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The Beginning
Posted:Nov 20, 2019 7:02 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 5:41 pm

She felt his hands behind her head and soon her blindfold was off. She squinted against the light, letting her eyes adjust. She could not see anything, though; it was all a blur from the tears. She blinked and blinked until finally, she could see. Rita looked down her chest.

Her nipples were swollen and she had never seen them so red.

She had also never seen the silver dumbbell-shaped jewellery now piercing through each of them …

Rita awoke to darkness. She remembered little of the events prior to her sleeping, other than the fact

she had been as exhausted as ever. She remembered being untied and curling up in a ball. A blanket was

brought over her naked and vulnerable body, and for the first time in a long time she had felt almost

comfortable. Her nipples were still extremely sore and she had not dared touch them, for worry she

would make them worse. She also wanted to pretend she hadn’t been pierced in such a way, as if shutting

her eyes tightly and ignoring the pain in her chest would make it not so.

Despite the pain, she had fallen asleep almost instantly and only woke up once for a brief moment after

rolling onto her belly and being rewarded with a shooting electric pulse through her chest, as her nipples

met the fabric of the bed sheet.

Now she could see only darkness and from the pressure of a cloth against her head, she assumed she was

blindfolded again. She did not try to move her arms as she could tell immediately that they were bound

above her head and to their respective posts … she was even more stretched this time- not able to even

slightly move her arms. Her legs were similarly bound, but her knees could bend slightly, giving her a

tiny of wiggle room. When she relaxed, her bent knees rotated outward, spreading her legs more

and making her feel even more exposed. She could rotate them inwards only slightly … she did not try.

She soon became aware of the drop in temperature of the room and could feel goosebumps spread

throughout her naked skin.

Then she remembered something else about last night … but what was it? Something about what Kenneth

had said to her … a reward? She thought that was it, but was not sure. She concentrated harder on this

and was interrupted by a hand that began caressing her right thigh. Out of impulse she rotated her leg

inward the inch or so she was able to. Then she heard a soft laugh- a woman’s voice … and a very

one by the sound of it.

“Aw, she’s nervous.” The voice said … in a soft way, though- it did not feel condescending. It was a

soothing sound … almost caring. Her touch was light, but seemed to electrify her every time the soft

small hand moved over Rita’s naked body- avoiding her sore nipples. Her caress was unashamed …

confident … and while uninvited, not entirely unwelcome. The hand moved to her right knee, then up the

inside of her thigh, then in the middle, over the outer lips of her pussy, making a cup as if to cover it. She

had stopped moving, but the feeling of her hand making contact like that sent intense warmth up her

lower abdomen.


The woman’s voice did soothe her, but she was not ready. Rita had never been with another woman

and most certainly did not consider herself to be a lesbian. She never even considered that she could be

bisexual … and yet part of her wanted to surrender openly to this stranger.

Rita felt the bed move down at the bottom and felt a bare knee brush against the outer part of her left

thigh, then the knee between her legs, coming into contact with both of inner thighs. Her skin was so

warm … so soft … she felt the hands move over her hips, then up the sides of her body, over the outer

part of her breasts and higher until she felt them cradling her . She then felt the woman reposition

herself, straddling her lower abdomen and hips, and putting her weight on Rita’s pelvis. She could tell

the woman did not weigh very much. Her thighs were so , like a blanket over her own, and

she could sense the firm the musculature of the ’s hard body her soft skin. She felt a few

strands of hair tickle her forehead and the slight aroma of shampoo from recently washed hair.

One of her hands moved down, between her breasts, over her abdomen, and between her legs again. It

felt so good, but Rita was not ready to let go and consent to this for some reason … she could not let

go entirely. Instinctively she rotated her knees inwards, trying to close her legs, she felt the strain of the

muscles of her inner thighs. She wasn’t ready. Her eyes became moist and she softly began to sob- “No.”

She said, in a mixture of moan and whisper.

“Relax.” The voice said again … her was so close … those lips only an inch from her own.

She wanted to feel those lips against hers, the taste between them; she wanted it so badly that moment

that it scared her- she had never felt like this before.

Rita took a deep breath and slowly let it , surrendering herself to the , soft, but firm body atop

her own … she felt the mystery reposition again, and straddle her own left thigh. The feeling of the

moisture from between her legs against her own skin was a sensation like no other she had ever

experienced. Fingers suddenly penetrated the lips between her legs and slowly she could feel the

sensation of her come closer. The lips of her own mouth felt electric as the ’s hovered over them

- until they finally met their match. Rita surrendered her mouth and felt the slow movement of a

tongue slide between her teeth. The sensations were beyond intoxicating her, the taste of her mouth, so

clean and soft, so gentle … the feeling of cheek against cheek … the ’s nose brushing for an instant

against her own … the smell of her hair, and the sensation of it tickling her neck … the slight hint of

perfume … hard nipples pressing against her chest, behind small firm breasts … the pain from the friction

of her own pierced nipples for the first time arousing her …. the feeling of those thighs gripping her leg in

a vice and the feeling of a now even more wet pussy rubbing against her hip ….

