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Glory holeexcitement6/26/2020  2  
Family fantasy chatMom's More Beautiful Sister6/15/2020  2  
SWALLOWLove cumming w just the head between her lips. How many f's lick all of it off the shaft after?6/5/2020  2  
Glory holeexplosion6/4/2020  1  
Taboo TownMy uncle ...5/26/2020  0  
I wanna hear it all!My first aunt.5/13/2020  0  
Brittany's Best blowjob clubThe Double Whammy5/7/2020  0  
Family fantasy chat,,, Oh hey bro,,, Part Deux5/2/2020  7  
Taboo TownMy aunt..( my moms baby sister II )5/1/2020  0  
Houston BBC Lovers!!!!lonely 10 inches4/21/2020  0  
Older an bolderQuestion is your man bi or curious?4/6/2020  0  
SWALLOWHow many cocks, how many loads....2/3/2020  7  
Anything Goes TabooA Little Trip part 3 (only Aunt Lisa)1/28/2020  1  
TABOO FOR YOUA Little Trip part 3 (only Aunt Lisa)1/28/2020  3  
Open Family FantasiesA Little Trip part 3 (only Aunt Lisa)1/21/2020  1  
Dream's Taboo for YouA Little Trip part 3 (only Aunt Lisa)1/16/2020  5  
Bareback CreampiesGetting it1/8/2020  5  
SWALLOWWhat A Dream Hmmm What A Dream12/30/2019  3  
Hrny bottoms for LngTrm DaddysHe is 60! The perfect age!12/27/2019  0  
Princess' Rainbow PalaceOne Night Stand?12/8/2019  1  
Guys that want to meet.Sucking Cock12/4/2019  0  
Men who love to suck cockSucking Cock12/4/2019  17  
Princess' Rainbow PalaceThe Broker11/24/2019  0  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchHot Wife Fantasies10/15/2019  25  
SWALLOWShaft to head9/27/2019  2  
Anything Goes TabooMom and me9/23/2019  6  
after bi and gay guysneed a shaft8/14/2019  2  
Shaved Cock ClubFight the battle7/29/2019  1  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL IN THE COFFEE SHOP...7/6/2019  2  
AFF Naughty Community.Were You Watching Me?7/5/2019  0  
The Valley Of RoyalTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......WAS THIS JILL?7/3/2019  1  
Sissy ExposedDomination, Fetishes, Kinks Dirty Chat O'my6/24/2019  0  
Sissy ExposedDomination, Fetishes, Kinks Dirty Chat O'my6/24/2019  0  
Orally Bi MenCocksucking and Style5/7/2019  7  
Bi Men Watersport loversWhen was your first? Pt 24/12/2019  0  
Country Style ExploitsHeavy gear, heavy rubber gloves and boots on men.3/29/2019  0  
Words, brains, & other hot sexDon't miss it...Babette and Albie fucking in a tree...3/9/2019  0  
Words, brains, & other hot sexMore women writers!2/19/2019  0  
Dream's Taboo for Youwatching pheebee & morgan2/9/2019  8  
Erotic AieaPart 32/7/2019  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Cock Riding Balls Deep.2/5/2019  11  
Dream's Taboo for YouBeing Milked2/3/2019  11  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchDangerous Liasons1/29/2019  2  
AFF Naughty Community.How to use a cock ring1/8/2019  19  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)Were You Watching Me?12/29/2018  0  
MasturbateWere You Watching Me?12/29/2018  2  
MasturbateWere You Watching Me?12/29/2018  0  
Men Stroking on Cam 4 WomenWere You Watching Me?12/29/2018  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Where would you start first?12/20/2018  7  
SWALLOWAnother Fantasy11/11/2018  1  
Rock's BDSM & Kink ClubMore BDSM Vocab... A-C10/25/2018  0  
Rock's BDSM & Kink ClubBDSM Vocabulary10/25/2018  0  
The Valley Of RoyalJill in the coffee shop10/8/2018  2  
The Valley Of RoyalTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......10/7/2018  2  
Str8bois4funbi male who loves sucking cock9/30/2018  0  
Men who love to suck cockI need to do this again with a Master Cock Man to use my body!8/31/2018  4  
Swingers For Fun Group.My amazing experience8/27/2018  4  
Mature Madness & MerrimentToys at the store.....8/15/2018  3  
