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The Confusing “T”
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 9:57 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2019 12:20 am

I just want to spend a few minutes on something that might help improve this Site. It has to do with the letter “T” that appears next to your Age following you Screen Name on here. For example mine is

“JaniceJanes 43/T”

So, Janice Janes is my name, that’s correct.

I’m 43 years old which is also correct, unfortunately.

But then there is a “T”.

This could mean several things which I believe creates confusion when people glance at this brief description next to the Profile Picture.

“T” could stand for Transvestite AKA Crossdresser.

“T” could mean Transgender.

“T” it could be as is used as in the Porn Industry Tranny or Trannie.

Or, “T” could be for Transsexual.

All of these possibilities actually are quite different and respectively appeal to only some of the people searching this site for possible matches.

A TV or CD may just want another TV/CD to dress with in private.

Transsexuals are almost always TV/CDs looking to meet up with the opposite sex. Again, almost always in private.

Transgender means someone who completely identifies as being different from their birth gender and has assumed a new sexual identity. Therefore they are searching for members of the opposite sex who accepts them for being different.

It seems to me, that to clear up the confusion, new identity choices should be available for use in a person’s Profile. It should be easy.
Wouldn’t this make more sense when creating a Profile? I suggest three new designations:

CD or TS or TG.

This way a CD that wants a dressing partner won’t waste their time contacting a TG who probably isn’t interested. A TS could distinguish between CD and a TG for clear choices.

Just my idea formed over coffee this morning while reading messages from men offering me their virgin ass.

BTW, I’m not looking for a man’s ass. With my now very small penis that doesn’t get erect, I doubt I could fulfill your desires.

The Cock Assumptions
Posted:Jan 9, 2019 10:04 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2019 5:42 pm

I have chatted with hundreds of Cocks on this site and others.

WHAT! you ask, Chatted with Cocks!

It must be a Cock. Look at the Profile Picture, the unique picture next to the Introduction. If it was a person, wouldn’t it show one.

So my assumption is I am just talking to the Cock. Especially when next to the Profile Picture is the statement “Looking to have Fun” which is what all Cocks want to do.

I have formed these conclusions based on these many Cock Conversations.

1. The Cock is Proud and deems itself worthy of respect and admiration. The Cock believes it is unique in stature, size and pleasing appearance. The Cock is saying to you it is the answer to all your dreams and ambitions. Here I am, run to me and be first in line to celebrate my beauty!

2. The Cock thinks it has magical powers. The Cock believes it can change, cure or create anything. It can change your mood, cure your problems and create Happiness. I even had one Cock tell me it can cure Lesbianism in one simple session.

3. The Cock does’t need that silly Life Support System, sometimes simply referred to as The Male, to entice people to appreciate it. It may need a helping hand for the Profile Picture but that about all. Look, The Cock has one Friend but it is only there to better displays The Cock.

4. The Cock believes it looks great in any attire. It can be sticking out of unzips pants, still inside underwear or wrapped in a sheet. It doesn’t need any photo enhancements like slinky lingerie, sexy nylons or even a Tee Shirts with a catchy phrase. Whatever The Cock is wearing when it is pictured time is good enough.

5. The Cock believes a simple “Hi” or “HRU” with their Profile Picture, is enough to begin a sexual relationship. Often The Cock sends an IM with only this and will wait silently for an aroused reply. Granted, The Cock has some typing limitations but The Cock believes this is all that is needed to “Have some fun”.

6. The Cock believes it alone is sufficient to attract worshipers. Other things the Life Support Unit has achieved in life are not important except for purchasing the phone used for the Profile Picture. The Cock doesn’t need a personality, nice income, interesting conversations or a Romantic Date to interest others. The Cock is all that is necessary.

7. The Cock is displaying itself without any acknowledgement that it is created by Nature and has no attributes other than it can become erect. The Cock hasn’t endured any surgical procedures or enhancements. The Cock believes by having an Erection it has achieved some kind of physical greatness. Why else would it be the Profile Picture?

I will admit a lovely erect cock is a thing of beauty and one of Nature’s crowning achievement. But I must also say, only someones who is sexually deprived or sexually dispersant will respond to The Cock by itself.

