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Haters beware!  

saltandpeppermh 56M/28F
12 posts
6/9/2019 11:59 pm
Haters beware!

Well its been a while since my last post. We dont have a lot of chances to play lately. Some of Peppers family have found about our activities. the incredible thing is they found out from someone on this websight! i know right? it shocked me to! how do spell hypocritical anyway? they are on this sight, right you would think they would be cool. nope they are a hater. well haters beware! becareful who you try to push around. pepper is incredibly strong. i have never told her that, but she is. i mean i figured she would shrink away right? embarrassed she would want me to post no more and she would certainly NEVER post anymore of herself! then just the other day her and i were playing, she put her make up on and did her hair, she started taking selfies. incredible selfies. a lot of pics, some body shots then of no where starts blowing while taking video. yes the videos she posted on this sight of her sucking and eating her . incredible. heres the thing you would think that came from her wanting to fight back, toss a fuck u to whatever fucking busy body narced her right? afterwards i told her wow. she really impressed . she was clueless. she was just playing. she said. just having fun. thats even more amazing. the haters had no affect at all. she brushed off that like a piece of dust. IMAGINE! if she were really trying to send a message what she might do!. haters beware. push pepper at your peril. cu later bang bang

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