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let's pee :)
Posted:Nov 27, 2019 2:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2019 3:38 am

I had weird experience couple days ago. not really weird, more to new haha.. never put it in my sex bucket list but hey, I tried anything twice before decide if I like it or no (in certain limits of course).

so I met mr cuddler couple of times now. I called him that because he loveee to cuddle. after sex or between sex break, he always cuddled me or rub me or just kissed me all over. not many men like that so that's pretty nice. hugs or cuddles basically my kinda thing.

so after sex...which was so one point he asked me if there's anything I want to explore or tried in sex. I mention couple of things. and I asked him back. he won't tell me because he said he's shy haha. come on....
after a bit of push, he finally said that he kinda like it when a girl peed on him. not in the face, just in the body.
no..I didn't surprised...I knew some guys love that, just haven't met one until now haha. I said I haven't done that before but lets try. do you want to pee now? yeah..I can pee lol.

so we went to his bathtub. I did love the way he guide me haha...he lay down and I was squatting on top of him. I could feel he was so hard... are you ready? he said yes... it took a while for my pee to come out haha...a bit nervous since I never done it before...and I did it....I peed in his chest down to his belly...while one of my hand hold on to bath tub and my other hand in the back stroking his hard cock...
when I done with my pee then he pushed his hard cock into my pussy and fucked me so hard until I cum.

when I'm back to earth, I'm thinking this was fine. I didnt feel like throwing up or disgusted with the smell. none of it. so I asked him, do you wanna pee on me? he asked me...are you sure you want to try? I said yeah..lets do this, I wanna know how it felt. so he got up in the bathtub while I'm kneeling down...he started to pee in my chest. hot but not smelly which Im thankful for haha....but I didn't find it turned me on...I kinda's a bit funny though for me I dunno why haha... he asked me how it feels ...I said it's fine...didnt turned me on but I did prefer to pee on him.

then we shower together. he cleaned me and washed my hair then dried me with towel. carried me to bed and we started to have sex again.

I'll pee on him anytime
When you stand still
Posted:Nov 17, 2019 10:07 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 2:15 pm

so mr.swim coach teased and said that he was totally naked when I was on my way to his place. I really couldn't wait. he opened the door a little and pulled in. he was totally naked..oh my...I had this horny smile on my face and he said.. I wasn't kidding.
I couldn't help myself..he approached and started kiss and I said stop...
I love his I told him to let touch and feel your body for a bit.

I asked him to stand still with his hands on the wall. Im just admiring his body for a bit before I started to touch it. I was behind him...pressed my boobs in his back then kissed his nec.smelling him with my hands rub all over his back slowly..feeling the muscle, the warmth skin...then I hugged him from behind, my hands rub his chest...rubbing my boobs in his back up and down while I leave kissed and bite everywhere... I licked his back and go down slowly..I could hear his heavy breath...

I reached his nice ass...bite it slowly...while my hand squeeze it hard...oh I'm so turned on already. then I spread his legs wider then spread his ass and buried my face there... licking his ass, made it all wet..then while still knelling I was in front of him...licking his balls...suck it gently...he was so hard already...I could see his pre cum started drip...I gave one tiny lick clean it without putting his cock into my mouth. he looked at ..waiting fuck my mouth.

when I'm done playing with his balls... I started my licking the top....his cock end and up to his belly... he grabbed my hair tried to direct my head to his cock but I said keep the hands on the wall. I love his flat rubbing it, smelling it...licking it....then I keep licking to the top his chest....tickle his nipples gently...I could feel his hard cock between us..rubbing my whole body as I'm licking him. leaving pre cum all over me...

oh it was so hot enjoying his body like that...I can do that for hours. then I reached his jaw...licking all his jawline and give a bite to his ears... then finally I was between his arms leaning to the wall. he locked me there so I couldn't move. I kissed him and he held my head and kissed me so hard.

