passionately while taking my clothes off, he reached for my long legs kissing every inch of my body. he then pulls away,saying he has to go home so he left. i didn't have to start until after a week, so i used that time to take pictures of other places, like restaurants i wanted to try, so i went there and i was about to eat when my boss to be walked to me, i got so shy and embarrassed and apologized for the other night. he said it was okay, reached for my thighs and decided to feel how soft my skin was. i was so wet he felt it immediately asking if he could feel me in the restaurant. without hesitation, i said yes, and he went ahead to rub my clit which was already dripping wet from the caress of this beautiful man, so i immediately asked him if he could come by to let me cook for him and he said he would be there. so i left to my small apartment house to begin my cooking, i decided to wear a mini skirt and a bra top with no bra, then suddenly i heard a knock, fixing my hair so fast"i said hold on i'm coming". opening the door to this tall older guy with a charming smile, i felt my thighs get wet again. i made him my best dish and we had dinner, then he offered to give me a back rub which i couldn't refuse. that night was the first time, a man went down on me and licked me so good, my legs were shaking with uncontrollable orgasms. i quivered so hard i passed out. by the time, it was midnight, i already had 20 orgasms, the floor was in a mess, then finally came the time for the sex, he took his pants and couldn't believe how thick and hard rock he was. we had 69 sucking each other and hearing him moan as i suck on him making him hard. then the rest of the night, we had sex, watching him thrust in and out of my tight pussy while he was nibbling on my hard rock brown nipples, when he finally came, he cummed on my face and licked it off clean and finally fell asleep

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