Maybe The Cock doesn’t know this but the entire Male Body is very necessary to most of us. We want the total package. The Cock alone is just a Cock. Even when someone says they need lots of Cock, I think they really want the Male that goes with it.

Is the Vagina Over Rated?
Posted:Jan 7, 2019 12:10 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2019 1:45 pm

I think it is only natural, in almost every human endeavor, that at times we take a good look at the competition to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses.

I have done so in the case of Anal Sex versus Vagina Sex. Vaginal Sex is the one and only thing that a Transexual can not offer but is it Weakness or a Strength.

Let me start by saying men have been misled by females of the world for centuries. They have all participated in the most covert propaganda scheme in history. Women have purposely created and exaggerated the myth that Vaginal Sex is the ultimate sexual gratification for the male.

But, I will review the Pro’s and Con’s of Anal Sex vs Vaginal Sex as impartially as I can. Please put aside the fact that I am a Transexual. That will have no bearing of the facts I will present.

Let’s start with something so evident of nature’s plan that it has been downplayed by every female since Eve deceived Adam. The difference in shape.

It is unquestionable that all Male Penises are round. That is a constant of Nature. Females would like Males to ignore the fact that Vaginas are slotted and not the perfect round shaped opening for the Round Penis. Isn’t this like ignoring the ancient Axiom of “Trying to put a Round peg in a Square hole?”. These dissimilar shapes just scream of incompatibility whereas Anal Sex brings the Round Penis into a perfectly matching Round Opening.

Point Two, the Female Breasts.

If there was ever a cunning ploy to mislead Males this has to be greatest ever. The Females of the Human Race did not have large Breasts during PreHistoric times according to many Anthropologist. Todays Female Breasts were developed over thousands of years as a means to get Males to turn Females over thus allowing the Female to offer the unsuitably shaped Vagina to the Round Penis while hiding a more compatible opening.
Why did Females do this you may ask. Obviously to generate more interest in the Vagina which ONLY FEMALES HAVE. They felt threatened by the fact that anyone and everyone can enjoy Anal Sex so they took a Weakness and Turned it into a Strength by adding Breasts to the game and attracting more Males.

This is just another blatant marketing trick that has been highly successful for Females. It’s simply is the old “Buy this and we’ll throw this in for free”.

Consider this, What do Female Breasts really do? They provide nutrition to new borns. That is they’re sole function and the size of the Breast do not equate to the Females's ability to provide this to babies. Bigger Breasts do not mean more milk and that is a scientific FACT.

So far, a few Con’s for the Females and the illusion that Vaginal Sex is best. Now lets examine the Pros for Anal Sex.

I believe the biggest advantage for Anal Sex is the Dexterity it offers. Those receiving Anal Sex can perform other functions at the same time by not having to be on flat on their backs. While receiving Anal Sex you can also watch TV, read a book, polish your nails or balance the checkbook if so inclined.

One example of this inherit versatility is the ability of someone Receiving Anal Sex to make a Sandwich for the provider of Anal Sex during Anal Sex and then just pass it back over their shoulder to keep the Provider sustained. Think of it like Mid Air Refueling. Theoretically an airplane can stay aloof forever with Mid Air Refueling. Think of it in terms of having Anal Sex provided forever after Take Off or in this case, Put In.

Those Receiving Anal Sex can also be on their Hands and Knees thus creating a Table with their Back so the Provider has a place to sit his Sandwich or Beer. Just more versatility. Let’s see a Female do this while having Vaginal Sex.

Another advantage of Anal Sex is that it is never Closed for Business. I ask you, if a Business was Closed when there were customers waiting, how long would they be in business? A successful business recognizes the customers needs and stays open to accommodate as many as possible. Vaginal Sex is not available everyday of the month.

Anal Sex allows the Provider to avoid Face to Face sex if necessary or desired. Vaginal Sex, in it’s most common positions, involves both participants looking at each other. While this can be stimulating it can sometimes not be desired. What if one doesn’t want to be remembered or isn’t that attractive? What if you’re having Vaginal Sex and it dawns on you you that you’re looking down at someone’s Grandmother?