he asked me: do you enjoyed that? I whispered: yes.. did I missed something? oh..I forgot to suck your cock!!! do you want me to??? he laughed and kissed me so hard again then pushed me down to my knees and moaned loudly when he started to fuck my mouth.
cold and wet
Posted:Nov 16, 2019 3:04 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2019 9:34 am

it was a cold and wet day when I arrived in my airport hotel for my last day. seriously freezing and wet. so glad when I reached my room.. shower and just enjoying looking the rain sipping some tea.

all alone in the hotel made itchy to find some company. after I settled...I got to talk with one handsome guy. to be honest, not expect anything for that night since far in the airport. we were talking about the shit weather and how the cold weather will be perfect for each other.

he asked , shall I come? he lived pretty far, like 25 mins from the airport. I said I would love to but I didnt want him to drive in the heavy rain as well...and maybe traffic. he said thats not a big problem. I was getting excited. sure, if you don't mind to drive in this weather then please stop by.

he did. I couldn't believe it. he kinda stuck in traffic but he arrived like 35 mins later, when I opened the door, he was standing there all wet with thick jacket smiled at me. I pulled him in and made it haha.

I helped him to open his thick and wet jacket, throw it aside and he pulled me to kiss him. I laughed at the same time because his lips was so cold. not for long though, when our kiss get hotter and started get everywhere. we still kissing while undressed each other. he pushed to bed and let him licked from my neck, down to my boobs, leave a bite in my belly and keep going down till he reached my pussy. I could feel his wet tongue licking my clit slowly and gently and rub it with his thumb the same time. he made me crazy when he started to finger me. i was so wet down there and he loved it. rub it and lick it and rub it again...

he turned me around so I lay down in my belly...and he gave my ass a bite and squeeze it then spread it and started to lick my pussy and to my ass...made it all wet...oh it was so so good. he stayed down there for a long long time till I beg him to fuck me...then he climbed on my back.I could feel his hard cock rubbing in my ass while he whispered to me you still feeling cold? I laughed..not anymore...

he spread my legs..rubbing his hard cock up and down in my wet pussy..then he pushed a little...slowly... and pushed it again all the way in... I could feel the pleasure spread my whole body...the best feeling ever. then we started move together... it didnt take long till he made me . I was tooo horny. he loved to see how wet I am...he whispered..good .

then he was knelling on the bed while I half laying down on my back so I could suck him and he could fingered the same time. I loved that..he was really good at fingering me. his hard cock tasted really good...a bit hard to focus since his fingers were inside of me. I could feel my orgasm was coming..and I told him don't ever stop...he didnt...he made me with his fingers...he loved it even more when he saw that his fingers dripping wet with my pussy juices. he started to fuck my mouth harder...pushed it so deep til I gag couple of times then he finally inside my mouth. I didnt waste a drop.

he still hard... oh I love that a lot...I looked at him and laughed... he said: I know... you want more? I said all night long haha. he started to kiss and slide his hard cock into . and we didnt stop.

we didnt feel cold all that night
Travel for sex?
Posted:Nov 14, 2019 2:05 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2019 3:45 am

No, i never done it. Never met someone i want so bad to do that til couple months ago. If you remember ever reading my blog called lust for mr lust. I found him then talked to him and found out that we kinda have similar taste in sex. He has everything i ever wanted in a man to fuck me. It’s not that long til i decide that i wanna meet him. The plan was hes going to my country but fuck that... its so strict while i wanna fuck everywhere in the outside. So i took a courses for couple of weeks in his country so in the end we could meet.

So in the period of 4 months of us getting to know each other, sometimes he disappeared.. more than once til i decided.. fuck you, if you not serious to meet then dont contact me ever again. Its that easy. I talked before about ghosting and stuff and i really hate it. But He made quite an effort to talk with me again. I dont know why i stupidly believed him. because I like him that much? he did made quite an effort for I'm thinking why not.

Then i was there... in his country, planning to meet. One week to go.. no news from him, and still no news til the day i supposed to meet him. I texted him... its not delivered. I called him which was connected but no one answered.