2 Taboo for Youshaving6/11/2018  13  
AFF Naughty Community.Best SEX EVER~!5/18/2018  6  
Hairy chest lovers - M4MAs you sit and read this, you...5/17/2018  1  
Bi Sexual PleasuresNever been with another man but definitely think about it sometimes5/14/2018  1  
The Senior's LoungeNeed ED 2.05/8/2018  6  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL IN THE COFFEE SHOP4/29/2018  2  
Girls who want older GentsJILL IN THE COFFEE SHOP4/29/2018  4  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL IN THE COFFEE SHOP4/29/2018  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Walnut Street : Caught In The Act!4/24/2018  4  
The Valley Of RoyalTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......WAS THIS JILL?4/13/2018  1  
Girls who want older GentsTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......WAS THIS JILL?4/13/2018  7  
Bisexuals PlaygroundFlavourable positionings ...... top bottom veratile4/2/2018  13  
"Dom /Sub Lifestyle"Saturday Night - Sunday Morning3/24/2018  1  
2 Taboo for YouHave you ever drank or been pissed on!3/7/2018  31  
SWALLOWNew guy here... seeing if I attract any interest3/3/2018  0  
AFF Naughty Community.My genitals yelling "touch me" in my head. Anyone else's2/28/2018  9  
2 Taboo for YouAgnes F., Mom's best friend2/25/2018  5  
Bi Men 4 Afternoonsno recip service for your hard shaft2/19/2018  5  
Dommes for the men who love usWhips vs. floggers2/18/2018  1  
Dommes for the men who love usNettling2/18/2018  0  
Wyld's Little RoomLong Day2/7/2018  2  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL IN THE COFFEE SHOP2/1/2018  2  
The Valley Of RoyalTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......WAS THIS JILL?1/29/2018  2  
Bi Guys In the North Burbsloss of virginity1/24/2018  1  
Masters Little SlutWhat is good about anal sex1/16/2018  4  
Daddies and LittlesDaddy removes Baby Girl from her time out chair1/12/2018  0  
Men who love to suck cockFace Fucked, Face Balled, or Slowly Sucking a Cock Off, which one do you like the best?1/3/2018  22  
Gay/Bi male on male groupFcae Fucked, Face Balled, or Slowly Sucking a Cock Off, which one do you like the Best?1/3/2018  2  
Gang Bangs and OrgiesFace Fucked, Face Balled, or Slowly Sucking a Cock Off, which one do you like the Best?1/3/2018  0  
Extra-Marital InterestsFcae Fucked, Face Balled, or Slowly Sucking a Cock Off, which one do you like the Best?1/3/2018  2  
Chicago Daytime Group SexFace Fucked, Face Balled, or Slowly Sucking a Cock off, which one do you like the Best?1/3/2018  1  
Chicago Bi-Sexuals for Bi PlayFace Fucked, Face Balled, or Slowly Sucking a Cock Off, which one do you like the Best?1/3/2018  1  
Bisexual Group FunFace Fucked, Face Balled, or Slowly Sucking a Cock Off, which one do you like the Best?1/3/2018  3  
2 Taboo for YouFace fucked, face balled, or slowly sucking a cock off, which do you like the best?1/3/2018  16  
Bisexuals PlaygroundFace fucked, Face balled, or slowly sucking cock which do you like?1/1/2018  9  
AFF Naughty Community.Advice on shaving pubic areas11/25/2017  14  
Straight Guys Who Suck CocksVery Large Cocks11/21/2017  27  
AFF Naughty Community.Walnut Street Memories: Robin Part 1 of 611/6/2017  1  
Cyber SnobsTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......WAS THIS JILL?11/2/2017  4  
Cyber SnobsJILL IN THE COFFEE SHOP11/1/2017  2  
Cyber SnobsCRIME AND PUNISHMENT11/1/2017  1  
2 Taboo for YouBuddy and his Stepdad and Sunday Night Football (or Part 3)10/9/2017  11  
Bisexuals Playgroundnice way to wake up9/18/2017  14  
CockforCock-Str8, Bi/Curious2Sharing times with my Buddy and Stepdad (part 2)9/8/2017  0  
2 Taboo for YouSharing times with my Buddy and Stepdad part 2)9/8/2017  15  
