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first glory hole  

saltandpeppermh 56M/28F
12 posts
6/17/2019 11:55 pm
first glory hole

oh my her first glory hole experience was awesome! the guy came up. i kneeled in front of the hole and took him into my mouth. i could feel and hear pepper coming up beside me.i transferred it to her worried a bit. he hadnt really gotten hard yet. as soon as she got it in her mouth she gave a contented sigh. i knew this must have made him insane. first oh fuck its her and second she loves it listen to that contented little mmmm she just made! so hot i watched her mouth slide up and and down, we switched. holy fuck! it wasnt in her mouth long but it had gotten much harder and bigger. i took him in to the root when i could tell how long he was.
we switched back and forth a few times each time he seemed harder after her mouth touched him again. the last time she passed it to me i could tell it was different. so fucking hard. i heard him say oh fuck here it cums. he started cumming in my mouth..

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