I gambled and went to his city booked a hotel that we agreed to meet and hes not there. And even worse my hotel had a small fire that night.
Small but enough to make fireman came to handle that. Alarm blaring loudly. it's such a bad luck.

Will someone go that far to catfish someone? But for what? Whats the point?
I know you guys will say indi dont be naive. Im not... i know about ghosting. But this happened to me before. Im about to say to one guy... fuck you dont contact me again and turned out he’s sick and about to have a surgery.

i do hope all he’s doing is ghosting me. That he fooled me. Rather then something actually happened to him since he works a pretty dangerous job.

One side i hope he’s ok and the other side i am a loser... I didnt think this through and made this kinda mistake. Big mistake. But weirdly i dont regret it though to go there to meet him.... im just disappointed in myself that i can be so wrong... so so wrong.

I keep wondering why... but i tried to shut it down.

so there you go, my first ever plan to travel for sex turned complete disaster. well, in the other side, I did met some other guys...but that's the story for another days.

anyway, thats the story about mr lust... there never any!
A loser
Posted:Nov 7, 2019 12:45 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2019 1:53 pm

Gosh i miss this place so much. Been way too busy like crazy lately and it’s killing .
Too many stories to tell but im just glad im back to dubai now.
Gonna settle a bit ... hands itchy write ... maybe couple of days

Whats with the title? Thats . Im a loser. Made the worst mistake ever.

Tell you later!

But i do hope everyone alright blogville..too many blogs to read! Excited!!
Wake him up
Posted:Oct 21, 2019 11:08 am
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2019 2:54 pm

come to mine after you finish work, he said. I'll leave the door unlocked in case I fall asleep. you can wake me up.

so I did. went to mr.swim coach place after midnight. it's quiet...I opened the door slowly. he was definitely sleeping. it's dark but there's small night light near the bed so I could see him clearly. he was under the blanket sleeping on his back. I could hear his steady breathing.

I approached the bed while undressed at the same time. tried not to make any noise. I could smell him all over the room and it really turned me on. I'm naked, looked at him in bed for a second thinking what should I do to wake him up without shocked him. then slowly I pulled the blanket a little bit.. I got up to bed, on top of him. he still didn't move. then I licked his lips...kissed him..from his lips to his ears and whispered...hey, its Indi...and back to kiss him again. he tried to wake up and started to moan..he said hey....

then from his lips, I licked his jaws to his neck, and keep going down..leaving wet kisses everywhere... oh yes, he's so hard already but I'm not there yet. I licked his chest, played with his nipples while smelling him. I'm such a sucker for a man that smell so damn good... so I kissed and I licked and smelled him. slowly and took my time. I could hear his heavy breathing. his hands in my hair tried to push me down..then I licked his abs...gentle bite here and there....I could feel he's totally awake now and couldn't wait for my mouth to be in his cock.

I didn't sucked him yet...from his abs I kept going down and down and reached for his balls....sucked it and put it inside my mouth. and spread his legs wider and I gave a lick to his ass...back and forth to his balls. then I gave one long lick to his hard cock...licked it all over, played with its head in my lips...make sure its all wet before I slowly pushed it inside my mouth. oh his moan really turned me on. I started to suck his cock up and down... pushed it as deep as I can to my throat..

he hold my head and I sucked him faster and stroked his cock at the same time. he whispered to me....if you keep going, I'm gonna cum . I looked at him and said cum in my mouth. he gave a satisfied laugh and said oh yeah...then he started to fuck my mouth faster....and I didn't stop....the more he moaned the eager I sucked him...he finally it comes....he hold my head still and he pushed his cock and cum deep inside my throat. damn, he tasted so damn good. I love this's like my victory...his cock still hard in my mouth. I licked and cleaned it gently....