Contrary to this, Anal Sex provides the Provider an unrestricted view of a smooth, shapely, appreciative Ass. It is not accompanied by a judgmental face watching you, be it a lovely or possibly an unattractive Face. The Provider of Anal Sex is liberated and Free to make any facial gestures he wants be it a Happy Face or sticking his thumbs it his ears and wiggling his fingers.

In conclusion, I believe the Facts make it Clear. The Vagina is Over-Rated and not desiring of all the Praise that Females have worked so hard to fabricate. They have intentionally lead Males down a path of blind obedience with Falsehoods and have relegated him to an unknowing participate in the Female efforts to have Sex under their conditions and terms.

Even in this brief examination, it could not be Clearer. Anal Sex WINS.

Jan, an Impartial Transexual
New Year, New Friends Part III
Posted:Jan 4, 2019 11:32 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2019 10:10 am

Wednesday evening I waited for Richard to get home from work. I hadn’t prepared dinner as I wanted to talk without any distractions. I wasn’t angry, I never get angry, but I had to know what had happened and what was going to happen. I had even thought about the possibility of leaving him unless I got the truth..

I don’t know what Richard expected when he came home but nothing looked different about him. He was on time, smiling and acting as if it was just a normal day.

I don’t recollect what I asked first, second, third or when I confronted him with the “Recognition of Subjugation” I had found, but his answers were calm and didn’t seem rehearsed or that he was lying to me.

Let me try to relay the story as our conversation brought it out;

Keith had initially planned to bring The Acharya John just as he had said, as a Friend. Keith had joined the Acharya’s Flock a few months back and thought he was someone I would enjoy meeting as we both have an interest and some knowledge of Asian Philosophy.

Very quickly I (this was unknown to me) was making sexual overtures about the permissiveness of Asian cultures and that sex isn’t shameful or ignored in most of Asia except where Christianity had had been introduced.

According to Richard I said, “Christians are fucked up about fucking.” I don’t remember ever saying that even-though I may have though that.

Then I told The Acharya that Keith, Richard and I were sex partners and enjoyed it so very much. Again, I don’t recall saying this and I am not the type to talk about my private life to people I have just met.

Richard told me I was hitting the wine pretty hard by now and openly bragging about all the men I have had sex with and the “fucking money” I make “fucking”.

This is not a normal Janice talking. This is just not me at anytime.
Somewhere in all this the subject of joining the Acharya’s Flock and Tri-Union with Keith and Richard had came up and I agreed enthusiastically.

As I told Richard when I heard this, this is something I would normally never do. First of all, I believe religion or philosophical believes should be practiced within the individual mind and soul. Not in a group or congregation.

Secondly, our night with Kieth was a OneTime thing and not something I ever imagined would be a part of my regular life and that it would or should be Formalized somehow.

Apparently that night my body was prepared by cleaning all traces of previous sexual encounters with water the Acharya John had purified by soaking his cock in it and chanting something. I remember the water on my ass but I didn’t know it contained The Acharya essence and I didn’t know I was told to drink it in order to purge my cock devouring mouth.

The Acharya also washed my genitals by hand in order to Restore them to a Virgin State even though I never used them for sex. This was to cleanse them from contamination of me by any non members of the Flock.

Now, from what Richard told me, is when the “Recognition of Subjugation” actually took place.

I had to Swear that the cocks before me would be the only cocks I would ever give my “Heart and Body To” unless I was given permission by all three following a “Formal Request For Deviance”.

To Confirm my Subjugation I was told to Kiss all three cocks in turn while repeating a vow to “Follow and Obey all Commands of my Masters and never Deny his Wishes” or something like that Richard told me. I did this without objection apparently.

Then, and this was completely new to me, The Acharya John had sex with me in order to Welcome me Into the Flock while Keith and Richard held me. Held me as in an embrace not as in being restrained or forced to endure he answered when I asked.

Richard said after The Acharya left, the three of us had sex multiple times and that I was the most aggressive.

