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The Brassiere
Posted:Aug 3, 2017 1:24 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2019 3:28 pm
I have a thing for bra's and panties.  I have never counted my panties, but for bra's I know I have enough to go over 2 months without wearing the same one twice (after hand washing of course).  As I got in my latest purchase I pondered at the complexity of getting in and out of some while trying to appear seductive.   Some I think are clearly meant to remain on during sex.  I also just purchased my first bustier and again I have to assume it is meant to stay on, or I will need help removing it while still trying to remain sensual.  I have to say I am thinking I need a few more bustier/corsets.

some of my collection

I did some research on bra's as I pondered my collection and found some interesting tidbits.  Contrary to popular belief of many teenage boys Otto Titzling (pronounced tit sling) was indeed not the inventor of the brassiere although he did challenge for the patent.    And it wasn't until the 1930's that they figured out that the pendulousness of women's breast varied from woman to woman and came up with different cup sizes.

I think because of the field of work I am in, knowing that underneath I am still wearing something that is all woman gives me a little thrill and one of the reason's I have a fetish for bra's and panties.  As well given my cup size I think investing in quality is important to a healthy back....

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I am Canadian
Posted:Jul 1, 2017 8:00 am
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2019 6:27 am
My name is Joe, and I am Canadian.
Hey, I’m not a lumberjack or a fur trader.
I don’t live in an igloo, or eat blubber, or own a sled.
And, I don;t know Jimmy, Sally or Suzie from Canada, although I’m sure they’re real nice.
I have a Prime Minister, not a President.
I speak English and French, not American.
And I pronounce it ‘about,’ not ‘a-boot.’
I can proudly sew my nation’s flag on my backpack.
I believe in peace keeping, not policing. Diversity not assimilation.
And, the beaver is a truly noble animal!
And Z is pronounced Zed, not Z. Zed!
Canada is the second largest land mass, the first nation of hockey, and the best part of North America!
My name is Joe, and I am Canadian!

Posted:May 13, 2017 8:22 pm
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2018 6:17 am
I work in a professional capacity.  I work in a position of authority.  I have worked hard to get where I am in life.  I live a comfortable life.  I love my job and I am content in my life, yet I feel as if I am missing something.  It would be nice if in some part of life there was someone else to take the wheel.  The following is a fantasy only....


If the man I am meeting proved to be everything he claimed, I may find what I have been missing.  I'd met him online. He had seduced my mind for months.    I was not specific as to what I was seeking in my profile yet he had approached me and offered something to which I had explored in a very limited fashion.  I had met men who claimed to offer what I sought only to be left with disappointment.

The panties had been forbidden, and I was curious to see what he would do when he noticed this small bit of defiance. But I  had to test him, had to know that he wasn't a player . He didn't seem like a Grey wannabe, but a you never knew. The panties would be a good test.

From the moment I opened the door to first meet him, in person, I was instantly drawn to him, as if I've known him for years, leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips as if he was coming in from a long day at work.

Our chemistry was spontaneous and familiar. There was something drawing me to him, We threw ourselves into each other's passionate and intimate exchanges, kissing and grabbing and feeling each other's flesh.

He stopped suddenly turned me around and placed a blind fold over my eyes.  He led me to a point and I waited.

He raised my hands slowly to the back of my head, placing the left over the right and then cocking my elbows out so they pointed straight out. Then he crouched behind me and lightly pushed at the insides of my knees.  I spread  my feet until they were just a little over shoulder width apart.

What's this? he demanded,  giving the waistband a sharp snap.

My Panties, I stated as I turned to face him.

Did I tell you to move,  he asked

No I stated as I quickly returned to the position he had placed me in.

Why are you wearing panties when I explicitly told you not to he asked

I was going to lie and tell him I forgot but I figured now was the best time to test him and so I said I had worn them to see his reaction.

He out a little laugh.  Not a laugh that made me feel like he thought I was funny, but a laugh that said I had no idea what I was in for.
He asked me if they were my favourite pair and I flippantly replied that they were, only the best for him. 

