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The Delivery Guy
Posted:Nov 20, 2018 11:35 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2018 8:57 pm

I’ve mentioned before that you can get anything delivered in New York City, often in two hours or less. I order a lot of cooking items, not meats, vegetables and fish which I like to pick out myself, and of course wine.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving weekend I ordered a case of Champagne and two mixed cases of wine for delivery. I always use the same Wine Shop on 56th St so they know me as a good customer.

Delivery guy arrived a little while ago. Handsome young man in his early 20’s or so. I asked him to put the wine in the kitchen for me and was ready to give him a tip and be done with this so I could get back to work.

Young guys started making small talk and was in no obvious rush to leave. He finally left and I started thinking, was he looking for more than a $20 tip? Maybe so, but I wasn’t looking for anything more than the wine.

Then I realized this was something that goes back to our earliest days as humans.

Think about this, you’ve seen it before. Caveman drags a Saber-toothed Tiger into the cave for dinner. Cave woman is happy. She cooks it and while enjoying a piece of Tiger meat, A Cave Man has sex with her from behind while she eats.

Story repeats itself over History. Man brings home dinner and expects sex.

Jump forward to todays world and it still goes on, in a slightly different way. Man takes woman to dinner at a restaurant and expects sex later.

Delivery guy brings food or wine, he expects sex.

There is something about a man supplying food to a woman, in any form or way, that triggers the primal instinct to expect sex in return. When a man brings or buys you food, he is unconsciously just keeping you alive and healthy so he can have sex with you.

Come to think of it, I actually like the way this concept has has evolved.

Some Gentle advise for Men
Posted:Nov 8, 2018 10:05 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2018 5:34 pm

Just a couple things I want to mention to the guys on this site that are intended to improve your chances of actually hooking up with someone.

Silhouette instead Picture
This should be one that’s obvious. Yes, a picture means a lot to people Shopping around for a date or being pursued for a date. It is not a matter of how attractive or unattractive you may be but the absence of a picture in your Profile indicates a lack of serious intent on your part.

The era of blind dates is over. We want to see you as truly interested in a meeting or date. A Silhouette tells us you’re not being honest as to who you are and that is not the way to start even a casual relationship. Often you will be discounted as having something to hide even before the first “Hello”.

2. Standard Members
OK, you put up a picture and that is a great start to improving your image but then you state you are just a Standard Member.
I don’t remember exactly how much it cost for a membership but it can’t be that much.
Being a Standard Member tells us you are not serious in you pursuit of friendship. To me, you’re just peeking in the Ladies Room for a cheap thrill.
If you can’t afford a membership what kind of date should we expect from you, a trip to McDonalds.

3. Greetings
If the first message you send says something like “I want to Fuck you”, you probably don’t get many replies.
I suggest you try a compliment first or at least a nicer greeting. Say something nice. That always gets my attention.
There may be a few people on here that will jump at a an opening comment like “Lets Play” but not that many I guarantee. you.
As I told a good friend recently, if I get a message of 5 words or less, I will delete it.

4. The Dick Picture
Here I may be a little different than most. I will compliment a man with an exceptionally beautiful cock picture but that should not be considered a date offer. Just a compliment.
I believe most women and Transexual women still want a Face picture before any serious consideration of a meaningful conversation.
Think of it this way, Who is more like to find friendship in a Bar. The guy with a nice smile and a pleasant Hello or the guy wearing a mask that’s shaking his exposed cock?

These are just some suggestion from me, not HARD and FAST rules.

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Transexual Libido, is it Higher?
Posted:Nov 5, 2018 9:39 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2018 9:36 pm

There is not a simple answer, it depends.

A Transgendered Woman (a male to Female) is a complex mix of Hormones, mental stage, age and being either pre-Op or post-Op to list a few factors. I can’t provide detail analysis on all these variables because I don’t have the wide knowledge necessary to provide competent answers.

I can only explain my own experiences and what my Doctors have explained to me as it apply to my personal situation.

I started on a mix of Hormones a little over10 years ago. Changes, both physical and emotional, were slow for the first several years mainly because the dosage was very low. This was medically important to allow my body time to gradually adjust to the hormones. At times my patience almost gave out.

