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Looking to explore with others
Posted:Jul 19, 2019 4:32 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2019 6:22 am
20 years ago I meet a wonderful man on, and we reconnect on Social Media. We are in a open relationship and he doesn't care care if I find another man for a long term relationship. We are looking for others to explore with and every one has a good time. We ask that you are discreet about playing with us and we will with you all. I have pictures on my profile of us and if you are interested feel free to send me a message.
The Flogmaster
Posted:Jun 8, 2019 9:31 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 2:23 pm

I open my eyes. You are standing before me. We are alone in an empty room. I do not know where we are or how I got here. I am naked. I stand with my hands interlocked behind my head. My stomach turns–I am afraid, though I do not know why. I want to take my hands down and cover myself, but I am afraid that will displease you, so I do not.
“Dance!” you command, so I obey, slowly swaying my hips and turning. I wiggle my naked breasts and writhe in front of you. Dancing is awkward and difficult with my arms up and behind my head, but I do my best. When my back is to you I am surprised to see the entire wall behind me is a mirror. Nothing of my body is shielded from you. I blush and bow my head
in shame as I dance for you.
After three or four turns you bid me to stop and face you. My face goes red and my heart pounds in my chest. You are holding a large leather strap. It is very long–perhaps two feet. I am very afraid. I open my mouth to plead with you, to beg for mercy, but I do not speak. The look in your eyes forbids me. You are so proud of my obedience and I cannot stand to see you disappointed. I will cooperate.
The belt brushes across my breasts. You rub it against my nipples and I lean my head back and moan softly. I fear what is to come but for now I am so turned on I want you to take me now. I want to tell you this but instead I only moan, hoping you will understand. You smile and I know you understand, but you continue to tease my body with the leather strip. You rub it along my hips and across the front of my thighs. You poke me between my legs and push it against my sex. I close my eyes and moan louder. I can feel my sex tingling and moisture dripping. It is too much. Please, take me now, I whisper silently, but the belt begins to torment me.
There’s a light sting as the belt sweeps by my chest, just catching the tip of my left breast as it passes. The sting isn’t much and my breast aches for a more substantial touch. My right breast is treated the same, and then I feel the first gentle slap. My breast wiggles slightly and I can feel my nipples stiffining. My crotch is damp.
Again and again the strap strikes my breasts lightly. My breasts are growing warm. I ache to take my arms down but I do not. I moan and wiggle in frustration. I wish you’d just hurry up and stop tormenting me. I soon get my wish. Becare what you wish for.
The strap is gone for a moment, and then there’s a sharp slap against the side of my hip and I feel the belt wrap around me and the tip smacks my right buttcheek with a ferocious sting. It is what I have been expecting, what I need and want, but it hurts very much and suddenly I am afraid. Tears come to my eyes as the strap catches me again, this time from the other side.
Soon the whipping is going full-rate. Smack, smack. smack., smack, with no more than a few seconds of rest in between. The belt alternates between my left side and right buttock, and my right side and left buttock. You are not swinging especially hard, but the way the tip of the strap lashes around and catches my bare skin is devilish. Soon I am jumping and wiggling frantically, moaning loudly to let you know how much it hurts.
I am crying now, tears dripping down my face. It hurts, it really hurts, the tiny loud stings and I am really wiggling now. I do not remove my hands, however, because I know that will upset you. I writhe and cry but I do not speak or move my hands. But now you increase the tempo of the blows, striking me faster and harder. I yelp with each blow. I see you are watching the mirror behind me and I wonder what my ass must look like, all covered with red splotches from the nasty leather. I can feel the skin of my bottom trembling and constricting on its own and I wonder if you like watching it as I jump and bounce with each loud stroke.
You begin to strike me at odd angles now, wrapping the leather around my thighs and swinging upward to catch the lower portion of my buttocks, or catching me around the waist with a downward stroke that lands stinging blows into the center of my butt, right into the crack. I am gasping and sobbing. I do not know how much more of this I can take. Then you begin the cruelest blows of all. Smiling at me like a lecherous sailor, you pull back the strap and my heart freezes in panic.
You wouldn’t! But you do.
You swing the strap upward between my legs, the leather tip slapping my rump from below. The stinging is fierce, but the ache between my legs is far worse. I can feel the stirring in my loins, my sex dripping with passion. Tears pouring down my face. I moan loudly and spread my legs wider and thrust my crotch toward you, silently begging you to satisfy my frantic craving.
You oblige me, the rough caress of the leather brushing my sex again and again. I barely notice the sharp bite of the tip against my ass as I long for the soft touch against across the wet lips of my sex. I am gone, lost in an orgasmic haze of pain and pleasure, low moans my only sound, my body stiffening with the impact of each blow.
As I begin to come, blinding waves of pleasure washing through me, you pull back your lash so the tip lightly strikes against my sex, the wet splat sending shivers through me as the pain and pleasure become one.