Richard said that I never resisted or objected to anything that happened nor did I ever try to stop anything or anyone. He said I seemed and even seemed to enjoy it.

He said I didn’t seem drugged and I never seemed to lose consciousness.

I still going over all this in my mind. What happened to me that night that made me so willingly allow these three men to use me in such a way. I the one that want to be in command and not the type to be passed around in some kinky ceremony that subjugates people.

I not the type that would take allegiance to some man or a group of men that would inhibit or control my sexual desires.

But, I a patience person and to see where this game goes. The first test may be next Friday when I have a date with a guy I know is not “in the Flock”. I don’t plan to get Permission to Deviate.

BTW, The Acharya John is not authorized to legally perform Weddings or anything of that sort in the State of New York. His “Recognition of Subjugation” is totally non-binding.

I wondering what would happen if I reversed the table on Richard and Keith and Subjugated them to my will and Dominated them. Just to get even I may have to introduce them to the Evil Janice.

How quickly we can move on to to new possibilities.

New Year, New Friends Part II
Posted:Jan 4, 2019 7:22 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2019 5:42 pm

It’s late Wednesday evening. on my third glass on wine sitting in front of my laptop trying to put together what happened New Eve.

Our friends started arriving after 7. I was still working on getting some snack dishes ready. Richard was opening wine and champagne for everyone and getting the party started. I moved among the guests wishing everyone a Happy New Year and welcoming them to our place for New Eve. It was raining outside but the apartment was warm, dry and filling up with happy friends.

Keith and the friend he asked to bring arrived very late. The friend was introduced as The Acharya John. For those that don’t know, an Acharya in the Hindu religion is considered a Wise Man.

He was an older man, probably in his late 50s with dark features but not exactly what you would expect in someone from the India/Pakistan region.

Anyway, since Keith knew some of our other guests, he and the Acharya John mingled and chatted with the crowd. They seemed to fit alright.

Midnight arrived with cheers, toasts, kisses and hugs all around but with much the same feeling as the end of a movie. Time to start slowly heading home or to the next party.

Everyone was gone by 2 AM except for Keith, the Acharya John, Richard and myself. We sipped wine and I asked John about what he did and how did he get to know Keith.

“ Keith’s Spiritual Advisor and Lord” he said rather coldly.

“Lord?’ I asked.

He said someone like Keith is a member of his flock and he comes to him for guidance on the complexities of life.

He continued that Keith had come to him for advice on what to do about you and Richard.

“Keith loves you both and want to be united with both of you.”

I don’t know what happened then but that’s about when I started feeling dizzy and unbelievably sleepy and things started to happen that I can’t recall the order of of. I still only have snapshots of things and not in the seemingly proper sequence.

I recall being naked. Keith and Richard holding me down on the bed while liquid was flooding my ass.

I recall both of them having their cocks in my mouth while John held my head.

I recall someone slapping my ass and face very hard. This part doesn’t have any faces associated it with so I have no idea who was hitting me.

I also remember being on the floor and three naked men above me. I don’t recall what they were doing or what they may have done.

I woke up sometime Monday alone on my bed. I wasn’t sure if I had been dreaming or these things had actually happened. I was naked and started shaking. I got under the blankets and quickly went back to sleep until late Monday.

I finally got up and went into the kitchen to get some water because I was tremendously thirsty. The New Eve mess was still all over the house and I couldn’t find Richard. No one was here but me.

I started carrying dirty dishes and glasses into the kitchen, still a little hazy, when Richard and Keith came in.

They both asked if I was OK and was feeling alright but they were both hugging and kissing me. Before I could say anything we were making love.

Being fucked by two men where you are not fully awake is weird. You shift into auto mode and things start to happen without any conscience effort. Everything slows down.

Next thing I remember was awaking up Wednesday around mid day. I remembered that Richard had to go back to work Wednesday but I was off until Thursday so I would be alone today.
I took a long hot shower, dressed and started cleaning the apartment. Richard would be home around 6 probably and I could finally get some answers about the last two days.

I found a piece of paper that made my legs shake as I read it.