he pulled me up on top of him and kissed me so hot. I could feel his cock still a little bit hard rubbing in my wet pussy... he pushed it really slowly inside. it's my turn to moan to feel the pleasure spread. he whispered...not yet, don't move. let it rest inside your pussy for couple of minutes. so we kept kissing. we didn't move. I could feel his cock getting hard again...inside my pussy...that's a nice sensation. we laughed....can you feel it? I said yeah.. it's so hard inside my pussy.

then he's on top with his cock still inside of me...gave me a kiss while we started to move together. we didn't get much sleep that night.
Posted:Oct 15, 2019 3:11 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2019 10:23 am

Maybe I said it many times but I loveee blow job. I mean I have this weird fascination with cock...can suck it as long as I want..soft or hard. I love everything down there... licking balls and asshole...

I love to explore.. even though I am a submissive (love men taking control in bed) but I fucked a guy before with a strap on. it was fun, not really turned me on but I love pleasing a guy in bed.
one thing not sure of though...I don't really know how to finger a guy in his ass.

I had this happened a while ago. he loved it when I licked his asshole and I asked him if he wanted to finger him. we stupidly didn't have lube so I spit on it.
now I know the basic...but I kinda need tips and tricks... is there anything I need to stimulate when my finger inside?
or just finger it like in and ?
is it gonna feel better if I finger him and stroke his cock the same time?
or one by one?

I know I know..everyone have difference preference and favourite...just wanna know the general of how it works..

Finding sex time ;)
Posted:Oct 11, 2019 2:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2019 11:21 am

He texted me, come now ill fuck you so hard. Then i texted him, i need you so deep inside of me. He texted me back, i want to fuck you so bad. I texted him, i wanna suck you til you cum in my mouth.

That was the kind of text that came back and forth with me and mr swim coach looking for time to meet. So when we finally did, it was kinda an explosion. When he opened the door, and before i said hi, he pulled me inside and pushed me to the wall in the corridor. Not sure where i throw my bag. He held me still then started to kiss me. Hold my head so i wont move, kissed and moaned at the same time. We were so horny but we still there kept kissing and rubbing each other

I love licking his jawline, to his neck and to his nipples. And he was doing the same. He smells so good. His cock was rock hard... opened his shorts and stroked it. He had lots of pre cum.. Lick it all clean and sucked his cock.. hmm feeling how hard it was in my mouth was such a turn on... pushed it as deep as i can to my throat.. and pulled it..and pushed it again while one of my hand gently touched his balls and my other hand squeeze his butt. He has very sexy butt.

I didnt know how but we already in bed.. we were doing 69 with me on top. Feeling his tongue in my clit and pussy and gently smacked it while i stroked his hard on. He pushed me aside and kissed me while put himself between my legs.. i could feel his hard cock rubbing all around my pussy.. i moaned so hard feeling it.. wanting him so bad. And finally he pushed his cock while still kissing me. I was feeling so high and too horny by the 3rd thrust i cum. It was so good.. it just explode inside of me. I cant hold it.. i wont hold it. He was laughing at me and said.. already? I tried to laugh but im still trying to get back to earth.. so i smile and said too horny hehe. He gave me a kiss.. and said lets take care of that then.

He doggie me. Fucked me so hard .. i lovee when he pushed his cock so deep.. just keep pressing it.. drove me crazy. Then he turned me around and he was on top of me again. He was kneeling in bed with his cock inside me and moved really slow and he rubbed my clit at the same time. More like massaging my clit. It was amazing... made me cum so easy.. i was so wet down there.

After he made me cum once more then he started again... playing with my clit and fucked me real slow. I could feel that im about to cum again. I was like dont you dare to stop haha. Dont you fucking stop. Then i cum once more.. oh i love it, the explosion inside my body, like you’ve been injected with pleasure... that feeling... i dont think ill ever get used to it!!

he kissed me and said good girl!! Then he said i couldn't hold it any longer.. hes about to cum. Where do you wanna cum. ’he said you choose this time. I said in my mouth. Wanna taste him. So i pushed his cock to my mouth and started to suck him oh I love how he moaned when he cum..made me horny again. He cum so much in my mouth.. cleaned it all and swallow it. Yum

Gave me a cuddle then i told him that he’s really sexy when he cum.. turned me on again. He looked at me laughed and His fingers rubbing my wet pussy again. He licked my ear and whispered.. after 5 mins, my cock will replaced this.. as he started to finger me.
Taking care of my horniness...
Posted:Oct 7, 2019 7:10 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2019 8:31 am

When he opened the door, it took me a second to come back to earth and come inside lol. He opened the door only with underwear and im having difficulties not to stare. Had a big gulp, in my mind i want to eat him so bad.. then i went inside.