Tantra LoversI know you're out there - why so shy?8/26/2017  0  
Bisexuals PlaygroundMy first time giving head8/4/2017  12  
AFF Naughty Community.Here I Am Again8/1/2017  6  
Utah Friends For Fun.cut or uncut7/15/2017  2  
AFF Naughty Community.COWBOY~! (for the ladies out there)7/9/2017  0  
Sumter SwingersMy Evening with Mrs. Kink Couple - Part Two6/10/2017  1  
SC Hot Wives & CuckoldsMy encounter with Mrs. Kink - Part Two6/10/2017  2  
SC Hot Wives & CuckoldsMy kinky fantasy6/3/2017  4  
SC Hot Wives & CuckoldsHow I Give A Good Blowjob5/30/2017  7  
SC Hot Wives & CuckoldsClean Up5/30/2017  5  
AFF Naughty Community.Memories of the Smokeys5/19/2017  5  
erotic storylandThe Physical Exam4/25/2017  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Phone Sex?4/14/2017  10  
2 Taboo for YouDreaming of Uncle and Aunt .....4/14/2017  11  
AFF Naughty Community.Cock shaft licking.4/4/2017  11  
Interracial FunExtremely shy modest white wife BADLY wants to take first black cock .4/4/2017  1  
AFF Naughty Community.First time vibe3/24/2017  9  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchA Backfire3/23/2017  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Sharon and Janet3/21/2017  8  
AFF Naughty Community.Dead Fawn Falls3/20/2017  5  
AFF Naughty Community.The Stairwell3/14/2017  6  
AFF Naughty Community.Co-ed Dorms3/2/2017  6  
2 Taboo for YouTHE GIRL WITH NO NAME......WAS THIS JILL?2/1/2017  2  
Girls who want older GentsJILL IN THE COFFEE SHOP1/29/2017  7  
2 Taboo for YouBeing Milked ....1/27/2017  14  
AFF Naughty Community.Being Milked....1/27/2017  7  
Str8bois4funlooking for straight guys looking to get off nsa1/22/2017  3  
DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSReading Time with Daddy1/21/2017  9  
Women who crave LARGE cocksBig White Cock in DC1/20/2017  0  
Cruise ConnectionsNCL Norwegian Escape St Thomas to MIA1/14/2017  1  
2 Taboo for YouDad Stepdaughter include Mom - Part 21/13/2017  14  
2 Taboo for YouDad Stepdaughter include Mom - Part 11/13/2017  14  
MasturbateA lovely fantasy...12/26/2016  1  
AFF Naughty Community.My Three Steps To Giving A Good Blow Job.12/19/2016  11  
Columbia,SCJUST BECAUSE I WANT TO KNOW12/15/2016  2  
2 Taboo for YouOn japaneseadultgirlfriend.com with Stepdaughter, loving it ...11/2/2016  4  
Age you sucked first cockI was 12 wen I sucked my first cock11/1/2016  6  
shemales looking for menHad First t gurl experience10/30/2016  1  
15th Avenue Bookstore & SpaGiveing men their best blow jobs ever!!!!!!!10/14/2016  9  
Bisexual Group FunGiveing men their best blow jobs ever!!!!!!!!10/14/2016  0  
Gang Bangs and OrgiesGiveing men their best blow jobs ever!!!!!!!!10/14/2016  1  
Bisexual Group FunI need a big hardc cock to suck on!!!!!!!! Or a wet pussy to sit on my face!!!!!!!10/1/2016  0  
ActiveBisexualsSharing recent experience - Semi Public Bi Oral8/5/2016  7  
2 Taboo for YouRecent Fun - Semi Public Bi Oral8/5/2016  22  
2 Taboo for YouThe Babysitter Chronicles7/27/2016  14  
caught masturbating/or watchedneighbors watching7/26/2016  3  
CREAMPIE eatingLooking for a first time7/17/2016  10  
Houston Area M4MMy Best M2M Experience to date6/15/2016  7  
Houston Area M4MMy Best M2M Experience to date6/15/2016  0  
WV Glory holes anything goesStoystown pa5/15/2016  0  
BIG COCK LOVERSLOVES SUCKING BIG COCk, AND Big loads of cum5/7/2016  2  
Deviant and Depraved DesiresWatersports4/27/2016  3  
Pantyhose Sexpantyhose fun in north Texas?4/6/2016  0  
001_Kinky Passionate PhoneIf a Penis Could Talk3/18/2016  2  
Leather, Lust, Love, & LaceBarbara Walters Interviews Dick Head3/18/2016  3  
♠️GURLS WHO LOVE BBC♠️my first experience3/17/2016  4  
