Racism exists!  

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12/3/2019 2:58 am

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Racism exists!

Racism exists! They will say it doesn't! Because they want to continue being racist! They want to normalize it! Make it okay! But it's not! We need people coming together against the racism that exists in this country. White black brown Muslim gay lesbian coming together to fight racism in this country! Donald Trump being president with his rhetoric fuels the fire of racism in this country! Not only is he a racist! But a severely mentally ill sociopath!

Neo-Nazi white supremacist hate! She sued and won!

Take a look at Jeanine Pirro. Taking sips from her so-called coffee cup. She's drunk. She's drinking alcohol out of that coffee cup. It is my opinion that she's nothing but a drunken alcoholic racist!

Jeanine Pirro MELTS DOWN on C-SPAN

“Cornerstore Caroline” Falsely Accuses a 9-Year-Old Black Boy of Sexual Assault | The Daily Show

"Hotel Earl": Employees who called cops on black guest put on leave

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