Suddenly I felt my panties cut from me and float down my legs to the ground.  He advised in a firm voice that the next time I was told to do something I would take things more seriously

I shuddered in pleasure and anticipation.  I was getting so moist.  I so wanted to touch him but maintained the position he had placed me in.  He placed a hand on my shoulder, it was like electricity coursing through me.

You will be good girl for me now wont you he whispered in my ear.  I could feel his hot breath on my neck.  He whispered that my body belonged to him and he would use it as he wished.

He slipped his hand into my cleavage and told me that he cared for what is his, but he would use it in the way that best suits his needs.    His fingers fluttered lightly over the borderline between the cups of my  bra and the soft swells beneath.  Do you want me use you in that way he asked.  I shuddered before replying, yes please.

He began unbuttoning my blouse, one slow button at a time.  He slowly slid the blouse down and I heard it lightly touch the ground.  He stepped back and I stood there with only my bra shielding me.  He then unfastened my skirt and it slid to the ground in a pool.  I could feel him step back and his hard gaze on me.   I felt him come close and reach around and unclasp my bra with expert hands.  I could smell him and feel the heat emanating from him.  I felt vulnerable yet excited for what was to come.

My senses were sharpened to compensate for the loss of her vision.  I fought the urge to moan as moisture and heat pooled in my pussy.

This was it, that which was missing from my life.

He lightly caressed my  left nipple and it made me gasp, his fingers somehow both rough and smooth. I  moaned and then  I felt a  tightening of  flesh a sharp pinch and twist, followed by a flick.  He repeated the process with the right nipple, teasing.

My body arched into a silent plea for more, and he didn't disappoint.

I could hear his shoes as he moved, always keeping one hand in contact with me.  My  skin felt  sensitized, the pleasure of being touched by someone who clearly wanted to touch me trembling right on the edge of pain.

Stepping behind me, the bulge in his pants pressed against my naked ass. He reached around with both hands and cupped my breasts, stroking them . His thumbs swooped and dived and lingered over my nipples, exciting me until I felt I would orgasm and burst into a million pieces.  I  moaned and pressed against him, offering myself. Silently hoping that he would take me then and give me the release I needed, but also wanting this to never end.

After a long moment, he pressed his lips to the side of my throat in a teasing kiss with  flicker of his tongue. He did this over and over, working up and down, as his hands wandered down my body,   missing my soaking hot pussy. His fingers pressed and rubbed at my pussy lips, coming within millimeters, and I wriggled as much as possible but was not able to make contact.

He whispered, I can smell your greedy pussy he told me

And it is a greedy cunt, isn't it, slut, he said.  I was taken aback and was near close to ending the session.  No one had ever used those type of words on me. How dare he...yet I couldn't end it.  I wanted to cry, I wanted him to take me so badly though.

Yes I said, it is a greedy cunt and it wants you, I told him,

He let out a long sigh before biting my earlobe. The mingled pleasure and pain was so enticing it nearly sent me to  knees, as I fought to gain control

Again I moved my body to try to get his fingers to touch my pussy. It was a wasted effort. He wasn't going to touch anything he didn't want to one second before he was ready. Most men were led around by their cocks , and thus easily manipulated.  He was another story altogether. I was at his mercy, despite his hard cock against my  ass. He ruled his cock, I was powerless.

I need you to touch me, I begged

You want me to touch you he repeated in my ear.

I told him I needed him to touch me more then anything in the whole world.

With one hand he pried my pussy lips apart and began to stroke me,   avoiding the little spot that would finish me off. The other hand slid over my ass, and slipped a finger into my aching pussy. I moaned with delight and began to push down on his hands,  grinding.

Suddenly the  fingers were gone.  I groaned  in frustration, so close to orgasm, only to suddenly find his fingers pressing against my mouth.

He ordered me to clean his fingers off

I did as commanded imagining I was sucking his cock.

Suddenly his finger we gone and again I groaned in frustration.