Rita wanted to press her body against this woman … to be enveloped in her warmth. She kissed her

more fiercely now- which she seemed to like. She felt the hump her thigh harder- as if she could

come just from rubbing her pussy against Rita’s thigh. She fingered her faster and harder and Rita

came to the brink of orgasm … a pause …then time stopped.

“Ohhhhh!” She moaned between the girls lips, causing both of their mouths to vibrate. Her climax spread

throughout and around their bodies, enveloping them in a blanket of light. She felt the woman squeeze

tighter around her leg and stop for an instant. Then she heard it … the sound of another woman coming

on top of her. Rita loved it … what had she been so afraid of? This was true bliss. Rita was no

longer ashamed … it was wonderful … love making in the truest sense of the phrase.

The woman laid on top of her and slowly planted kisses all over Rita’s . She wanted to see her so

badly, but did not say anything. She could make more of the mystery now – her breasts were

small and firm, as was her body- very slender but athletic. As far as Rita could tell, the only hair on

this ’s body was her eyebrows and above.

She felt the woman move lower, kissing her tender breasts softly, moving to her abdomen, down to her

thigh and the wet spot she had left- which she cleaned with her mouth, soon thereafter moving between

her legs again. Rita relaxed her thighs and opened herself to the woman’s mouth … she longed

to kiss her again, but desperately wanted to feel those lips between her legs as well. She felt those tiny

hands gripping her upper thighs, as her lower abdomen was softly tickled by dancing strands of hair. A

tender kiss on the outer lips … the warmth from her cheeks on the insides of her thighs … the tickling of

the girls ears as they occasionally brushed the inside of her thighs … and the soft and slow movement of

her head, and that lovely mouth gently pleasuring her ….

She felt someone kiss her now- and instantly she knew it was Kenneth. She kissed him passionately back,

while partly upset at him for interrupting this intimacy. But she also wanted him so badly that she would

never be too upset at him. She began to get close to orgasm once again … the feeling of Kenneth’s hard

mouth and tongue penetrating hers, and the soft wet mouth between her legs. She came again- this time

with more force, her body shaking- involuntarily pulling on her bonds she was almost sure they would

break. Kenneth pulled away, and Rita began to pant, almost faint. Soon she felt those soft small fingers

invading her ass and that mouth on her clit now … the was not finished, bless her heart.

Between her panting and moaning, she said “Kenneth?”

“Yes?” She heard him whisper back.

“Kenneth … I am your slave … always … I want to please you …. I will obey you … always.”


“But …. listen to … don’t you dare let her touch you.”

She was surprised her own boldness- that she would even think about giving him an order. But she

was suddenly so mad at even the thought of him with her that she did not care. She knew Kenneth might

punish her for the statement, or force her to watch them together just out of spite, but she could not resist

saying what she did.

Rita waited for the slap … or pinch … or whatever she had coming to her. But nothing came. She

waited for Kenneth to respond, but he did not. The only sound she heard was the light sound of a tongue

slapping against her clit as she tried to buck her bound hips forward and force her pussy closer to the

’s mouth. She continued to wonder if Kenneth would devise a punishment for her insolence, but soon

she was distracted again as she was brought closer to her third orgasm …
Posted:Nov 20, 2019 3:19 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 7:54 am

Sexual preference

Is not just sexual preference

Is spiritual preference

Preference of the soul of a being

Sexual preference is denominated

Is like that for the society

In reality is election

The election not of decision only

Is election of soul because material

Goes away goes away as a clock stops

As the matter is finished

As the time ends

As the body die

Sexual preference

Like that the laws attack

The laws that see a body same as other

Like that they attack

With their simples thoughts

Believing define what they say that is normal

When in reality is fair to say regular

When the love grows everyday more

When the different loves

Are lost each other in their eyes

You deliver your body to other similar

Like yours

You deliver your kisses to the structure

You belong to

Yes I do give all that but my soul too

Above all things my soul I give

And what they care about

if I give my body

My soul my being

For the common people

To critique me Important will always be

Like that I am and much more better

Is not fair to say sexual preference

But just love and nothing more.

Posted:Nov 20, 2019 3:02 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 6:27 pm

Not all things are as easy as they seem,

A country of love, home of the brave, land of the free,

But 's not entirely true, fact it's a good bit false,

We claim love each other but it's not the right cause,

People are different and no one's the same,

If someone's born the wrong body, they're not blame.

Some are bullied and put down for their choices,

Strangling their opinions until you can't hear their voices,

They are who they are and there's no need for change,

There's nothing wrong with them, hell, everyone's a bit strange.

And who are you judge someone for who they love?

You're not the all knowing God who some believe is above.

Nothing is more infuriating than hearing "queer", "fag", and "gay",

Some people have hear things like everyday.

It's not right judge someone for who they want be,

The normal isn't the lock and your words aren't the key,

The hatred people hold for those trans*, gay, bi, or questioning,

Makes wonder if it's all really necessary.

Hatred for a fellow man puts the world a dark place,

Before you judge someone look your own face.

If those words rained down and stabbed your deepest fears,

Would you still other queer?

There's nothing wrong about being who you are,

Ignore the hatred and don't leave another scar.

What matters most the world is being accepted,

For being who you are doesn't make you rejected.

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Happy Holidays
Posted:Nov 16, 2019 10:00 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2019 4:52 pm


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