Weeping, I finally collapse on the floor and curl into a sobbing ball, my body shuddering uncontrollably with an overload of emotion.
Gently I become aware of you near me, your musky scent strong and aroused. I clutch at your and you take me in your arms. I press myself against your naked body, dimly wondering at what point you undressed.
Gripping me with animal lust you thrust yourself into me, ignoring my cries of distress and pain at your sudden intrusion. I am exhausted, too tired to struggle, and I collapse in your arms. I let you take me, pumping wildly into me, and I weep quiet, gentle tears of indescribable joy.
Need a Womans touch
Posted:May 20, 2019 7:57 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2019 6:26 am

She slowly started to kiss me paying attention to every nook and crevice of my body, exploring me, finding new erogenous zones never before encountered with my many trysts with the male race. This was my first Lesbian encounter. I was almost cumming before she had even reached my nipples. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more.
Girls’ night in was the decision for tonight.
Cat and I have been going out a lot recently.
Clubbing, picking-up and general abusing our bodies with all-nighters mixed with copious amounts of alcohol. All leading to situations where you quickly put on your clothes in the morning and leave as fast as possible.
DVD’s, takeaway Thai, white wine, popcorn and chocolate were scheduled for tonight… and I was looking forward to an easy weekend for a change.
I walked into Cat’s place - a two-bedroom apartment in the midtown.
The food was already there along with the treats. I brought the wine.
“Hi Amanda” said Cat leaning in kissing me.
Her lips just brushing mine. They were so soft and glistened I couldn’t help look at them.
We ate the delicious food, Cat often licking her lips, which caught my eye and sent little impulses to my girl parts. I wanted to dive in and get lost in her shimmering, wet-looking lips.
After dinner we opened the second bottle of wine and settled into Pretty Woman and then Dirty Dancing. We enjoyed smiles, laughter and quite a few tears.
Cat leaned in and moved my hair away from my tear soaked face. She used a napkin and dried my tears her face just inches from mine.
My mind froze and I wasn’t sure what to do.
‘Was she going to kiss me? Did I want her to kiss me?’
I didn’t know anything. I was lost and captivated by her.
She moved closer to me my heart began to beat a little faster my breath shortened. I could tell she wanted me and I wanted her to take me. The dance of anticipation was in full swing, and I was just a willing passenger to where she was going to take me.
‘You have very beautiful eyes.’ she said as she placed her hand on my leg. ‘It’s nice to be with you alone tonight.’
I could feel the blood running through my body taking wanting feeling with it.
I now wanted her to kiss me, to feel her soft lips on mine. I wanted her to dive in and immerse herself in me. To take me to places I had never been.
Cat stood up
‘Another drink?’ she asked.
I was delighted and disappointed at the same time.
‘Yes. Yes please.’
She walked into the kitchen and topped up our glasses. It gave me time to breathe. To think.
‘Are we going to do this? Am I just mistaking? Oh no. What if I’m mistaking.’ The thoughts ran wild in my head.
Cat retuned to the lounge and handed me my wine glass. I put it on the table next to me. Cat took a big swig of hers.
‘So where were we?’ smiled Cat. ‘Ah yes. I was about to kiss you.’
Again I froze in fright. My heart almost stopped as she leaned in and kissed my lips. So soft, so tender, her tongue danced inside my mouth and her lips wandered around mine. Her hand cupped my cheek as we went.
She released my face and sat back. Looking straight into my eyes. I was lost, captivated. I was hers
‘Are you ok?’ she asked? Her voice was soft and tender.
I managed a nod.
‘More’ is all I uttered.
She slid off the lounge kneeling between my legs. I sat up. Her lips found mine once again. This time much firmer, but still silky soft. She kissed and our tongues danced to their own beat.
Her hands found my breasts and softly squeezed then her hand slid up under my sweatshirt taking my breasts out of my bra.
Her fingers worked my nipples to attention. Softer than any man had ever touched. She made me crave her touch more and more with every passing second. Her kiss found its way to my neck then back to my mouth again.
I wanted her so much.
She stopped, slid off my top and undid my bra and let it fall to the floor.
Cat stood and started to undo her dress button by button. I wanted to jump up and rip it off but I sat still like a good girl.
Once undone she let it fall off revealing a black set of suspenders garter belt and matching bra and undies set. She looked good enough to eat. I could see why she was popular with the guys - she was so sexy.
I slipped off my sweat pants embarrassed by the pain undies I was wearing. Cat ripped them off and tossed them on the floor as she laid me back on the sofa.
She slowly started to kiss me paying attention to every nook and crevice of my body, exploring me, finding new erogenous zones never before encountered with my many trysts with the male race.
I was almost cumming before she had even reached my nipples. Her kiss wandered from my mouth to my ears and neck then down to my chest and had my body bucking wanting more. Once her lips enclosed around my nipple I screamed in pure delight.
This only encouraged her more as her free hand wandered down and found my pleasure spot.