You were bad , he said. You only cum when I allow you to. You get only what I give you, whether that's pleasure- Or pain  he continued, giving my nipple a twist. Your body is mine,  you will ask my permission if you want to cum. I decide when your orgasms happen. Do you understand he asked

I felt so completely  owned.

He told me to take a deep breath and hold it.

I took a breath and held it. Which was a good thing, because all at once my left nipple exploded into  crushing pain as something latched on and swung there. Whatever it was, it was swiftly joined by two more, one on each side of it.

Breathe,  he whispered in my ear

I started to curse at him but before I could say anything I felt another three 'things' attached to my right breast.

You will be fine my cum slut he told me, breathe, in and out slow even breaths.

I told him I needed to sit down

He  flicked the clips on both nipples at the same time, sending shocks through my breasts and deep into my pussy. The pain and pleasure was so intense.  He gently guided me to my knees.

I heard him unzip his pants.

He asked if I was alright and I said yes, but the clips hurt.

I know he said, but trust me they are imperative.

He bent down and kissed me in a long sensual passionate pussy melting kiss.  I willingly returned the kiss, putting my arms around him.

Finally he broke the kiss and stood back up, you know what I want you to do with your mouth now he asked

Would you like me to suck your cock, I asked

Yes he said but you must follow directions

My cock is getting uncomfortable from being confined. Pull it out for me, he commanded

I complied quickly, prying his length from his underwear. I gave the shaft a couple of soft rubs, and leaning back awaited further direction.

I want you to worship my cock he told me.

His fingers ran through my hair, he found the perfect spot, right where the back of her head and the crown came together.  He then grasped my hair in a tight vice.  I gasped.

I will guide you he told me.  I licked my lips in anticipation.

Slowly, he moved me so that the head of his cock was less than half an inch from my lips.  Sensing the heat of his cock my tongue slid out and flicked at the head of his cock.  I felt the sudden jerk of his cock.

Now lick it, just like you would an ice cream cone he told me.

I swirled my tongue over, under and around his head, savoring his taste.

Now the shaft he ordered

Am I pleasing you I asked

You're my sweet, cocksucking cum slut, and the more you please me, the more I will please you he whispered

I moved forward, caressing his shaft.  Up and down from base to head and back again, leaving not even the tiniest fraction of his skin untouched.

He removed the blindfold.

May I have your cock again I asked

You may he said in a commanding voice

I took  his shaft, feeling the head up against my tonsils, swallowing for all I was worth and then sliding back until just the head lay between my lips.  I feasted on his cock,  I kept my eyes locked on his, refusing to look away.

I am going to cum for you,  he said

I increased my efforts, gagging myself. I  kept right on staring at him, pleading him to give me what I needed, to make me earn cocksucking slut certificate.

He groaned and pulled his hips back, then pushed forward, filling my mouth with his cum.  I swallowed, being sure not to waste a drop.  Groaning in pleasure and ecstasy.  Did he know that I came at the same time as him.  Could he tell.

Finally, the last spasms faded. I  withdrew and began to lick his cock clean, adoringly, even taking his balls gently in my mouth and sucking on them one at a time.

Did you cum he asked?

I did, I told him.  It felt and tasted so good, I lost control

You know that I must punish you for cumming without permission he asked as he caressed my head.

I do I told him
The Devil is in the Details
Posted:Apr 25, 2017 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Oct 3, 2018 2:56 pm
I am posting some of my pics etc from my profile at the request of a standard member.

My profile states:
I am adventurous and open. Looking for someone who has energy and a willingness to explore.

I know its basic and lacking detail. I prefer to keep things private rather then try to define myself in a few words on my profile.....

Some of my photo's:

The best engine in the world
Posted:Apr 12, 2017 10:04 am
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2019 5:09 am

The best engine in the world is the vagina. It can be started with one finger. It is self lubricating. Takes any size piston and changes its own oil.....
My wet pussy
Posted:Apr 1, 2017 5:31 am
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2017 5:36 pm

I have had some requests so finally here it is, for a limited time....
Might have lost an eye
Posted:Mar 19, 2017 6:40 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2018 5:33 am

It was play time last night for me. Most nights are play time lately. It seems with menopause my need to play has increased exponentially. I did go through a short phase where there was no desire however, I am hoping I am on the other side of that for good. Its no wonder some woman get moody and grouchy going through menopause when all that raging desire to orgasm seems to disappear, its depressing.

