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A Story  

saltandpeppermh 56M/28F
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8/26/2019 11:42 pm
A Story

The Undiscovered Cuntry

Up until recently I have only been with my boyfriend. Oh, we have been having lots of dudes over fucking me, eating me even! Seems like they all finger me when Mike leaves the room for even a second to and these guys aren’t fooling around either,they mean business! I almost always cum on their delicious fingers. Mmmmmmmmm you guys don’t mind if I play with myself while I write this do you?
Where was I before I started thinking of your hot throbbing cock? Yes you, whatever horny guy is reading this, I am thinking of you reading this hearing how much of a slut I am. I mean if I am a slut for wanting cock, then so be it. Fucking me. Eating me and fingering me. And I love sucking cock! I try to get it all the way down my throat. It’s a little bit of a competition between my and I who can go the deepest, or suck the best. Leave me some comments on my story. I will reply who knows maybe you will be next.
Here’s the thing, it’s always been in the direct presence of my boyfriend, and I like that, but he is really directing traffic you know? Which is cool, I like that way, prefer it that way. I feel more comfortable that way. It is like he is fucking me through another man. This time was different though.
We were having a favorite dude of mine over, I was excited he always got me off at least a few times. He got there and we talked as usual a little in the living room. Mike said, why don’t you two head for the bedroom and see what you can get into, I will be in there in a little bit. In my defense I was drunk. I am not apologizing for that at all. I like drinking for intense sex. It makes it even hotter for me. I get more pleasure from it. In any event I found myself following Eric into the bedroom as my boyfriend turned towards the computer. The computer! He and I are obviously not the jealous type, but if I were to be jealous of anything it would be that damned computer. He is on it looking for guys to come over and pound my tight little holes I realize that, but sometimes I want him in there pounding me you know? Then I realized I had followed Eric into our bedroom, the door swinging partially shut. It was dark in there, darker than I would have liked. I could only make out vague shapes, my glasses were off. Then I felt Eric’s fingers probing up into my pussy, pushing aside my lips, in search of the soft wet little hole inside. My hair stood on end as he penetrated me, fucking his fingers into me. Mike says I am like a fine sports car, built for sex, well I was going 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds. Once he had them in he started stabbing hard and fast, I could the sloshing sounds of him in my wet pussy. I started cumming so fast and hard, I fell back onto the bed, somehow his fingers didn’t miss a beat. From this new angle he could really work me over and he jack hammered into me, going at it like a lunatic, I came again before he stopped pulling his fingers slowly out. It wasn’t until then that I realized Mike was still not in the room. Things usually follow a certain order when Mike and I are playing with a dude. The guy fingers me first chance he gets, that’s always a given. Then they lay back and Mike and I suck them a while until Mike suggests they eat me. They eat me out then they lay back again and I get on top and grind away until I cum at least once before climbing off and getting on my back so they can pound me however they like until they cum. All of that though is with Mike in the room, he was still not there. I didn’t know what came next or what Eric was going to do. He could play with me at his leisure. I felt a wave of lust pass through me. Eric could use me HIS way now. I was subject to HIS Will, HIS lust. I felt his soft wet lips and tongue collide in the dark with my wide open pussy and I moaned out yes out loud. His arms wrapped around my thighs and he pulled my hips into him his tongue jamming it deep into my cunt.He licked me like he was starved for it. Oh Godddd it felt so fucking good. I couldn’t help myself I humped back against his face creaming all over his face, I just said cumming cumming cumming over and over. His grip loosened, it was calm. I caught my breath just a little, feeling him sitting up. Good I was ready to get top, I was ready to take control now, but it was not to be. I felt his arms wrap my thighs again and was pulled towards him. I expected I was in for another tongue lashing, but it was his rock hard cock that collided with my pussy this time, and I was already extremely wet so he sank in to the hilt first thrust and held it deep as hell, letting me know what I had in store for me in the next few minutes of my life.I just started begging him to fuck me harder, and he did just that had I been able to see well enough in that dark room, his hips would have been a blur. He fucked me so god damned hard and fast, I couldn’t stop cumming my tight little hole clamping down on his dick as I came and came. He mounted me higher now bending my hips back to pound violently into me until he came pushing his cock so hard and deep in that last thrust, I could swear I felt it in my chest!Then he slowly painstakingly pulled out, it was like he was almost in to far and stuck. He came out with a pop, and I had another smaller orgasm. I floated there a few minutes by myself in the dark. I didn’t know where Eric had went.
I first smelled then felt Michael on top of me. Where were you? I blurted out. Remember he said, no matter how far away I seem, I am always by your side. Well that didn’t answer my question at all, but It was from a Celine Dion song so I was ok with it, besides he started slowly fucking me whispering I love you in my ear. Second dick of the night started pounding away at me, and I came again and again. I know I have said that several times but, i really did cum so much that night I lost count, and I don't mean the usual, was it 3 or 4? Maybe 5 or 6? No, it could have been well into the teens the number of times I came, I couldn’t even pee until morning.

Later Mike told me he had hung back to let me truly experience another man, his wants and desires. He didn’t want me to know what was happening next for a change. It was the Undiscovered Cuntry.

That was fiction for now, but if something starts out fictional, then comes true, is it then non fiction?

What did you think? Did my story make you cum? Leave me some comments. I will reply to every last one! If you live close enough I might even do more then reply!

Pepper Grinder

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8/27/2019 2:08 am

CajunBlueKnight 67M
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8/28/2019 3:27 pm

You are such a Hottie.

marieandsteve555 64M/49F  
13 posts
1/1/2020 8:40 am

Hi Pepper, WOW, What a story, Have you ever thought about writing porn as a profession? You are very good at it. Your adding a pussy picture at the end of your story blew me away …. And yes I came from reading it. Thank you for sharing it with your Fans.

tallandgiving1 41M
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1/21/2020 5:07 am

nice story and nice playtime! hit me up if you might wanna relive it

routerdf220088 61M
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2/24/2020 11:47 am

what a nice story

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