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INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS MANSIONMy Sexual awakening Part 111/12/2019  0  
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AFF Naughty Community.My Sexual awakening Part 111/8/2019  3  
Idaho Swingers R Us.My Sexual awakening Part 111/8/2019  0  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchMy Sexual awakening Part 111/8/2019  0  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchMy Sexual awakening Part 111/8/2019  0  
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AFF Naughty Community.Hey Men. See fow I give males a cock erection.10/5/2019  11  
Caught MasturbatngAlmost Caught at the Office9/27/2019  1  
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Older bicouple seeking bimaleIts hard Finding a senior bi couple in their 60 or 70's that's looking for a 3rd.3/12/2019  0  
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Idaho Swingers R Us.How to cure a cock with no erection.2/7/2019  5  
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Swingers For Fun Group.Having A Nipples Erection.12/22/2018  7  
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AFF Naughty Community.Amazing Cock Erection. From 5 inches to 10 inches.12/11/2018  9  
AFF Naughty Community.Used a cock erection pump on my pussy.11/30/2018  18  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Police Brutality - Last Straw11/28/2018  0  
Girls who want older GentsJILL GOES TO THE SWIMMING POOL PART 311/10/2018  8  
~Massage/Erotic Massage~Paid for nude massage and happy ending! I am also pro masseur!11/8/2018  0  
Rock's BDSM & Kink ClubMore BDSM Vocab... A-C10/25/2018  0  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL AT THE PARTY10/8/2018  2  
Swingers For Fun Group.Sex with a man 35 years older than me.9/23/2018  12  
Swingers For Fun Group.Women removing their panties.9/15/2018  14  
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Dommes for the men who love usAre you serious6/30/2018  1  
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MasturbatePublic?5/28/2018  0  
2 Taboo for Youseeing Mom Nude and passed out5/24/2018  6  
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AFF Naughty Community.Tell Me Men. What gives you a erection?5/1/2018  31  
AFF Naughty Community.Walnut Street : Caught In The Act!4/24/2018  4  
AURORA SOCIAL GROUPASG Meets 20184/20/2018  9  
AFF Naughty Community.How to Keep an Erection Whilst Swinging4/16/2018  9  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL AT THE PARTY3/30/2018  3  
"Dom /Sub Lifestyle"Saturday Night - Sunday Morning3/24/2018  1  
2 Taboo for YouA mix of fantasy and truth, Part 23/8/2018  2  
2 Taboo for YouAgnes F., Mom's best friend2/25/2018  5  
Dommes for the men who love usNettling2/18/2018  0  
MasturbateWhile watching others masturbating peson1/12/2018  1  
Idaho Swingers R Us.I am soooooooooo hungry!11/28/2017  3  
AFF Naughty Community.Male Cock Erection Question For You Men.10/30/2017  22  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Do you like my sheer purple lingerie?10/6/2017  4  
AFF Naughty Community.Do you like my sheer purple lingerie?10/6/2017  16  
Utah Friends For Fun.Group women giving me a Cock Erection.10/2/2017  5  
AFF Naughty Community.Group women giving me a Cock Erection.10/2/2017  11  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Group women giving me a Cock Erection.10/2/2017  4  
Utah Friends For Fun.Hey Men. What gives you a erection?7/31/2017  10  
AFF Naughty Community.COWBOY~! (for the ladies out there)7/9/2017  0  
US BANGLA HORNY COUPLESSize of cock vs. Longevity of erection: The great controversy6/30/2017  1  
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FMF Threesomes {<>} <===Size of cock vs. Longevity of erection: The great controversy6/15/2017  0  
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Bisexuals and Threeways(Not) a hard cock5/2/2017  3  
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AFF Naughty Community.Phone Sex?4/14/2017  10  
Franklin AreaRun naked3/31/2017  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Using a cock erection pump on my pussy.3/30/2017  14  