When I reached the point in my body chemistry where male and female hormones where balanced (Testosterone down and Estrogen up} the dosage was slightly increased and changes really started occurring. My secondary female characteristics (wider hips, larger breasts, head hair) showed significant increases.

I was able to finally start going Full Time as a woman and my sexual desire was noticeably amplified but only at those times people normally think of sex, like out at a lively bar or club on the weekend.

Then about two years ago, at my request and doctor’s approval the estrogen dosage was increased, Wow, changes really took off, specially my breasts got larger. My hair becomes more abundant and my hips filled out more.

I am now at the estrogen level doctors recommend for reassignment surgery if I so desired to have it, which I have not.

Now to the Libido increase. Yes it HAS in me.

Everything I do now has the motivating factor of having sex. The way I dress, the way I act, the way I talk are all planned to increase my chance of having sex. I can not get sex off my mind unless I make an effort, a hard effort, to suppress the drive.

I talked to my doctor about this because it was dominating my life I thought the increase in Estrogen was the cause but my doctor said there is no evidence that estrogen alone increases sex drive in women .

He explained to me there are several factors in the female libido, some the same as a Transgendered woman. Even if a woman has a lesser sex drive, it can not be totally blamed on low estrogen and vice versus for a heightened libido.

He mentioned one factor that has really stuck in my mind, Self Esteem. The mental quality of how you feel about yourself. A woman that starts to question her own fitness (age, overweight, appearance) for sex will probably have a diminished libido.

Well I feel really great about myself. So great that I enhance my physical improvements with everything that surrounds them. Expensive undergarments, new body hugging dresses, my hair done lavishly, always perfect makeup, elegant footwear and the best nail and skin care I can find.

When I put this all together, I want sex, which results in the increased libido. So it is a Cause and Effect matter for me.

I have caused the thing I was worried about.

My appearance and physical changes have made me more desirable by men resulting in more frequent sex thus increasing my craving for sex.

This won’t change anything I am currently doing but at least I understand the why.

It’s like getting a new car. You want to show it off to others, turn up the music to make sure you’re noticed, keep it clean and polished. Maybe even give someone a RIDE in it.

Please do me a Favor
Posted:Oct 30, 2018 11:34 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2018 11:02 am

There have been a few instances recently that have upset me to the point where I’m now asking a favor of everyone.

Please stop using the term “SISSY FAGGOT” either to describe me or others.

To me, this is the most vile and degrading term I see used on the internet. It is pure slang and has no place to define a person. I find it totally insensitive.

I see people use these words without even thinking about what they really mean. I am not trying to conduct a English class, well maybe a little, but the term “Sissy faggot” should only be used when a person want to describe themselves. It is just incorrect to apply it to others.

Sissy really means Weak, Cowardly, or Feeble. Or a Wimp or Namby-Pamby. It was never intended to describe a person’s sexual identity.

Faggot come from a Latin slur to describe someone as Odd.

Who in their right mind wants to be called “Cowardly odd” ?.

If a person wishes to describe themselves in this way, or gets pleasure from being humiliated that’s FINE with me. Just never apply this to me or other Transexuals, either Male to Female or Female to Male.

We are strong people that have endured many painful years to assume our chosen identity. We have been ridiculed, insulted and often physically abused in public. We have been called mentally disturbed. We have been shunned and belittled while transitioning.

All of this has made those of us that have continued along this path stronger mentally and emotionally.

I can handle anything thrown at me except being called Cowardly. I would not have become who I am by being Weak.

I am proud of what I have accomplished in life and will not accept being called a Sissy Faggot.

All I am expecting in life is to be free from demeaning insults and allowed to live my life in peace.

A Fabulous Birthday Weekend
Posted:Oct 29, 2018 12:56 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2018 9:26 pm

Last week was my partner Richard’s Birthday but we celebrated it all this weekend and it turned out so wonderfully.

Friday night we went out to dinner at Tavern on the Green. I had even reserved a car to pick us at 7:30 for our 8 o’clock reservation.

Tavern on the Green doesn’t, in my opinion, have the best food for the price, but the ambiance is splendid and the service is always top notch. Altogether we had a nice dinner and the server even brought us desert on the house for Richard’s Birthday.

We enjoyed a nice walk home, only about eight blocks, as Richard wanted to walk instead of taking the car that was waiting.

