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another adventure
Posted:Jun 22, 2019 1:53 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2019 6:53 pm
He tied me down, teased me, made me watch some wild porn.......made me cum over and over again, did some post orgasm torture.............

and videottaped it all

don't forget to thank the cameraman
Posted:Jun 14, 2019 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2019 5:38 pm
I had to thank the man who took the pictures/video that you all enjoyed!

the excitement goes on
Posted:Jun 8, 2019 5:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2019 2:40 pm
having given into my inner slut, I begin to fuck them hard until they all over my tits.....

3 guys, each one came twice....not a bad result for my teasing

and they didn't stop, the fantasy continues....
Posted:Jun 1, 2019 4:22 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2019 5:30 pm
do you have any idea how many times I have had to edit my posts because this is too intense for

after taking turns fucking me doggy style, they tossed me on my back and commanded I spread my legs......

my mouth said no but my thighs said YES......

oh, little known fact about me, when I am being gang banged, when I get put on my back in a very relaxed position, I begin cumming like a banshee.......

I confess, during this time I started begging for more....

the fantasy goes on and on
Posted:May 27, 2019 5:54 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2019 7:20 pm
I manage to break away from the guys, I roll myself over on my belly and tighten up my arms and legs. In between panting to catch my breath I beg for them to stop.

they just tell me how badly I must want to fuck, they drag me down and my legs fall over the edge of the bed......

easy access......

they fuck me, and force a spitroast upon me......

all the while telling me what a good fuck I am and complimenting me on my cock sucking skills......

I just beg them to stop.....they just tell me to shut up and suck it

The fantasy continues............once again
Posted:May 24, 2019 6:29 pm
Last Updated:May 29, 2019 4:55 pm
as planned........

after tossing on the bed and stripping naked, one man forced my legs open and began feasting on my dripping pussy. the men laughed , called a slut, , told I wanted it bad. I tried protesting but while holding my hands shoved their cocks in my mouth to stop . I came once.....then he kept going, once I came again I had to break clit had betrayed me it was far too sensitive now

final GOT episode recap
Posted:May 20, 2019 3:13 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2019 6:11 pm

And so it ends….Not with a bang but a wimper……

How did it all end:

Greyworm was really serious when he said defeat all of his Queen’s enemies……guessing they decided to take independent thought away from him…..

Tyrion takes 15 minutes to diffuse the one internet theory: His brother and sister did not survive.

And the tattoo/poster/coffee mug moment happens as Danarys walks out the gate of what is left of the red keep with Drogon’s wings unfurling behind her…..

She vows the war is not over, she will destroy everyone from Winterfell to Dorne! And the Doth raki rejoice……

Winterfell, Dorne…..aren’t those her allies? (well, maybe not Sansa….)

Tyrion is arrested after defiantly throwing down his hand pin

Jon and Greyworm have the tough guy stare down thing going on……(oh that would be a good fight….so that means it won’t happen)

Arya drops the big hint that she is the one who needs to take care of the Queen……(but that’s not going to happen either, really, why even have Arya in the final two episodes)

Jon Snow meets with Tyrion in his “cell.” I am actually quite surprised Tyrion wasn’t executed when Greyworm took him around the corner…..

Blah blah blah blah……we all know that Jon has to kill the Queen

Drogon with the betrayal, letting Jon through. (which would be why Arya could not kill the queen, it was a Dragon protecting her and Drogon could smell her out)

Anyone gone back to sea 2 to see how close Danarys’ vision matches up with her reality? Inquiring minds want to know……

A talk, a hug, a kiss…….

Just as Wolverine and Jane Grey/Phoenix once did

There is a stabbing sound…..about 3 seconds of suspense as we try to figure out who pulled the dagger first……..

Jon killed Danarys in one of the least dramatic plot twists…………… swift stab with a spear by greyworm, just a lot of standing around final weepy moment stuff…..

Enter Drogon……………….

Iron Throne DESTROYED!

Jon………not barbequed--- perhaps he should have ridden off on the dragon

Danarys carried off by Drogon, just like the Eagles did at the end of LOTR.

Tyrion awakes, is he being set free by Jon?