Couples for Foreigners(Delhi)well-hung white guy for ladys & couples3/29/2017  4  
Women doing Men with Straponpenetration3/19/2017  9  
AFF Naughty Community.The Stairwell3/14/2017  6  
AFF Naughty Community.Co-ed Dorms3/2/2017  6  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Group gals posing in sexy hot lingerie.2/19/2017  6  
AFF Naughty Community.Hot women in sexy hot lingerie.2/19/2017  37  
AFF Naughty Community.Naughty Nurse Giving Cock Treatment.2/6/2017  22  
Naked FunLady voyeurs1/27/2017  0  
2 Taboo for YouMy Cousin - Part 21/24/2017  11  
2 Taboo for YouMy Cousin - Part 11/23/2017  9  
Couples for Foreigners(Delhi)big thick white cock for indian girls & couples1/21/2017  3  
Luscious SchismA Tantri Guide to Women's Sexual Fulfillment - MUST REAL FOR ALL!1/19/2017  1  
BBW Pussy LickingTribute to Beverly..11/20/2016  0  
Sioux Falls SwingersMore SEx10/24/2016  0  
AFF Naughty Community.A naughty way to keep oldsters happy.10/22/2016  12  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Trying Out The Pussy Clit Erection Cylinder.10/8/2016  1  
2 Taboo for YouThe Promissed nurse story9/12/2016  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Men what makes your cock hard?9/4/2016  18  
caught masturbating/or watchedneighbors watching7/26/2016  3  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)Do Like To Get Naked To Play and Touch Yourself5/31/2016  5  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Love To Role Play As A Naughty Nurse.5/2/2016  6  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchViagra & Chastity4/25/2016  1  
2 Taboo for YouTwo hot hung men get you sweet woman so horny - part 24/1/2016  1  
2 Taboo for YouTwo hot guys get you sweet woman, very horny3/27/2016  4  
Male Humiliationneeding humiliation3/13/2016  0  
REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCSexual Scenario:2/12/2016  1  
White Women for Black GuysSexual Scenario:2/12/2016  0  
BLACK MEN NAUGHTY WHITE WOMANSexual Scenario:2/12/2016  4  
REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCSexual Scenario:2/12/2016  0  
gay bottomsOK boys, help a brother out ...1/28/2016  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Cock Suck Erection & Tit Nipple Erection.12/11/2015  5  
All for fun CalgaryLooking for a hot sex and perhaps a playmate12/8/2015  14  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Sex Play Complications.11/21/2015  4  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Got A Hard Nipple Erection.11/21/2015  2  
Lifestyles of St. LouisFrankenstein Erection ? ? ?11/16/2015  1  
Idaho Swingers R Us.15 Funny But Logical Condom Quotes.11/15/2015  1  
Girls who want older GentsI Was Still A Bi Virgin After Six Months at Passion - Part Four10/24/2015  0  
REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSI Was Still a Bi Virgin After Six Months at Passion - Part Four10/24/2015  0  
Smoothie NudestsWax for men?10/15/2015  8  
ShenanigansCamping- 50 Shades Style8/24/2015  1  
Shenanigans~~ Camping Story ~~ curvelover9 author8/10/2015  3  
Arctic Bling CircleIs it normal to have a fethis for man boobs?7/27/2015  0  
Merrillville & SurroundingNeed a few good men for very early Sunday GB in NWI on 7/127/9/2015  2  
Valparaiso/Portage AreaNeed a few good men for very early Sunday GB in NWI on 7/127/9/2015  3  
NW IndianaLook for a few good men for very early Sunday GB in NWI on 7/127/9/2015  0  
Brampton GroupA perfect Day7/8/2015  1  
South Denver SocialNudists6/27/2015  3  
DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSDaddy's Pacifier6/25/2015  16  
women for bi-menany couples like to be a guys first?6/22/2015  0  
Cloud NineRecreational Viagra6/11/2015  2  
Vintage gay male photosVintage style photos, are they hot?6/1/2015  0  
Handicap SexDealing w/ED caused by cancer/chemotherypy5/29/2015  0  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyErection Election5/20/2015  3  
Welcome to the Pleasure DomeOral pleasure5/5/2015  7  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesThe Art of Oral Sex4/16/2015  11  
Fellatio-Giving and ReceivingTutorial4/16/2015  1  
Women who love Bi MenHow often do men dissapoint you?4/7/2015  8  
Man for Man- Bi or gay!A real bottom here3/27/2015  0  