Just put my bag down and im all over him. My hands rub his back and pulled him closer while we kissed. Oh he’s a good kisser.. hold my head so he could kissed me deeper... and his smell, his soft moans.. im soaked down there. Im rubbing my body to him, could feel that he’s so hard already. Put my hand inside and stroke his hard coc. i cant help but started lick him and keep going down. Bite him here and there. He grab my hair and started fuck my mouth.

He undressed me while i sucked him. My tshirt, my bra, then he played with my boobs. He pulled me up.. started kiss me again while opened my shorts and my underwear. Still standing i lift one of my leg and he started finger me. He said you’re so wet. I know.. need your cock so bad.

We kissed while he rub his cock my wet pussy.. rub it up and down til his cock all wet. Then while still standing.. he slide his cock inside me.. oh wow. face face, i have one leg up, holding his shoulder then we both could see his hard cock sliding in and out of me. That was really hot. He moved really slow... we could see how wet his cock was when he pulled it out then he pushed it back in and stretched me again.
I wish i could took picture of us in that position.. that would be so sexy!

He pushed me to bed and went on top of me.. im rubbing him all over.. the more i look at his body, the more turned on i am. Mr. Swim coach knew that. He’s about to cum couple of times but he always stopped and hold himself and distract himself by giving me a kiss or licking me. I kinda love to see that.. love to see a guy tried hard to please you

Finally, He made me cum twice then he couldnt hold it any longer, whisper to me.. where do you want me to cum? I asked back : whats your fave?
He said in your mouth.. so he knell in the bed while me on my four started to suck him..and he held my head moaned and cum deep inside my mouth. I licked it clean, made sure nothing wasted...

Rest in bed and tried to catch our breath. 5 mins later, he pushed my head down to start to suck him again.
Way too horny !
Posted:Oct 2, 2019 12:06 pm
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2019 3:03 pm
Im always horny but today is one of those day. Where i got soooo headache keep thinking about sex. Even masturbate’s not helping and i just had sex like couple days ago. Damn it! At work and will finish at 4am... who will be still awake at that time???? Sigh!

The experience...
Posted:Sep 30, 2019 9:20 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2019 7:52 am

When i first talked with mr carbonara (yes, like a pasta, ill explain later!) i sensed that he had very less experience and shy. But i wont normally assume anything until i actually meet the person.

So that day he told me.. indi come over if you want, ill make you lunch. Now come stupid if i will refused to see handsome man that know his way in the kitchen haha. We still texting on my way there and my first impression was that he’s cool.. because he offered to pick me up or to make sure that im not lost. Nice guy.

Went to his apartment, clean and tidy. He surprised me because he loves gardening... same like i do!! He showed off his basil plants and some aloe vera. Im excited lol.

Then we started to kiss. And my assumption kinda become real.. he cant kiss. I mean its like awkward and you know, trying to figure it out.. i almost scared that im the first girl he ever kissed. Then we went to his room. Wont tell you that much but the sex wasnt good either. Ok.. its not ‘not good’ but its like he didnt know what was he doing. So finally, i took charge and be on top until he cum.

He did love to kiss.. and after he cum, he kept kissing me and got hard again and we had sex again. So i kinda suggest to change position many times to see which one suit us best. He cum in my mouth. No, i didnt cum at all but that’s not a big deal.