Leather, Lust, Love, & LacePart III of III: Mornings3/11/2016  0  
Leather, Lust, Love, & LacePart II of III: Mornings3/11/2016  2  
Leather, Lust, Love, & LacePart I of III - Morning3/11/2016  2  
Girls who want older Gentspart III of III - Mornings3/5/2016  5  
Girls who want older GentsReading Time3/1/2016  5  
Fulfilling FantasiesSuggestions for a title?!? (leave in comments, thanks)2/27/2016  0  
2 Taboo for YouSister and friend.2/24/2016  8  
Girls who want older GentsPART II of III - Mornings ---2/23/2016  5  
Girls who want older GentsPart I of III - Mornings2/9/2016  4  
2 Taboo for YouSharing my hot experiences when I was still living at home with Mom.2/4/2016  20  
Adult Book Stores of Las VegasJoy of ABS arcades12/23/2015  4  
2 Taboo for YouReceived and email from a cute girl looking for a Daddy12/17/2015  2  
DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSSleepy grandpa12/3/2015  6  
2 Taboo for You"Taboo Incest (shouldnt It Be More Possibility Viewed Between Consenting Adults, Both Young And Old12/1/2015  21  
Cunnilingus AFTER HE cumsCouple ask me to be there cuck11/25/2015  2  
Filthy First TimesHis first blow job11/23/2015  1  
Cloud NineThe Penis Study11/21/2015  4  
Gladstone, Rocky surroundingDesign11/2/2015  0  
bundaberg and wide bay areaDesign11/2/2015  0  
rockhampton&surrounding areasDesign.11/2/2015  2  
TABOOReally Happened - Part 1 - First Exposure To Sex10/25/2015  1  
Taboos BDSM ddlg fam etcReally Happened - Part 1 - First Exposure To Sex10/25/2015  0  
Daddies and LittlesDaddy Awaken me Part 110/16/2015  4  
Gang Bang Party GirlHoe in Tahoe10/10/2015  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Cock Head Knobbing.10/5/2015  11  
Girls who want older GentsA Recent Experience..9/13/2015  0  
Classy BBW & FriendsAre you a Temptress: Or do you like a women being a Temptress?9/6/2015  10  
Girls who want older GentsMy fantasy8/29/2015  0  
Camden City/Camden CountyDays free I can host and I suck dick8/17/2015  0  
Oral LoversBisexual Couple looking for single bisexual men8/15/2015  8  
Tattoos are addictingtattoo on penis8/14/2015  0  
St8 Guys who are bi curiouscock sucking..8/1/2015  3  
Taboo FamilyAunt Marie and Uncle Jessie, new apt.7/28/2015  2  
Milfs and their under 40 CubsWhere was your hottest encounter with a Cougar or Cub?7/27/2015  3  
DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSPART III - A Shower Before She Goes7/24/2015  3  
Open Family FantasiesAunt Marie and Uncle Jessie, new apt...7/15/2015  3  
Brampton GroupA perfect Day7/8/2015  1  
DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSPART II - Breatfast and the Bootie7/5/2015  4  
2 Taboo for YouRecently visited my Mom (it had been so long since .....)7/2/2015  13  
Open Family FantasiesRecently visited my Mom (it had been so long since .....)7/2/2015  10  
DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSPART I - Morning Time Daddy Is Working in the Home Office6/22/2015  3  
Women and couples 4 bi singlescurious...why i like seeing cocks cum?6/15/2015  5  
Anything goesFeed me a creampie?6/14/2015  2  
Classy BBW & FriendsFor The Ladies Only6/2/2015  12  
DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSFantasies5/11/2015  5  
Welcome to the Pleasure DomeOral pleasure5/5/2015  7  
Make me Cum for youHow this group works4/6/2015  0  
Make me Cum for youHow this group works4/6/2015  0  
FUCK ME HARDERFirst time swinging4/5/2015  4  
Dream's Taboo for YouDon't I Know You?? Hmmm.....4/1/2015  0  
2 Taboo for YouDon't I Know You? Hmmmm....4/1/2015  2  
Make me Cum for youHow this group works3/20/2015  0  
Open Family FantasiesA note to Daddy's Girl3/4/2015  10  
Roleplay Anything tabooWhat is your fantasy tonight? Be descriptive.3/3/2015  1  