Saturday was a casual Birthday Party for friends of Richard. They started arriving about 4 PM and then more came and went till late.

The biggest surprise for me on Saturday was one of Richard’s best friends from work attended with his girlfriend. Now, I had an unpleasant experience with her when I first met her months ago but is was Richard’s party so I wasn’t about to spoil it by dwelling on Stupid Girl, but to my surprise she wanted to help getting the food ready and out for the buffet I had going on of party finger food that needed constant refilling. She worked her young butt off and was a lot of help. Shaky first meeting now all forgotten.

I mentioned to Richard later what a great help she had been and he told me her boyfriend had told her before the party to be nice to me, help me and learn from Janice how to be a great hostess and throw a enjoyable party.

What a shock. The girl that months ago had told me she had never known a “queer” before (meaning me) is now being told to learn from me. Is that ironic or what.

I was up early Sunday to get the Birthday Brunch ready. I had purposely planned two different parties so as to accommodate as many people as possible. Saturday was the “younger crowd” and Sunday was for the more reserve friends and some people from our building. Too many people for one large celebration in our apartment.

Sunday when I brought out the cake the guests sang “Happy Birthday” for Richard. Someone shouted “Speech,Speech” and Richard gave a short but very touching speech.

He thanked everyone for coming and making his Birthday so special and then he did something totally unexpected.

He called me over, put his arm around me and told everyone how I had worked hard all weekend on his celebrations and thanked me for making everything so extra special for him Then I got a cheer! I was very touched.

After everyone was gone and we were alone, I gave Richard the absolutely best gift he ever had, wink, wink. I didn’t even wrap it or attached a card. I didn’t want him to have to fumble around opening me, I mean his present.

My Confession to Kathleen
Posted:Oct 24, 2018 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2018 9:26 pm
Last weekend our oldest friends stayed with us. They now live in Colorado and had some business meetings here so it was a great opportunity for the four of us to get together again.

We all started working for the government about the same time. Just out of college we had entry level positions at the bottom of the ladder. At that time we were three guys and one girl. I hadn’t started my transition back then.

Besides working together, we hung out together quite often outside work. Not as dates but just as friends. We just enjoyed each others company. Even over cake and coffee at a late night cafe.

Steve and Kathleen got married and soon after left the government and moved to Colorado to take over his father business. Richard and I began living together and have ever since. We stayed in touch and see each other every now and then. We still have fun together.

Saturday night Steve and Richard had taken their business friend back to his hotel. He is from France and was here in New York City for the first time. We had invited him for dinner along with Steve and Kathleen at our place so he wouldn’t be alone in New York.

While we were alone, I told Kathleen something she had never heard before. She has know me since before my transition and during my transition. She is one of the few people that has know with John and Janice. Our friendship has never changed.

I told her that I had secretly thought of Transitioning before we first met. After working with her and being around her she became my idea of the perfect woman. I wanted to be just like her. Not in looks necessarily , but in all other ways. I have ever since tried to be like her.

She was stunned to say the least. She never knew.

I told her how I would watch her every move, her gestures, her style, her mannerisms even her walk. I would listen to how she talked at work and after works when relaxing. How she ate and what she ate. How she laughed and smiled.

Kathleen is not the most beautiful woman I have ever known. She is not the sexiest or most intelligent or most successful. She is not overly confident or flamboyant. Not the best of any one thing but to me she is a totally perfect woman.

She has been more of a role model to me than my own mother.

Today you would think we are sisters I have made myself so much like her.

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Transgender story in New York Times
Posted:Oct 23, 2018 12:32 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2018 9:26 pm

According to an article recently published in the New York Times, officials in the Trump Administration are considering rolling back some of the current Policies that have giving Transgendered people certain rights.

Essentially, it would change the ability of people that have chosen to change their sexual identity, either surgically or otherwise, to declare legally their new sexual identity.

As the New York Times article states, the term Transgender would be eliminated from Federal guidelines. Only the genitals at the time of birth, Male or Female, would be used to identify a person’s gender, forever and it is unchangeable.

The main effects of this proposed change in Federal Policy would be felt in such places as schools (including universities), prisons and homeless shelters and such that are federally funded. No longer would accommodations be allowed for people that have chosen sexual reassignment. It would not change your ability to transition but it would prevent you from fully identifying as your chosen gender identity.

