Suprise saturday posting...  

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Suprise saturday posting...

Well normally I wouldn't post stuff on a Saturday night. However, I got called in for work, and I'm sitting on a conference call waiting for them decide what do. You know how it is...hurry up and get there, it's an emergency and now they are trying decide what do now.

This morning, a nice breakfast start with blueberries pancakes with sausage. And dad had a ton of projects for me.

The first was to get up on the roof and check it to make sure the gutter guards were working and to inspect the roof. I got up there and had to clear a bunch of dead branches and sticks off of the roof.
Then I had to power wash and scrub the gutters as there was a whole bunch of bird crap on the side of the gutter. That was a bad because I had be careful scrubbing that off the gutter and the underside fascia, and toward the end, I started getting a massive dizzy spell and almost fell off the ladder. I think I might have gotten a bad heat spell which might have caused it because I started to get queasy and shaky at the time. I barely got off the ladder and sat down for a bit and laid down on the concrete, and once I did, the spinning in my head subsided and I felt better. It scared me, because I haven't felt something like that in over 30 years. And it made me feel very weak.
After resting for about minutes, I felt much better and went inside get a drink of ice water feel better and that helped. Plus eating lunch I think helped as well.

After lunch, I got our powerwasher, and cleaned the garage and then began power washing the siding and the window clean off the crap off the house. I didn't realize it, but man our house was dirty. By the time I got in, I was covered in crud. Finally I used the powerwasher clear our deck off outside of the house, and it did a great job clearing off all of the tree sap off of the wood. And then...I got dizzy again! What the hell was going on??? After I finished the deck, I passed the powerwasher off my dad, told him to put it away, and then I went upstairs and I passed on my bed around 2:30PM, and didn't get up 4:30PM. That nap helped clear my head, but I hate say it, the fact I was getting those dizzy bothered me. So I'll have on Monday my doctor to see if he can check me and make sure everything is ok. I'm ok now, as that nap helped me feel a lot better, but still.... dizzy spells in day? It's a bit concerning.

Monday is going be a massively busy day as I have bring the car in for repairs, the doctor, and also my mom is going through chemo treatment #. I thought she had already gone through it, but she still has 3 more go, not more. My poor mom. I hope she can get through it.

Finally I did see my yesterday, and I had a good visit with them. I also had a talk with my about her not calling after she had got back from her trip Baltimore and not called me. I had explain her that it wasn't just me that was worries but my mom and dad as well, and she apologized for not calling, but she had people calling her asking questions, and she spent hours talking them. So I understand it, but still I told her she needed to us. But I had a good time seeing both my and I felt a lot better seeing them.

Well it looks like my work finally figured what they want do so I'm gonna end this now and get this problem cleared up so I can go home and relax. I hope we won't have any more issues so I can at least rest and enjoy my Sunday. Hope your weekend is going well!

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Heat exhaustion can cause dizzy spells. Dehydration and overworking while hungry can also. There have been a few times I feel something not right while climbing a tree, and rode my climbing rope to the ground, only to start my dizzy spell while trying to get my climbing saddle off. I try for AC first, if not, then shade and water. One of the hottest places I know, is on top of a roof. Lack of shade, the grit of the shingles, feels like the shingles reflect heat back at you, so it is a double amount.

Good luck on Monday. I hope it goes smoothly.

Understandable with your daughter, but still, people need to know for peace of mind.

Keep on rocking. You got this.

Visit my blog if you want to at thax013 and thank you very much!

whoisagentj replies on 7/29/2019 7:58 am:
I spoke with my doctor over the phone. He said the exact same thing, that I probably had heat exhaustion from Saturday being out most of the day doing all of that work and not properly hydrating myself. While I was drinking water, he said the older you get, you need to hydrate properly with Gatorade because older people tend to lose salt and minerals when working outside, thus while the water will keep you hydrated, the loss of the other things can and will make you dizzy. I never felt that before, so now that I know, I'll have to have more Gatorade on hand before I work outside in the heat, especially on the roof.

Just dropped off the car, got my rental and I'm at work now as I type this. They gave me a crappy Mitsubishi and it feels weird because it's not my car, so the control is all off because I'm not used to it.

Thanks thax, I hope so.

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As always, thanks for reading!

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