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you will just have to wait a minute Or V8.  

saltandpeppermh 56M/28F
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6/21/2019 1:44 am
you will just have to wait a minute Or V8.

i should say something about the video i just posted. yes that does bare a striking resemblance to Pepper, it is in fact her identical twin sister Popper from des moines. she visiting this past weekend and.. well one thing led to another and there i was her sucking me like she meant business. while pepper is much more high class super sex vixen type in her look and demeanor. Popper on the other hand is much more the fresh faced girl next door. her easy laugh and kind smile making every man feel like maybe he had a chance. that was popper. Popper has actaually been married before while pepper is engaged to be fucked by several dozen men before she is 30. the v8 reference is our 8th video on this sight. you will just have to waiy a minute refers to the last blog post where i had our air force hero about to fuck Pepper as well as he could with her on her back ready to take it all.Any service man is our hero whether he saw action and acted valiantly or not. HE SIGNED UP FOR IT. he signed up to protect our right to do this. to have unbridled sexual fun! any veteran deserves a good fuck, we hope to have one over for the fourth. no really.

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