Outside the Transgender community this may not seem important but to us that seek to become fully recognized as a member of a preferred non-biological gender, it is very big. We have sent to fully transition in mind, body and spirit and it is essential in my mind that we be acknowledged for our sustained, and often difficult, efforts to obtain emotional peace and mental tranquility. Most communally known as Happiness.

I strongly believe in the words of our Declaration of Independence that we have an unalienable right to the “pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of HAPPINESS’.

In my own case, I spent over a year and hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees to change my gender officially. My Drivers License, my Social Security account, my Health Insurance, my everything reflect my legally changed name and preferred gender, Janice Janes, Female. I could not accept the thought of producing an ID with the name John after I had chosen to become Janice. I needed to completely and entirely identify as a woman.
I start everyday now being thankful for my new life and the ability to have achieved it. When asked how I am today, I answer “ wonderful everyday now!”.

I collecting names of Government officials that I believe are suggesting this potential change in Policy and will write to everyone of them to please reconsider. I will also write to the President and the Vice President to please not allow this step backward in the lives of us that seek to

Nature isn’t perfect. We are no less the product of natures’ mistakes than someone who unfortunately is born with the more obvious physical or mental disability, We deserve the the same opportunities to overcome our birth abnormality.

Happy Birthday!
Posted:Oct 17, 2018 8:50 am
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2018 8:52 am

Today is Rita Hayworth’s 100th Birthday. I thank her for her wonderful film career and the glamour she brought to us.

Rita Hayworth has been on my List of Woman I Admire for many years. Even with a sad and tragic personal life, she was electrifying when on the movie screen.

Maybe the greatest dancer ever in the movie, man or woman. There was not a type of dance she couldn’t perform with grace and style. Even the great Fred Astaire call her his favorite dance partner.

I first feel in love with Rita Hayworth after seeing her as “Gilda”. This is with out question, her greatest dramatic role. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you look it on utube. There is a condensed version on there of the !0 Greatest Moments from Gilda that will give you plot and explain her complex character.

Her natural glamour and appealing charm have always influenced me in my new life.

Not only was I born the wrong Gender, I was born at the wrong time. I wish I had lived during her lifetime and was more like her.

Happy BirthDay Rita
My Four Phases of an Orgasm
Posted:Oct 16, 2018 1:04 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2018 11:03 am

his morning over coffee I read a very Clinical article titled “The Four Phases of an Orgasm”. It describes in detail the physical changes that happen to both Women and Men during sex. As I said, very Clinical in describing such events as the female natural lubrication process and the male testicles being drawn into his scrotum.

To site the article, the Four Phases are;


Hardly fascinating reading, unless you’re a doctor or have wondered why your toes curl up when you orgasm.

This study is very often referenced in other articles detailing the orgasm and has been accepted for years. It’s shortcoming to me is that it only explains what happens physically during a relatively short time during sex. It only explains your arrival and nothing about how you got there.

So, let Dr. Jan paint the entire journey for you;

MOOD - Both the mental mood and environmental mood matter importantly for great sex. The anticipation of sex sets off a prolonged mood of ecstasy. Knowing sex is just hours away, you will get dizzy with thoughts of achieving the greatest pleasure for both. Have constant mental images of how best to make love.
Set the environmental mood by dressing carefully in a way that clearly suggest you want sex. Not like a slut that shouts “Fuck me” but like a woman who whispers “I desire you tonight”. Also, manipulate the settings in subtle ways for him to relax and to anxiously anticipate the possibility of sex with you.

FOREPLAY - So important for good sex. All good athletes warm up before the game. I suggest to draw this phase out as long as you can. Don’t be in a hurry and take short pauses to extend these moments. You might get more wine, or simply excuse yourself briefly and let him watch you walk away. Men love to watch a nice ass in motion.
Kissing and exploring each other’s bodies is necessary to elevate the mood to the proper stage for sex. Most women don’t respond to men that walk in and unzip immediately. We want to be kissed passionately and undressed slowly.

OBTAINMENT - Slowly enter her, a little at a time. There is no pleasure in being jabbed like you are with a cheap whore in a hurry. She is giving you her body, please don’t abuse it, unless she ask for it and that’s a different situation. Feeling a man’s entire erection slowly penetrating sets off involuntary muscle reactions. She will tighten around his cock and pulled it in.
Tell him to slow down if his thrusts becomes too vigorous too quickly. He will enjoy his climax more if he is fully loaded by delaying his release as long as possible. Get the most for both of you.