Nope, he is summoned to a secret counsel……….(seems we skipped a month…)

Jon is in jail, Greyworm (he got a new name! or is that just Greyworm in Valaryian?) can’t decide what to do with him. Talk about the chasing the car………

Everyone is there, time to pick a new King (or queen)

Haven’t seen this much silence since Elrond said someone has to take the ring of power to Gondor and toss it in the fire

Way to go Edmure nominate yourself! first rule of being King: You can’t vote for yourself (unless you’re a pirate, then you always vote for yourself) And seriously, what diplomatic skills are you talking about, Rob Stark thought you incompetent as a military leader, you can’t shoot a flaming arrow for shit, you spent years in a dungeon….I have a better shot of being king

And the nominee is……

18-1 longshot: Bran the Broken. Now they say first of his name, but there were other Brandon Starks…….Question…how long do you think he knew he was going to be king?

But Bran Can’t have s….he will never know the true pleasure of the phrase “its good to be the King”

The North remains an independent kingdom….so there is no longer a ruler of the seven kingdoms…..

Did you notice Robin Arryn all grown up?…..but he still laughs like a big douche…..

Rumors exist of water bottles under the cast’s chairs in this scene, anyone spot them yet? That is really a sign they were under pressure to get this done fast…..

Jon…to the Night’s Watch….really, that still exists? The Night King is dead (can he resurrect?), the wildlings are our allies… this nothing more than banishing Jon…..or does this mean they have to rebuild the wall…….Possible new series: Jon and Tormond vs other things that go bump in the frozen night?

now onto the “lets wrap everything up and give everyone a nice on screen farewell” LOTR segment to the show…….

Nobody got married…….

Arya: Sailing off West…….Leading candidate for a post GOT series

Sansa: Crowned Queen of the North. was that the same crown they used in LOTR? If she had told Tyrian “you bow to no one” I would have thrown something at the TV

Small council: Admit it, while Tyrion was walking around you were wondering whether or not the series would end with a crossbow bolt from Bronn…but no, Bronn is now master of coin, Sam is a Meister, Davos is master of ships…..

But we have no Master of Whispers ---(we have a king with Greensight, Varus knew what you had for breakfast yesterday, Bran knows what you’re having for breakfast tomorrow)

And no master of war…but we have no wars……

The g of Ice and Fire has arrived, turns out Sam only had input on the title. But Tyrion is not in it ?!?!?!?! (how do you not name the man convicted of killing one king and murdering the hand of king)? How many years does it cover? Robert’s Rebellion until……………..? Perhaps that book will be the prequel.

Brienne ends up doing the LOTR bookwriting update on Jamie’s bio (by now people have stopped frame and published the whole thing)….I must wonder why is she not guarding Sansa.

FYI-her story is wrong, Riverrun was not taken without loss of life, the Blackfish fought to the death

Podrick is also king’s guard, doesn’t even get a castle……

And the small counsel ends with squabbling over priorities: houses vs boats……..(I know this is reminiscent of other movies but the only one that comes to mind is Batman, the movie, where the reconstructed UN council sits squabbling over matters unaware that they were just turned to dust and reanimated….wow….that movie also foreshadowed Endgame!)

And we will never know what happens when you walk into a brothel with a honeycomb and a jackass (internet theories on how this joke ends do not even exist, at least nothing that is any good) (was that a Seinfeld…lets bring back an old plot line finish? I know there was another show that ended with them NOT revealing the big secret that had recurred in the show)

Jon enters castle black, which no longer has an actual gate……and all he finds are wildlings…..Is this an immigration check point now?

Jon Pets Ghost……a million pet lovers rejoice....

And he rides North, to be the King beyond the wall…….

Drogon, flying East

Unsullied…Sailing to Naarth……

Dothraki…..a whole army devoid of any character who had a line in the last sea….

Meanwhile, Daario is sitting in Mereen going, “what the fuck am I supposed to do now” screwed out of his final episode bonus…..

Official Deadpool results (I have not tabulated to see who won, if you thing you won, send my your score)


Cersei Lannister

Jamie Lannister

Danarys Trargaryen

Theon Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy


Jorah Mormont



Beric Dondarrion


Danarys is NOT pregnant

Arya killed the Night King.

Nobody sits on the Iron Throne at the end.

Arya does not become anybody else.

Jamie kisses Brienne

And official credit for the death of Cersei goes to……………………Drogon.

Typical HBO show…..lots of naked women in opening sea…final sea only one partial nudity scene (one and a half if you count Brienne’s shoulders)

A box of tissues was NOT required for the final episode….unless you were sad because it was over….
The final big plot twist was that they did not kill off as many major characters as everyone expected.