Last night started with warm bath with some argan oil. I love the feel on my skin. It's the beginning of play time. The slow tease of my body when I am in the bath.

After drying off and rubbing lotion on my body I retired to my bedroom, I pull out my silk bag of toys. The are fresh sateen sheets on my bed. Love the feel on my skin.

I started out with my little aluminum bullet vibe. It has a little remote and so as I play I can increase and decrease the vibes. It does heat up a little as well, which feels wonderful as it slides in out of my pussy. I then moved on to my dildo. Its translucent pink and vibrates at different rates of speed as well. I am already pretty primed from my bath and playing with my bullet. After a little play time with my dildo I switch back to my bullet. I put it right on my clit and within a few minutes I orgasm. It was a nice orgasm, the warm flush through my body, the release. I want and need more.

After a few minutes of recovery my body is still needing more attention. I pulled out my Satisfyer ( the $80 version of the Womanizer). It has been fantastic for me, I can orgasm in 3-4 minutes with it and I never have gone above level 5. I add some lube to my clit, because it provides much better suction when using the Satisfyer. I take my dildo (not vibrating)_ and start teasing and playing with my pussy, pushing it in and out and start up my Satisfyer and put it on my clit. As I hold the Satisfyer in place I am still playing with the dildo. As I feel myself getting close to orgasm I leave the dildo inserted and grab on to the sheets with my other hand. I knew this was going to be a good one. As my orgasm starts and my pussy starts to contract as the orgasm begins, the dildo comes flying out. Its a good thing there was no one there watching or helping or he might have lost an eye. The feeling of the dildo shooting out as I orgasmed was absolutely amazing. I am still smiling at that orgasm.

I wonder what it would have felt like if instead of dildo it was a real man in there.....

Definitely going to re-create that bit of fun.

I am continuously learning about sex and my body....even at my age.
The Boardroom
Posted:Mar 16, 2017 1:28 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2017 12:40 pm

I hate meetings. Generally no good can come from them and I often look for something to distract me, be it sexting or fantasizing. It is really the only way to get through a meeting and sooooooo....

I doubted anyone else sensed it. Most people don't notice the subtle things we do. When I caught the gentle scent of you and saw your eyes I knew.  I felt the heat from your body as you sat beside me in the boardroom in this oh so boring meeting.  I knew that as soon as this meeting was over we'd be having one of our own.

 We had  spent the day making eyes at one another over strategic plans, playing footsy under the table when the lights went down for the power point presentation. The tension of putting on such a professional front all day made it sweet torture.

As soon as the meeting adjourned we exchanged pleasantries with our colleagues, stacked papers into our briefcases, and slowly headed toward the door.  I am walking in front of you as we head out of the boardroom when I feel your hand on my ass.

I  shut the door in front of me and lock it.

You wrap you arms around me, pushing me against the closed door with a gentle force, grinding your pelvis into my  ass and sliding one hand up and the other down. I  drop my briefcase on the ground and put my hands up flat against the polished wood, grinding my ass back against you.  We knew we did not have much time. Most of the people in the office took power lunches at their desks

You pull me  back, unbuttoning my blouse with one hand while turning me with the other. Our mouths searching one another's hungrily. I hook one leg up around you and you ease me up on the table. You pull my  blouse open and you run your tongue along my collar bone.  You expose my  nipples.  Your  fingers trace them gently and your mouth found each bud as you pressed me down on to the table

You move off the table and undo my pants.  I  arch my  back, reaching for you with my pussy. You pull down my pants to expose what you had already guessed earlier.  I wore no panties, and my pussy was shaved bare. You dip your face toward me  and lick my outer lips slowly, savoring my moaning and the way I arch to meet you. .....
The Womanizer
Posted:Mar 9, 2017 9:59 am
Last Updated:Dec 26, 2017 5:22 am

After , much consideration ie. reading reviews I ordered a new toy on the weekend. It is a lot more money then I would normally spend on a toy but the reviews I read really "sucked" me in.