ENJOYMENT - These are the moments after an Orgasm that are so critical to total pleasure. She wants everything you can give her including when you go limp on her and in her. Knowing he has reached the top of the mountain and is completely spend gives a woman a mental and physical calmness.
Ask him to wait before pulling out so you can milk his cock with whatever fuck muscles you use. Don’t leave him with anything left to drip on you or your sheets.
He should be so drained it’s an impossibility for him to recharge and fuck anything for the rest of the night.Take pride in leaving him sexually impotent for the foreseeable future. He will will need time to recover but he will feel totally satisfied until then.

Dr Jan suggest you take all four and call me in the morning
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My Orgasms
Posted:Oct 13, 2018 10:26 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2018 9:26 pm

I made a new friend on this site late last night, or maybe it was more early in the morning. We had both been out drinking and we continued to drink while chatting so the conversation was more joking about men than anything serious.

Somehow the chat got around to asking me if I was still “functional” and if I still had orgasms.

IMs don’t really allow for detailed answers and being drunk further reduces the ability to clearly express oneself.

So this morning, with plenty of coffee at hand, I will try to answer these questions soberly and seriously.

First, yes I’m functional in that I get erections and ejaculate but to me now, those are not important elements to my enjoyment of sex. I no longer get greatly aroused by having my genitals orally stimulated. I do enjoy having my penis and testicles orally awakened but only as a small part of Foreplay. Having them Kissed, Sucked, Licked or fondled probably won’t take me to Orgasm.

There are at least two reasons why;

My genitals are very small and much less sensitive now from my HRT Treatment. Normal for this procedure after all this years.

But most importantly, in my transition to womanhood I purposely ignore that I still have a Penis. It is my personal choice to keep my penis but it is not how I wish to have sex now. I do not even consider using it for sex. In plain language, just to be clear, I do not desire to fuck anyone. That desire is almost fully suppressed.

Secondly, my Orgasms come from having a man Orgasm in me. This is the ultimate pleasure for almost all of us that are Transitioning. When a man Orgasm peaks and he ejaculates in me I am at the highest point I can reach as a woman.

I often describe my Orgasms as mostly mental. I do not have the same sensitive nerve endings as a woman has vaginally but I can feel his manhood and that it is becoming firmer and swelling in me. When his muscles tense and his grasp becomes stronger and his thrusts are harder and faster, I know he is ready to release his sperm in me and I am completely satisfied.

The very same mental process happens to me as any woman. Certain chemicals are released in my brain and certain functions are increased while some shut down. It is an Orgasm even though I did not release anything from my Penis. Sometimes I do, I admit, but it isn’t necessary that I do for me to achieve a Mental Orgasm.

Men always orgasm before I do and that is alright with me especially if he can recharge relatively quickly. I can be ready for more sex and stay at the same level of emotional arousal if he desires. Not every man can or wants a second session of sex so soon after he orgasms once.

Even If I don’t reach Orgasm during or from intercourse, I am still satisfied by knowing that this man desired me and found me sexually exciting. I aroused him to his greatest primal urge. He wanted to have sex with me. That is what I want, to be desired.

On a closing note, I have to say I encourage this in men. I have spent years learning and perfecting the art of turning men on. I often dress provocatively and act coquettishly in public even when I’m out with my boyfriend. After all, he is part of the audience I am playing to.

The real Reason Men like Football
Posted:Oct 7, 2018 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2018 9:31 pm

I spent a restful Saturday watching football with my boyfriend. Well, sort of watching football. I’m not a big sports fans and don’t know, or usually care, who wins or losses. Richard is a huge sports fan and that doesn’t bother me in the least.

I’ve often thought about why is sports so popular on TV. I somewhat understand feeling the excitement and joining the enthusiasm if you are actually at the event but the popularity of sports on television has always surprised me.

Especially Football. It seems to have more commercials than actions. It’s almost like a commercial marathon with football breaks between the commercials so you can go to the bathroom.

I’m not criticizing anyone who enjoys sports on TV just saying it doesn’t hold my interest. I’d rather be in the kitchen for example, making a fabulous meal or trying a new recipe.