I had been Subjugated to Richard and Keith!
New Years, New Friends Part I
Posted:Jan 2, 2019 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2019 5:42 pm

I’m alone today with my curtains closed and door locked. I need this time to go through my thoughts and reflections on what has happen to me the last few days. I am writing it down in a clean and logical manner as a means to better understand these events, analyze them and what may mean in the future.

It all started Saturday evening, 29 December. I had been recruited by a local company to be a paid Transexual Escort a few months ago. My specialty is older rich men that want to attend a function with a mature woman (eye candy I heard it called) that other attendee will assume is his date or Mistress. I don’t talk to the other guests very much, try to remain mysterious and look as sexy as I can. These “dates” often last only a few hours and do not always involve sex. My longtime partner Richard knows I do this but has never asked for details of my evenings out.

So it was that I left him at home with his friend and coworker Keith, watching football Saturday at 6 PM. I met a client at his his hotel room and discussed the plan for the evening and my role. We attended a Reception that included a few brief speakers followed by music and dancing. We left the reception with a few good byes to his friends after a couple hours giving the impression we were going to bed letting people draw their our picture of what we were about to do.

We went back to his room and concluded our business. By 11 PM or so I was done for the evening. A side note, very easy $500 for a few hours smiling and showing my breasts. I slipped out of the hotel and caught a cab home.

When I opened the door at our apartment the TV was on but no one was in the living room. I assumed Richard had gone to bed so I went to tell him I was home safely. Without knocking I opened Richard’s bedroom door and let out a loud gasp at what I saw.

Richard and Keith were in a naked embrace, kissing on the bed. I had completely startled them. They were as shocked as I was, maybe more. I don’t know.

I backed up and closed the door. Not at all believing what I had just seen. I felt like someone had pulled my stomach out of my body. I remember having trouble catching my breath as I walked back to the living room and collapsed on the sofa. My mind was racing as fast as my heart as I tried to comprehend what I just saw. Even though I have known for years Richard had gay tendencies I had never seen him with another man.

Please remember that I am aTransexual and lived with Richard for about 15 years. In our relationship he is always the male to my subordinate female role.

Soon Richard and Keith came out, somewhat dressed, to face me. I was still speechless.

I don’t fully recall what they said but it was more about sorry for surprising me than the fact they were having sex. I listened without really listening. I was still trying to sort this out in my mind.

I had met Keith several times before when he came to our place for dinner or parties. I always enjoyed our conversation and that he was always helpful in the kitchen or cleaning up after a meal. Nice young man who is Asian/American and his family lives in Hawaii. We often talked about Asian culture and Buddhism, a mutual interest. I had secretly thought that Keith had a crush on me. However, it seems Richard and Keith have been intimate before totally unbeknown to me.

Now, my partner Richard, who has known me since before I started my Transition, is having sex with a man I though was interested in me.

After a few glasses of wine and much talking it became came clear to me that I was tremendously aroused sexually by what was unfolding before me. I just started hugging both of them. I even jokingly told Kieth I thought he wanted to have sex with me not Richard.

He answered, in front of Richard and very clearly said to me,

“I still want to have sex with you”.

I looked at Richard and he was smiling!

It took me a moment to grasp this and then I just automatically put my arms around Keith and gave him the biggest, longest, tongue deep kiss he ever had.

This is where things get blurry and passion consumed three people. We were undressing each other, kissing, rubbing, feeling. Sometimes I couldn’t tell who had their tongue in my mouth and who had my genitals in their mouth. Bodies just intertwined in ecstasy with moans of pleasure.
I have one clear memory of me being fucked while I was sucking someone. It could have been either Richard or Keith either way. It didn’t matter to me and I don’t think to them either. I also remember passionately kissing Richard while he was vigorously fucking Keith.

Keith also did sometime to me I will never forget. Once while he was in me and pounding me hard and fast he held my head so I was looking into Richard’s face. I know my look was somewhat distance as I showing Richard my orgasm with another man and this was making my climax even more intense. I moaned and yelled, arching my back as high as I could as a powerful Orgasm consumed me. Keith must have wanted Richard to see him pleasuring me and that he had fucked us both within a few hours.