The toy arrived yesterday and I promptly hooked it up to my lap top to charge. I will have to come up with an answer for what it is should someone (mainly my mini) ask what that is hooked up to my laptop.

I had a wicked headache last night and debated no testing Monseiur Pingouin out. (The model is called The Penguin). However sex in the past has gotten relieved my headaches and my curiosity and lack of patience got the better of me.

I have to say it was fantastic. I had an orgasm with 4-5 minutes and after a bit of play with a couple of other toys, used Monseiur Pingouin again for another marvelous Orgasm.

Well worth the money as it cured my headache as well....
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Indian Lingam Worship Massage
Posted:Feb 15, 2017 6:07 am
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2017 5:06 am

Would love to try this

but like in the video ( 10 minutes) you must remain still, no touching.

Were my nipple to graze yours during massage, not sure I would last....

see first comment for video
Posted:Feb 2, 2017 5:05 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2017 9:12 am

Why would someone have two profiles from different ends of the US? They both broadcast on webcams at the same time on cam and they are each other's biggest fans....

Is it a ploy of the site?
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The Younger Man
Posted:Jan 30, 2017 7:05 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2018 4:29 pm

I revel in my sexuality. It is a great release for me. To me sex is the best thrill ride out there. I am a strong believer in the fact that we should not have any regrets when it comes to our sex lives.

I have chatted and texted with a younger man on here for a year. I am approaching 50 and he is 30. I have never been with a man that much younger then me, yet I have been with men much older then I. It is due in part to my career and family situation. I believe age is a number. I certainly do not feel even close to 50. When I am at the gym I feel much younger. He is mature for his age. He has been respectful, sweet and of course horny. I have not met him as yet, but have committed to do so with the understanding that meeting does not imply anything further will happen.

In the interim this is for him.......

Walking over to the chair next to his bed where I sat down. I crossed my legs and my dress fell open, revealing my thick, firm, shapely thighs to him. The front of my dress relaxed just enough to show even more cleavage, I then looked up at him and crooked my finger at him, motioning him over to me. He walked over and stopped directly in front of me, the knee of my crossed leg less than an inch away from his legs. I leaned forward and rubbed the protrusion of his cock through his pants.

Would you like to shoot your cum inside my pussy, I asked

Or would you like to shoot it down my throat as I swallow your cock? Looking at him smiling knowing he had confided that he had never been able to cum from oral. I knew exactly what he wanted

I uncrossed my legs and leaned forward, reaching for his button and zipper and lowering his pants. His cock sprang up in front of my face, and I smiled up at him as I wrapped my hands around its length. I licked my lips slowly and seductively, never taking my eyes from his, gently tugging on his shaft with both hands. Then I lowered my eyes to his cock, admiring it for a few moments, before opening my mouth and sliding my lips over the head. I swirled my warm, silky tongue over and around the head of his cock, pumping the shaft in my hands, and I felt the first bit of precum slip out of the tip of his cock. I immediately licked it off and swallowed it, never removing the head of his cock from my mouth. I pumped on his cock more and got more precum from him, swallowing it all down.

I then slipped a hand down to his balls and began massaging them, rolling them around in my hands as I began to suck his cock into my mouth. I sucked on him with intensity, my cheeks hollowing in as I slid more and more of his now-fully erect cock into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed his cock in one slow, fluid movement, taking it all into my mouth until my nose was resting against his pubic hair. I held him there for several moments. I massaged and squeezed his balls with both hands as I held his cock in my mouth, and then I slid my mouth back up his throbbing shaft with the same slow, intense motions and suction as I did when I swallowed him. When I had released all but the head of his cock from my vacuum-cleaner mouth I held it there, swirled my tongue around it as I glanced up at him, and then started back down his cock again. He moaned in response, pushing his hips forward slightly.