However, yesterday I was a little lazy and laid on Richard’s lap as “we” watched football. And then something dawned on me.

Football players are very sexy! These guys have nice, muscular asses and wear really tight pants that show them off. And then they bend over before each play to really show them off as they stretch those already tight pants to the bursting point. OMG.

And then those bulging crotches! They all have huge packages. It’s like pictures on Passion that catch your eye, men with big cocks and firm asses but without the tight pants on here.

I also thought about the surprising number of men that want anal sex. Even I get at least 20 requests or offers a day to fuck my ass. Men are becoming more infatuated with nice asses everyday.

So I now have this theory.

“The popularity of televised football is a manifestation of the increase in the male desire for anal sex”.

I’m going to become a football fan, now that I know what to “watch” for.

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Jan a Cougar?
Posted:Oct 4, 2018 11:16 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2018 2:11 pm
A girlfriend of mine sent me the picture below that she found on her phone. It was taken some time this summer but I can’t recall where. I do however remember the young man. He wouldn’t leave me alone and kept asking to dance until I finally gave in.

Anyway, my friend asked if I recalled being a Cougar so I looked up Cougar in the Urban Dictionary.

According to them, a Cougar is a older woman who pursues young men just for sex, not a relationship. It goes on to say that young men view a Cougar as a mature woman “who has her shit together”.

My question is this, can a Transsexual technically be a Cougar?

Other Transsexuals I know don’t normally date young men because of their lack of both sexual knowledge and skill. They also lack the understanding of what a real Transsexual actually wants in life. Typically younger guys just want a quick piece of “ass” and that’s OK. Just not what serious Transsexuals really want.

I agree with the later part of the definition. Most all Transsexuals I know have a clear understanding of life and have intellectually considered all the complexities of Transitioning. So in that regard, they do have their shit together, to repeat that crude expression.

In my experience, mature men are better lovers who know true passion. They don’t have to be asked to “treat me as the woman I am”. They know how to treat a woman, or Transsexual.

I think we Transexuals should be known as “Queens of the Jungle” not Cougars. We are Queens that have survived being in the jungle of life!

Sex Robots
Posted:Sep 30, 2018 11:10 am
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2018 12:33 pm

An article in the news the other day caught my attention. People in Houston were protesting the planned opening of a Sex Robot Brothel. I wasn’t invested in why they were protesting, that their right and they may have good reasons. What did interest me was the mention of Sex Robots.

I don’t live a sheltered life but I really wasn’t aware there were Sex Robots so I did some research and was totally amazed by this technical advancement. There were so many articles and VIDEOS on the internet that I easily found, I was stunned I was so unaware of this.

These Sex Robots are amazing! Fairly realistic, and some even employ AI and can not only talk but they can have a conversation. They have some range of movement, including hips that thrust up and down. They are available in difference sizes and shapes with options like hair color, or ethnicity.

Technology is so amazing and moving so fast. A nearly perfect woman can be custom built and delivered to your home (or business} for $2,500. No risk sex whenever you want it. I read about a guy who has three Sex Robots and he posted videos of him actually having sex with one.

From what I read there are some limitations to these babes. They don’t cook yet, they don’t clean themselves, they don’t drive yet and there are few job opportunity for them outside the Brothel.

I believe these minor limitations are more that outweighed by obvious advantages.

They won’t complicate a man’s life by getting Pregnant.

They never say no, unless you order that option, and they never have headaches.

They don’t cheat or have affairs, unless the neighbor sneaks into your house.

They don’t need money. I think there are middle men that probably handle that in the brothel though.

They never lose their cell phone or ask for a newer one.

They are always home and don’t ask to be taken out for dinner.

They don’t age and get fat or need an expensive wardrobe.

I mean, there is not much more a man can ask for. Regular women will be obsolete in a few years. Unneeded relics that are replaced with better versions of controllable, programmable sex mates.

The era of Rachel from “Blade Runner” is coming fast! She was hot you have to admit.

The only thing that can stop this is a Male Sex Robot. I believe they are in development or should be if not.

Think about the possibilities of a Male Sex Robot. Only limited by your lack of imagination.

But what would happen if a Male Sex Robot meets a Female Sex Robot? That scares me. They won’t want any of us.


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