Random thought: Would the army of the undead been stronger if the night king resurrected more bears and direwolfs? Just think what a hord of a million dead mice could do to a castle….

So…….who is up for the “episode 1 lets do it all again drinking party”?

What are we supposed to watch now?
The fantasy continues............
Posted:May 17, 2019 5:28 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2019 5:31 pm
I finished my dancing, got changed and told the men I was going home.

They had other ideas....

they grabbed me, stripped me naked, and tossed me on the bed.......

unpredictable, episode 5 recap
Posted:May 13, 2019 3:22 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 4:39 pm
People are jumping all over social media complaining about this one……..

Let’s see if we can figure it out….

We begin with Varys spreading the news, he’s coming today, he is the rightful king, Jon snow, jon snow….

And Queen B has not eaten in a month…..that is not a good sign

Queen B knows that everyone knows, she knows that Jon doesn’t love her, the only way to rule is by…………

Fear. (bad omen)

we shall start with a little roasted spider…..shame that we will never know the words that were said in the flames.

We find a lanister in a comfortable position, captured and then set free…………

Everything is now teed up as everyone had expected……………

The well matched armed forces face each other across the field……

Arya, The Hound and Jamie Lanister are inside the castle walls……….

And then……the battle begins

Give credit where it is due…..a nice aerial assault from straight above with the sun at your back, the fleet is gone and Euron is blown off the ship…..

A little touchdown dance followed that move……

And with a healthy dragon, those scorpion bolts are not fast enough……the outer wall defenses are coming down!!

The golden company stands outside the walls (why? Well, we can debate this all we want but it didn’t really matter). And gets blown to bits when the gate is blown up.

The war is basically over at this time, the only question is whether the men will fight to the last man, will the city be burned, will cersei escape……

This is becoming a bit anti-climatical……. I think I may have yawned….

The troops rush in and the Lanister army that will fight to the last man…………surrenders…………

At this point Drogon is flying over the city, the same image that Bran saw two seas ago…….in a sequence of images that included the mad king screaming “burn them all”. Mental note, need to rewatch that sequence again…….

Ring the bell! Ring the Bell!

The city surrenders……

The game of thrones is over…..Queen B wins……

They did it without burning down the city……

Hundreds of thousands of lives were saved…..

Is that the the “bitch is gonna be crazy” music I hear ?

And for the next 20 minutes game of thrones fans sit stunned, many still holding the Dorito in their teeth that they were going to bite when it all began……

And as the senseless plot twist winds forward, there are still some things to talk about….

Jamie v. Euron……why? Jamie actually needs to win a sword fight on his own at some point in the series and Euron getting blown off the boat was just not satisfying enough…..

Jamie twists the sword…….at least he learned something even though he is mortally wounded…..

The Hound and Arya……it is obvious by this point that Arya is not going to be face shifting, heavy sigh…..

The Hound talks Arya out of revenge, and then gets “sandored”: “Call me by my first name bonus!”

Clegane Bowl!!!!!!!!!!

But not before Cyburn gets tossed down the stairs. Frankenstein is once again killed by his monster. And there was much rejoicing…..

Sandor rips off the Mountain’s helmet and look, its Anakin Skywalker!

The mountain can’t be killed……having just killed an army of the undead 2 episodes ago this is just rolling eyes boring.

How many of you were expecting Arya to jump on the back of the mountain and discover that valerian steel can kill whatever he is?

At least Sandor avoids the squashed head routine…….and then Clegane bowl ends …………………in a draw…………………..really, did someone actually go over all of the possible scenarios on how things could end this episode and pick the lamest one?

Was I the only one who was worried that the writers would have Arya die because a building fell on her? Sad, its not that I was worried about the character, I was just worried that they would be that lame……but she lives……hopefully she can salvage something of this show next week

Cersei dies…….You know the internet is going to blow up over this one……how does the Bitch Queen end up dying in tears in her brother’s arms. That is as anticlimactic as waiting a hundred million years to know the answer to life, the universe and everything and being told its 42.

Now I do have the GOT pool going, so who gets credit for the Cersei kill:

Cersei…..You had a sea and a half to accept exile, have your baby and retire……………you chose death

Drogon…..He did bring the red keep down.