There were short breaks now and then but this basically continued well in to the early hours when I finally passed out from exhaustion. They may have kept on having sex with each other, I will never know.

Sunday morning I was up before them and was preparing Pancake Batter when Keith came into the kitchen. I kissed him as I would have kissed Richard ,without a word. It was a kiss of appreciation as he given both me and Richard a Night to Remember.

Monday was New Years Eve and we already had a party planned for friends, including Keith. Keith asked if he could bring a friend and we said of course he could.

What happen New Years Eve is the subject for my next Blog post. Please see Part II a little later.

An Idea for the Guy who is a Last Minute shopper
Posted:Dec 23, 2018 9:01 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 12:11 pm
The Perfect Gift
The Male Orgasm
Posted:Dec 20, 2018 7:04 am
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2018 9:28 am
I just had to post this.
The 1%
Posted:Dec 18, 2018 9:51 am
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2019 10:03 am

I have been asked numerous times why I have kept my Penis and why don’t I go all the way and have Gender Reassignment Surgery.

The answer to me is very simple.

The world is roughly 50% Biological Men and 50% Biological Females. This of course does not consider their sexual preference, only their gender.

According to most surveys people who are Transgender are less than 1% of the population.

In my mind, if I had Gender Reassignment Surgery I would be considered as part of the 50% Female population.

I would much prefer to be in the Elite 1% of people that have characteristics of both. In a truly unique status.

The Hormones I have taken for have worked extremely well and I very happy to be where I .

I have just as much fun and wonderful, frequent sex as anybody else.

I also love the fact that both Males and Females find me interesting. I have something that appeals to everyone.

There is much less completion within the 1% and the demand for us One Percenters is very high.

I hope you understand my logic. If you think differently, please let me know so we can discuss.

My Transexual Orgasms, again
Posted:Dec 16, 2018 10:58 am
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2018 9:19 am
First of all, thank you to the many men who are concerned about me, as a Transgender Woman, being able to reach Orgasm. Maybe they are just curious but I will take those questions as real worry over my ability to reach a Climax.

Simple answer, YES, I have Orgasms.

But, they are not at all similar to the Male Orgasm.

The Male, or Penis motivated, climax is an outpouring of semen. A male typically has not Orgasmed until he releases his semen. Clear and obvious proof of ejaculation is an Orgasm. SIMPLE

The Female Orgasm does not have such visible proof. Her Orgasm is displayed in other ways such as arching her thighs to receive the Male sperm as deeply as possible. This would be the classic Simultaneous Climaxes that are so desired but that is not always possible.

As for me, a Transexual who still has a Penis but identifies as a Woman, the Orgasm is different from either the Male or Female.

A little background. The first step most Transexuals go through in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is Testosterone Blockers. This actually start to reduce the amount of Testosterone the body produces constantly. Next comes Estrogen which promotes the development of Female Secondary Characteristics such as redistribution of body fat to create a more feminine appearance. Broader hips, softer skin and breasts start to appear, to just name a few changes.

One significant physical change that can occur, and did in my case, is the Penis may become smaller and less of an Erogenous area. This normally happens when less Testosterone is present and more Estrogen is present.

My Penis is no longer a primary factor when I have sexual activity. It doesn’t swell and get erect. I only get a mild erection sometimes after a long period of stimulation but not always. Fellatio (oral sex preformed on a penis) does not excite me anymore. I’m working hard to avoid slang here.

I do Orgasm but not in the Male manner of releasing semen from an exact penis. I Climax without anything coming from my Penis in the same way a Female vagina doesn’t have a noticeable discharge of fluids.

My Orgasms are produced Mentally and Emotionally when my sexual partner reaches Orgasm. Normally, when a man is approaching ejaculation he will drive his penis deeper and harder in me which causes me to begin to match his thrusting and takes me to an emotionally release. I will squeeze him with my arms and legs to join him in the ancient horizontal dance of passion.

I can feel his sexual explosion in me and that gives me the greatest, most intense Orgasm you can imagine. During my Orgasm I tend to grasp his Penis with every muscle in my ass and milk every drop from him anally.