Her two fingers ran the length of my already dripping hole, slightly opening me and directly impacting on my bud. She sucked, kissed and played with me until the pleasure was too much and I came strong and loud.
As I came her two fingers slipped inside me and she finger fucked me, working my G-spot until the wave of pleasure had subsided.
She looked at me and stood up offering her hand. I stood without hesitation and followed her into her bedroom.
‘Lay down for me baby’ she said. Her voice was soft, sexy and wanton. It made my already humming love pulse even harder.
I did as instructed and she climbed in from the end of her bed. I opened my legs as if by instinct.
She wasted no time and crawled up and kissed me directly on my moistness. Her lips were soft and full. She sucked in my lips into her mouth then began licking and kissing me more and more.
Her fingers one, two, three… I don’t know pumped inside me over and over. My hands grabbed her head hard as she took me over the top once again.
The feeling rendered me unable to speak or control myself. I came and came one orgasm leading to the next until Cat had had her fill of me.
‘Are you having fun?’ she asked smiling at me her face glistening with my cum juice.
‘Fuck yes… Can I please taste you? Please?’
‘Of course you can. Lay still let me climb on top. I want to sit on your face beautiful girl.’ said Cat.
Within seconds she had perched her pussy directly above my face. She pulled a pillow under my head as she positioned me. I had never been with a woman before I yeaned to taste her. Her pussy was just an inch away.
I stuck out my tongue and took my first lick of another woman. It thrilled me sending shivers straight through my body.
I slowly licked her outer walls pulling her lips into my mouth and sucking her juice that had already gathered. Cat started to rhythmically lower herself down just a touch and up again as if she was riding my face. It just made me hotter.
I put my hands around her arse and held tight as I lifted my head licking and sucking her pussy sticking my tongue out as far as possible allowing her to ride my face. Tongue fucking her hole to her delight. Cat grabbed my head and bucked faster into my mouth.
‘Suck it baby suck it. That’s it stick it deep inside me. Tongue me. Tongue me good.’ she demanded.
Her words were like gas on a fire and I licked her until her cum ran all over my face and into my mouth capturing as much as I could as I licked her to ecstasy.
Once she settled she rolled off and laid next to me.
‘I bought a new toy for you today.’ Cat smiled and pulled out a brown crumpled paper bag from under her pillow. Inside was a dildo, double ended big and black. My pussy could already feel it inside me.
She then pulled out another dildo also black in colour. Handing them to me she asked.
‘Well do you like them? They are cleaned ready to go. I want to watch you slide it into you pink shaved pussy.’ she said.
I wanted to see her fuck her pussy as well. So so much. I laid and opened my legs and slid the dildo right into me. I was so hot that my walls clasped on to this monster and I had trouble sliding it in and out of me. I fucked good and hard cumming hard as I went.
‘Again. Don’t stop until I tell you.’ Cat said.
I continued to fuck my hole as commanded.
I turned and looked. Cat was fucking her sweet pussy with the double-ender as I was fucking mine with a the dildo.
Our moans combined like the best choir in the world, we came again and again. Over and over.
Eventually Cat told me to pull mine out of me. My pussy was still hungry. She laid between my legs her pussy looking at mine. She slid one end of the double ender into me. It was much bigger then the other one and filled me totally. She then slid the other end into her own pussy.
Slowly she moved and bucked watching as she made the pleasure maker move inside of me pushing my walls in all directions.
Instinct again took over and I started to buck back clenching my pussy walls then releasing. Our pace grew faster and faster, not a perfect rhythm but it didn’t matter.
I came hard once again setting off a chain reaction - Cat cumming strong - bucking harder pushing the pleasure maker deeper into me as she came.
We fucked like this on and on. Until the pleasure waves were all gone.
Then like a good girl I slid down between Cats’ legs and licked and sucked her clean. Kissing her lower lips until each drop was clean and gone.
She climbed up the bed and lay next to me. She started to run her fingers all over my body anew.
‘I think we should stay in more often.’ she said. Her sweaty hair was now sticking to her face.
‘Oh yes Cat we should.’ I agreed.
Old Lover
Posted:May 8, 2019 12:04 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2019 8:35 am

Today is May 8,2019. I had an old lover contract me this morning and hard to believe we meet on 9 years ago. The last time I saw him was in Nov. of 2010. Lets him D. D came over around 11:00 am this morning and we talk some while I had my coffee. Then D and I go to the bedroom, and we kiss, undress each other. I get on the bed and D starts to suck my nipples and oh my god that felt so great. As D is kissing me all the way down, he puts his finger into my ass and oh WOW, then D licks my ass and I am about to cum , I was in heaven. I suck D"s crock and I licked his ass and he went crazy. I came from him eating me and I came hard. He is inside of me and pounding my pussy so good I cum hard several times. Man I sure have missed D a hell of a lot. I cant wait till I am in his arms again.

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