Queen B…..she did attack unarmed soldiers and civilians…

Sandor…..The mountain was strong enough to get cersei to safety, separating them led to her demise

Jamie/tyrion….Perhaps the underground caverns were not the safe way out of the city

Euron….If he doesn’t capture Misande, it is probably a siege….

Sansa……burning down the city was to make her bend the knee

AND NOW…back to the recap……

Most disappointing realization, Queen B could have done this to start the last sea. That would have saved all the Dornish women (I guess we can assume Ellaria Sand and “shame, shame, shame” will not be rescued), the Tyrell’s, and Euron would have been crisped a lot sooner,

All in all, it is like watching your favorite team get blown out. You can turn the game off but part of you just wants to see how bad it can get…..


If Tyrion gets executed, does Bronn still get Highgarden? If no, does Bronn kill Queen B?
Is arya up for revenge or retiring in Storms end with Gendry?

The lack of any direwolf action in the past few seas is noticeable….is Jon not petting ghost still the most disappointing scene?

Is there still an iron throne?

Can someone please snap their fingers and make it all better………..
confessed fantasy fulfilled, part 1
Posted:May 12, 2019 4:21 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 5:28 pm
A few posts ago I described how I was tied up and sexually tortured until I confessed a real nasty fantasy.....

well, a few months later it was arranged.

As you know, I own a stripper pole and amateur night was an item on my bucket list but I was just too nervous to go in front of a large crowd.

So they did the next best thing, he brought two friends and I did a private strip tease.

club rules...

no nudity
no touching

I did the pole dance, three lap dances then back to the pole.

Then I thanked the men, got dressed and left.

So......who wants to see the next chapter?

fanasy fullfillment day ends
Posted:May 8, 2019 4:25 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 4:37 pm
a couple came to watch, and then we had some fun. not many pictures of this but I am certain you guys will enjoy the girl/girl action.........

episode 4 recap, the deep breath before the plunge
Posted:May 6, 2019 4:55 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 4:38 pm
I go online this morning and see people whining about how boring the episode was. If you subscribed to my recaps you would have known this was to be the transition episode…..





“bring out your dead…..bring out your dead….” Just in case you did not get everyone checked off on your deadpool list the writers have started off with a nice recap.

Isn’t it amazing no matter how cold or bleak things are, one can always find wood for a fire…..

Now It’s party time…..Northern Style.

Aw….Gendry’s in love…….

And once again, the Dragon Queen proves she lacks diplomacy……this blacksmith ran back to the wall to deliver the message let you rescue everyone you care for, he helped forge all of the weapons were used, he fought bravely….yet you still choose to begin your greeting of him with “your father revolted against my dad and wanted dead.” Hey Queen B, every time you say in Winterfell you remind everyone of what your father did to the Stark family. If you would just thank him for his service and make him Lord of Storms End perhaps people would not hate you.

Not anyone is going to say anything, but by legitimizing Gendry, Queen B has elevated him to be the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms, supplanting Cersei on the Baratheon line.

Now Gendry is a lord he can marry a lady. So Gendry packs his D&D dice, holsters his light saber and puts his inhaler into his batbelt and runs off to find Arya.

(quick quiz, name a movie where a main lead character suddenly realizes he is a prince and runs to marry the princess…….)

Such a sweet proposal….but…..

Nerd alert……you slept together once, you can’t propose after the first date. You didn’t even wait three days!!

And Arya Stark once again proves the only thing worse than being put into the friend zone, is being in the friend zone, taken out for some NSA fun, then stuffed back in. It’s not just the women get all wierded out by sex……

Perhaps if he had waited until she finished crossing names off her list…..

Would she have said yes if he was still a commoner?

And then Arya is marching with the hound to Kings Landing…..uh oh …she does not think she will return - bad foreshadowing (optimistic foreshadowing, Arya does not return because she will end Storms End)

Back to the party……

Sansa gives Queen B the “I hate you look”. Why? Because queen b gave Jon the “I love you’ look? or because queen b gave Jon the “I really mad you but don’t want to show it look”. a guy, some guidance here……

A little drinking game, an embarrassing question and Jamie ends doing a late night to Brienne. Cue music, “its getting in here so take off all your clothes” and Jamie wins the battle for who gets to kiss Brienne…..

(it’s , so you start getting undressed, has ever worked in the real world?)

Tormond takes a “northern” as consolation for losing the Brienne battle, the hound rejects a similar offer.