After several long, pleasurable minutes of my sucking mouth sliding up and down his cock I released his cock from my mouth with a slight 'pop,' then gripped the head with a backhand grip as I ran my tongue down the underside of his shaft. I licked him slow and steady, running my wet, silky tongue around and around the sensitive underside of his shaft until I reached his smoothly shaven balls. I ran my tongue over and around his balls, then opened my mouth and placed my full, soft, wet lips on one of them. I sucked it into my mouth, slowly and teasingly, and once it was in my mouth I kept sucking. I pulled his ball further and further into my mouth, stretching the sack and making him moan with pleasure. Just when I felt his sack was stretched to its limit I stopped increasing the pressure, holding his ball in my mouth and rolling it around on my tongue. Then I released it from my mouth and repeated it with the other one, sucking that one into my mouth in the same way.

His breathing was quickening slightly as I worked on his balls. "I've never had anyone suck on me like this before!" I was slowly pumping his shaft in my hand as I sucked on his balls, running my hand over the head and spreading the pre cum that was flowing out over his shaft until it was slick and sliding through my hand easily. I slowly released his ball from my mouth, then licked my way back up his slippery shaft before replying.

Are you ready to give me your cum, I asked?

I slid my lips around the head of his cock. I picked up where I had left off, sucking so hard on his cock that he would feel as though the head would cave in from the pressure I was exerting as I swallowed his entire cock right down to the base again. I massaged and squeezed his balls with both hands as I deep-throated him again and again, swallowing around the head of his cock each time I had it all in my mouth. I was determined to me him cum, I sucked on him even harder and took him even deeper. I could feel the head of his cock slip down into my throat, and my nose flattening against his abdomen as I pushed my mouth further down on his cock. All the while I kept up the suction on his throbbing shaft, massaging and pulling on his balls as I sucked on him, and it wasn't long before I felt his orgasm building - and quickly.

Get ready, he said..

I increased my tempo slightly and pulled on his balls, and that sent him over the edge. He moaned out loud as his cock erupted in my mouth, shooting a long, thick stream of cum into my sucking mouth and right down my throat. I moaned with pleasure as I felt his cock pumping and throbbing on my tongue as it pumped stream after stream of hot, thick cum into my mouth, and I slid my mouth all the way down on it and held it there. I swallowed once, twice, three times around the head of his cock at the back of my throat. He grabbed my head and held on for balance as I could feel his spasms. I reached around him and grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling him to me and driving his cock deeper into my mouth at it pumped his cum down my throat. Five, six seven, eight times his cock spasm on my tongue until the pumping finally slowed, the last bit of his cum spitting out onto my tongue to be immediately swallowed down. He was gasping for breath, his knees shaking as I slowly slid my mouth up the length of his cock, gently sucking on it and running my tongue along the underside as I went. I wrapped one hand around it when only the head was in my mouth, pumping the last few drops of cum from his cock and onto my waiting tongue. I slipped his cock from my mouth and then held my mouth open for him to see the last bit of his cum on my tongue, then rising up I kissed him sharing the results of our endeavour.
The Table
Posted:Nov 23, 2016 11:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2019 4:13 am

I received the following from a special friend on here from over the pond....so hot had to share.....

I Want

Put your hands down on the table
don't open your mouth at all
Watch your body go taut

I won't let you fall

Pants down around your ankles
undies to your knees
goosebumps start forming

now I'll start to tease

fingers trace your skin
fondling your sweet breasts
lips become engorged now

I'll dive into the rest

I part your cheeks before me
lick your Venus real sweet
cum dribbles down your thighs

Just another treat

I mount you from behind
place my hands over yours
fingers entwine together

we're quite a powerful force

soon laced fingers turn to fists
as you ride my cock
bucking wildly against me

We really need this fuck

Hands release you grab the table
I grab your hips and pull
nothing feels quite sweeter

as I start to fill you full

we moan and yell together
as I slide from between your legs
body shudders intensely

As another round you beg.

...I want you.

To link to this blog (Naughtypursuit) use [blog Naughtypursuit] in your messages.

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