So after sex, he cooked me lunch,.. spaghetti carbonara (hence his name lol) family recipe, so it tasted really good. I loved it. And this was the first time for a long long time someone cooked for me So i really appreciate it. We hang out all afternoon and shared some desserts as well. It was really a good day... he didnt made me feel that i want to leave after sex. Really a good company.

We had sex again for the third time, well cuz i seduced him lol.. he’s a bit improving.. and we kinda know which position that we like. So im happy cuz he followed what i suggested, but i still wanna see how far i can teach him..

He made me really wanna wrote this blog cuz he’s kinda innocent, very less experience yet he knows how to act like a gentleman. I noticed small things here and there where he shows his gentleman side. Believe me, i met enough men and very rare i feel impressed but with mr carbonara.. i am.
We had fun all afternoon cuz he knows how to treat woman outside the bed.

Being a gentleman i think normally it’s in you or it’s not. but im very very sure that we can teach someone to be good in bed.
He will be a great guy someday. I mean he’s already a great guy.. but im gonna give him some tips and tricks so he’ll know how to please a woman in bed

Nice day
Between my legs
Posted:Sep 27, 2019 8:46 pm
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2019 6:16 pm

Mr. Swim coach’s head is
between my legs
Eyes locked at me
Now and then
He looked so hot
I could feel
He spread my pussy
Looked for my clit
Then i feel his tip of the tongue
Licking so genlty
Oh so good
he pressed all his wide
Licking up and down
I love looking at it
Then his tongue
Pushed to my pussy
And i held his head
To keep his tongue inside
Rub my clit at the same time
His tongue replaced by his fingers
Fingered me while licking my clit
I was so close
He slowed down..
played with my wetness
Fingered me so deep
And tickled me inside
Made me cum then and there
That was so good
He looked at me with
Proud smile
Fingers still inside me...
He loved the soaking wet down there
He licked it.. then
He went on top of me
He gave me a big wet kiss
And Let me taste my own cum
With his hard cock
Slide into my pussy...
he moaned while kissing me
I wrap my legs around him
Pulled him deeper inside me
And we started again..
Lazy sex ;)
Posted:Sep 24, 2019 11:57 am
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2019 4:44 pm

i was in deep sleep when suddenly i felt a rub in my pussy. At first i brushed it off from my mind and just didnt wake up. But then the rub become harder enough to wake me up. I was shocked then, not aware where i was. Then Mr. Swim coach hugged me saying: hey did i shocked you? I nod..

He kissed me and said sorry, with his fingers still rubbing me. All my senses awaken now. He still played with my clit then started to finger me.. he laughed when he felt that im wet already. Horny huh? Always haha.. it was so dark inside the room. Yet i could see him clearly, the smell of his body, his voice.. oh really turned me on.

He moaned when he felt that im getting wetter. then went on top of me, rub his cock in my pussy then he pushed it in. So slowly we both moaned with pleasure. Then he hugged me tight while we kissed.. and we moved real slow. he didnt pulled his cock in and out, he just pressed it as deep as he could and move our hips together. Oh so nice to feel his cock tickle deep inside there. And my legs wrapped around him tighter. i called it lazy sex haha. So all night he was on top of me. I love it.

We were focusing on pressing his cock deep inside my pussy and moving slowly at the same time.. it was really good. Not many movement..

He asked me are you close.. i said not yet.. and he pressed his cock deeper. That will be the different kind of orgasm as well. I could feel it started building up.. so slowly.. i got goosebumps all over my body when its near. Because we didnt move much then i could feel so clearly when im about to cum. I wrapped my legs tighter in his hips and told him that im close.. he still hugged me tight and pressed his cock hard at the same time. Then i felt it.. when i orgasm.. when the pleasure spread to your whole body. I just hugged him and enjoyed the ride.

he stopped moving when Im done and said : wow i can actually feel your pussy pulses between my cock... Hows it feels? I said thats a stupid question hahaha. He laughed then gave me a very long kisses then asked me.. do you want more? We both laughed and we started to move again...

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