Was it just ? Was anyone else thinking Sansa was going to offer the hound a thank you. Well, I can’t figure out women so it is probably just me…..

Everyone the party loves Jon and Arya, nobody is celebrating the Dragon Queen…this will not be good.

The King of the North/Dragon Queen romance has to a crashing end….was it the aunt thing? And Queen B begs Jon to keep his name a secret so she will not have to give her throne. This would have been a lot easier if they had gotten married first, then Sam and Bran could have kept quiet.

-Its not just , the sisters Stark do not trust the Dragon Queen.

BATTLE PLANS: Wow Only half the forces lost, I would have guessed 90% based on the last episode. I would say is a rather “good” result having had the castle walls overrun by thousands of undead.

Hey Queen B…..if you seek advisers, you should listen to them. Hey advisors…..if you think this is a bad idea, open your damn mouth. Sansa is the only per who is saying anything makes sense. Your dragon is wounded, your troops are wounded, Cersei has been gathering her troops. Now is the time to wait and heal.

Nope……its off to war! With a portion of your forces arriving a month early…..divide and conquer your own troops…not wise

But first, Bronn arrives with his crossbow and…………………..suspense……………… it comes……………….he gets Highgarden. Really, is how ended? was a let down….there had better be a secondary plot twist coming.

And Jon Tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on and so on…..

the fact Jon Snow is actually the rightful heir to the iron throne will soon be common knowledge.

And just as everyone is getting out the pom poms and ready to toast the defeat of Cersei, Yuron comes along with another bad ass ship (you know, if he was not such an asshole he would be a fan favorite character) and takes out a wounded dragon………perhaps if he was fully healed he would have survived

Two dragons down. Bad omen, with only one dragon their can only be one rider……

And the fleet once again gets ripped to shreds……

How does the only per using a rowboat to get the shore get captured?

And so its trea…….(if the dragon queen pulls out a lightsaber to defend herself my head would explode…speaking of lightsabers search for the video with Arya fighting but with lightsabers, too cool, I was not able to save, copy or share it….)

Is Varys’ destiny to kill Queen B?

Bitch Queen announces she is pregnant with Yuron’s …guess she decided not to let Jamie be the dad after all. Is there a black hole in the reach? Time seems to be moving at random paces. There is not enough time between episodes 2 and 4 for Yuron to notice Cersei has become pregnant but there is enough time for the castle walls and all the ships in the fleet to be outfitted with scorpions…..

Here we are, the stand off, Bitch Queen v Queen B.

sorry Danarys, is the most pathetic use of force I have ever seen. Quite frankly, I don’t see why Cersei did not send out her army to wipe them out.

And so we go to the standard sci fi/fantasy plot point 2: Good guy with no army demands surrender and gets laughed . Bonus points for everyone who names a movie with plot point in it.

And standard plot point number 3: Bad guy does something so heinous everyone is enraged.

Missande is dead. How Tyrion does not get 20 arrows in his chest I will never know……

Is Jamie riding to Kings Landing to help or defeat his sister? Brienne is in tears, realizing now Tormond is gone too.

Tormond, Ghost, Sam, Gilly….are they officially safe or will there be a dramatic appearance in the end?

Two more episodes to go….

ext week we have the battle of Kings Landing with our heros fighting with……

1 dragon

½, no, ¼ or the original Unsullied

A bunch of Doth raki, which require a battle in an open field.

How many men are still alive from the Northern armies, they have been wiped out at the Red Wedding, Battle of the Bastards, and by the Night King.

Will the Dornish army arrive in time?

We still Clegane Bowl

who will be the younger sibling to kill cersei


Defeat, capture, then one epic battle in the throne room? (in theory, episode 5 could end with everyone dead or captured and 6 begins with “Arya” in disguise stabbing someone in the back and rescuing everyone)
Fantasy fulfillment day continues-the interrogation
Posted:May 5, 2019 5:55 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2019 12:11 pm
the rough sex was fun, so we sat down, chatted, he got turned on again. so he came up with another.....

the interrogation of a nasty tease.

bound and helpless, could he get me to confess my darkest kinkiest fantasy

when suspended to the door with the vibrator on my post orgasmic clit i caved....

I confessed.......

and in a few more will see what i revealed


To link to this blog (nastytease4U) use [blog nastytease4U] in your messages.

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