Cairns!we all have that one friend3/25/2015  7  
Classy BBW & FriendsComplete Honesty3/10/2015  23  
CNY Cuckold and Slut wivesMore than 43/2/2015  5  
Playalinda's NUDE Beach GroupSituation2/21/2015  6  
CJ CougarsWould like to dominate/be dominated by a cougar2/17/2015  0  
2 Taboo for YouMy Next Experience2/4/2015  6  
Seeking Bi-Sexual MalesMen over 50 need good sex too2/3/2015  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.OMG Visit from the Doctor1/27/2015  7  
Cloud NineA Spanking1/17/2015  6  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayA Spanking1/17/2015  1  
LangschwanzträgerOnly XXL and BI, please: Gym first, then bisexual encounter with my wife1/11/2015  3  
Guys watching Girls on cam cumAre the sounds of pleasure important?1/9/2015  13  
Hot Sex in KingsportLoneliness...1/5/2015  0  
Women who love Bi MenMy First time with a man - unabridged12/28/2014  5  
Hotwife cuckolding ClubCuckolding: The Intellectual Sex Fetish by Anneli Rufus12/27/2014  1  
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NB Group FunThick cock9/8/2014  0  
Maritimes uncensored (sort of)Thick cock9/8/2014  0  
LaCrosse Love For AllWhy are women asked their bra band and cup size?9/1/2014  10  
Small cocksHowdy7/9/2014  0  
Edmonton Real PeopleLadies..... interested in attending a CFNM gathering?!?6/16/2014  13  
Erotica Writers GroupRecommended reading?5/21/2014  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.My Buddy Big D Needs Help.5/18/2014  6  
cadiz_morboCádiz +50, 17-25 mai5/12/2014  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Having sex is yet another great past time for burning up those unwanted fat producing calories.3/31/2014  6  
REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSLocal Group Action, M4M3/13/2014  1  
REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSLocal Group Action, M4M3/13/2014  1  
REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCErotic introduction3/13/2014  0  
Hot Wives & Hot MILFsErotic Introduction3/13/2014  0  
Bloomington/Normal NymphosErotic Introduction3/13/2014  0  
Older woman wanting younger meErotic introduction3/13/2014  0  
BBW of Central IllinoisErotic introduction3/13/2014  0  
Hotel EroticaErotic Introduction3/13/2014  0  
Seeking Adult Fun in OrlandoBALL LOVER - CENTRAL FL3/9/2014  0  
Australian ThreesomesHave you seen the magazine?3/4/2014  1  
The Dublin ClubHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  1  
dublin swingersHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  0  
Irish perv'sHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  0  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesErection Pills2/20/2014  3  
BDSEX20 Favorite Sex Tips Ever2/10/2014  1  
INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS MANSIONsquirting... ultimate climax in orgasm2/8/2014  4  
A Daddies and Good Girls ForumTexting and Sexting... Do you?2/6/2014  13  
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Share Your FantasyA fantasy for an japaneseadultgirlfriend.com friend1/17/2014  0  
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Women and couples 4 bi singlesAm I bisexual?1/2/2014  10  
Kolkata Bus/Train/Metro SexBus Sex12/6/2013  3  
COUPLES UKpenis names12/2/2013  4  
Sioux Falls SwingersProblem11/22/2013  3  
rapid city groupWould you help me?11/21/2013  6  
Triple Sthe man with a permanent erection !!11/8/2013  4  
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Cloud NineRoomates9/16/2013  2  
OKC and surrounding areasI don't normally drink beer, but when I do, I drink.............9/12/2013  4  
El Sexosexual Position9/8/2013  0  
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Kinky photographyMale Models needed7/28/2013  1  
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Nude SunbathingBUSTED !!6/22/2013  8  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyMale Erection help Yes or No, & if Yes, which type to take now Viagra's patent has expired?6/19/2013  9  
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Voyeurism and more in NJtrue story4/1/2013  4  
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Bi-curious male for couplesCum Fetish10/7/2012  0  
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