Yes, I Orgasm in my own way. Please don’t think I have anything less than a complete, deep, emotional Orgasm when I want one.

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In the DailyMail
Posted:Dec 15, 2018 9:47 am
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2018 9:32 pm
I suggest everyone please look her up!

Trans-cending beauty: Spanish stunner breaks down barriers as the first ever transgender Miss Universe
Miss Spain's Angela Ponce is the first transgender contest in the 66-year history of the Miss Universe competition - and she says she wants to send a message to US President Donald Trump.  
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Not so Serious, I hope
Posted:Dec 13, 2018 9:13 am
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2018 12:02 pm

I have always said I would consider any “serious” proposals sent to me, and I try to do that as much as time allows. Over the last year or so I have received some rather unusual request from people, You might enjoy some of these.

From a 29 year old male,
“Would you be willing to teach my son and me about sex”

From a woman in the southwest US,
“If we get together can I bring my dog. He likes to join in and is a good licker”

This from a guy in Europe,
“I dream of peeing on your beautiful high heel feet”

From a guy right here in NYC,
“Do you like to wear diapers ?”

From somewhere cold I believe’
“Please visit us, the whole family wants to meet you”

This came from a guy in California,
“We could have fun smelling each other”

And finally this from a guy working on a ship that is stopping in New York,
“We want to teach you a Polish Gang Bang or maybe one at a time. Its up to us.”

These are real, I’m not making them up.


I have deleted all of these messages.
My Struggle(?) with BDSM
Posted:Dec 11, 2018 5:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2018 8:14 am
ago when I decided to Transition, one of the first procedural steps in the process was to see a Psychologist for an evaluation of my wishes to become more Feminine physically. The Psychologist my doctor recommended was a wonderful and understanding woman who not only deemed me mentally competent but also became a friend and the source of much help and assurance over the .

She help me through a period of depression and self doubt when my hormone treatment was causing me to to wonder if I should stay on this path. She identified my for acceptance as being the cause of my anguish and guided me in to believing that my own acceptance was more important that of others.

I still see her on yearly just to check and discuss where I in my new life. As was the case a few weeks ago when on a business trip to DC I was able to see her. Just to let you know, she believe I doing just fine and comfortable with where I .

That discussing was pretty quick but since I had time left I brought up something that I had never told her about before. My desire to be Punished occasionally.

I explained to her that at times I so regretful of my sexual exploits that I feel only being Punished, or harshly Disciplined, can relieve me of my anguish. That I seek men, strangers, who will beat and humiliate me until I free of my self contempt.

And, in my opinion, that “cheating” on my boyfriend Richard, who I love deeply, is what causes my mental torment and makes me seek Punishment.

We discussed this newly revealed aspect of my life but fail to reach any conclusions. The Psychologist asked if I could come back the next day to try to analyze this further and I agreed. I called Richard and told him I would have to stay in DC overnight for work, stayed overnight with an old friend and took a Sick Day the following day.

Back with the Psychologist the next day she told me she had spent much of the night studying my case and asked a few more questions. As you can imagine, these were deeply private discussions in to my past and my transition.

She finally got to the bottom line. I may just be acting out from being sexually abused as a youngster, which I had been often by my mothers boyfriends.

The twist in all this may be my HRT has complicated my feelings toward being Punished.

If I was still a male, I would probably be the Dominate member in the BDSM relationship but now that I identify as a Female I have taken the Submissive role which is more common in Women but becomes less prevalent in Bisexuals.

Confusing, I know. It still is to me and the one who should understand this the most.

Final Diagnosis is that if I take certain safeguards, it is alright to occasionally venture into the shadow of BDSM and not feel ashamed of my desire to be Disciplined. Finding pleasure from pain is no longer considered a mental illness.

So it seems I can call it what I want, do it if I want, enjoy it if I want and it’s OK.

People who are in to the Pleasures of BDSM are no longer misunderstood as they have been in past . Now BDSM is looked at as just another sexual pleasure that some people enjoy just like oral sex.

Just keep it safe.

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