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Pepper and the Air Force  

saltandpeppermh 56M/28F
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6/20/2019 11:44 pm
Pepper and the Air Force

i had promised you some stories about our first encounters. and here is one. this is not fiction. we met a guy online of course and arranged to have him over one monday night. he was and is a united states air force veteran. i told him we wanted to thank him for his . Monday night by the way is our best night to play. there is usually no preamble to our play. pepper likes to get to the good stuff right away. she was dressed seductively in a bra and no panties. i started taking off my lounge pants right away. our new friend followed suit. we were both laughing and tipsy sharing his cock between our mouths. one of us would go down on him then the other. pepper likes to slide her mouth down to your balls and suck and lick them while i am sucking a guy. she absolutely loves sucking a guys balls into her mouth. even getting both balls in once! unfortunately mine are far to big for her to get even one in her mouth. so these stranger we play with allow her to enjoy that. he wanted to eat her out proclaiming he was really good at it. she was doubtfull, but lay back and spread her long legs out and he crawled between her legs and wasted no time sealing his mouth over her cunt. it was amazing to watch her being eaten, it felt so good to her she laughed and moaned at the same time. it is very hard to describe the sound and the on her could launch a thousand ships. she is looking straight ahead but seems to be thinking concentrating on what she is feeling sorting what his tongue is doing to her pussy, smiling like she just saw everything she ever wanted blossom in front of her eyes wide with amazement. i am writing this as much for her as i am myself or you, no matter how hard it makes your cock or how wet your pussy gets, my words fail completely in watching pepper get eaten. she shines like pulsar emitting powerful waves of brightest most brilliant passion you can imagine. he is licking her slow and easy she told me later right across her clit. she started to on his tongue announcing it breathlessly i m cumming cumming. we had david which is what pepper remebers him as lay back again. we both sucked him a bit more, then i had pepper sit on his as well. it was the sweetest thing in the world yo see her crawling on her knees up his body stradding him. and gently lower her cunt onto her mouth and tongue. i watched this from the back. i was sucking his cock into my mouth and throat as deep as i could i was so turned on. we did this a while and after she announced again she was creaming all over his tongue i with drew his dick from my mouth and asked her if she wanted to ride him now.
they were both more then ready to fuck! she climbed over his crotch reaching down easily to guide his cock into her started grinding away. it is afterall how she got her name. Pepper grinder. she was quite happy with the size of his dick. she was able to surrender to it. grind it in as savagely as she wanted, and then there she was again us she was cumming but this time on his cock! it was finally time, she lay back and spread her legs ready to take on the full fury of his cock.he fucked her to her ... how many orgasms had he managed to coax out of her body? 4?! then though after thinking he might very well break the 5 orgasm level he tuckered . he would later explain he has some health issues. more next time on as pepper grinds so grinds the days of our lives.

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