2 Taboo for YouMy Next Experience2/4/2015  6  
Daddies and LittlesMy Daddy Story~~I hope you enjoy it!1/25/2015  7  
Open Family FantasiesHigh school buddie and I - then Mom1/21/2015  7  
Men Stroking on Cam 4 WomenWere You Watching Me?1/18/2015  0  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)Were You Watching Me?1/18/2015  2  
Open Family FantasiesAunt Marie And Uncle Jessie, Family Fun Part 2 - With Bi Oral1/17/2015  5  
Open Family FantasiesFun With Aunt Marie At The Drive In, Family Fun Part 11/17/2015  3  
DeepThroatThe feeling of a cock in your throat1/9/2015  6  
DeepThroatThe feeling of a cock in your throat1/9/2015  0  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesis this close to right1/6/2015  7  
Women and couples 4 bi singlestell me would this work1/6/2015  2  
Women and couples 4 bi singleswell1/6/2015  2  
Women who love Bi MenMy First time with a man - unabridged12/28/2014  5  
Classy BBW & FriendsHow do I react?12/26/2014  14  
sarika1972Fun With Cuckold CPl12/21/2014  0  
DiscreetHyderabadFun With Cuckold CPl12/21/2014  0  
Hyderabad Sex GroupFun With Cuckold CPl12/21/2014  0  
erotic storylandBalcont, Pt112/16/2014  0  
Seeking Adult Fun in OrlandoStroking and Driving12/12/2014  1  
TS/CD/TV COCKSUCKING SLUTSNew Cockslut here in Socal11/23/2014  4  
Orlando Couples 3Sum MFM, FMFReal, STR8 Bull Male in Orlando, 8L and 6.5" Around the shaft thick11/16/2014  0  
Greensburg friendsThis is what I hope my First time with a man would be played out!11/3/2014  4  
women just want to be fuckedEverything for Him (part 3)10/29/2014  2  
Brandon and Areapolish my shaft10/26/2014  0  
MMF Bi FunTHIS WAS A FIRST FOR ME!10/15/2014  2  
Men who love sucking cockI love worshiping a man's penis10/15/2014  0  
Gay and Bi Sexier 40+a day to remember.10/13/2014  2  
Luscious SchismSucking COCK! You wanted to know how? this is how! MY Way!9/3/2014  10  
Gangbang NOW!Sucking COCK! What is a good blowjob to you? OR this is how I do it!9/3/2014  6  
001_Kinky Passionate PhoneKrispy Kreme Doughnuts.... Ring Toss, Anyone?9/2/2014  2  
LaCrosse Love For AllWhy are women asked their bra band and cup size?9/1/2014  10  
A Daddies and Good Girls ForumPart III: A Shower Before She Goes8/27/2014  3  
A Daddies and Good Girls ForumPart II: Breakfast and the Bootie8/27/2014  3  
A Daddies and Good Girls ForumPart 1 : Morning Time, Working in the Home Office8/27/2014  4  
A Daddies and Good Girls ForumAppetite Arousal8/26/2014  4  
001_Kinky Passionate PhoneAppetite Arousal8/26/2014  5  
Edmonton Bi SituationalWe give a fine blowjob8/24/2014  5  
Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupA blowjob 2 tongues 4 lips8/24/2014  5  
Barrie and areaFantasies8/22/2014  0  
Cock Piercingthe different types of cock piercings8/21/2014  5  
Seeking Adult Fun in OrlandoStr8 Male, DD free true 8"L and 6.5" around the shaft8/19/2014  6  
Eastern Idaho AFFersHow best to stimulate the top portion of a man's shaft?8/5/2014  3  
public gropers + pussy loversTrain journey7/30/2014  1  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Which is best for guys razor or cream7/3/2014  8  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesinteresting how tough it is to give away a Blow Job7/2/2014  8  
Arvada area connectionsMFM and mutual bi oral6/22/2014  0  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesummmmmmm6/15/2014  6  
2 Taboo for YouMy Sister's Birthday Present6/10/2014  2  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)I want hot creamy cum runnin down my shaft!...any takers ladies?6/4/2014  2  
Cloud NineMy Second Date with Cherrie6/2/2014  5  
Cloud NineMy first Date with Cherrie5/25/2014  6  
HORSE HUNG cock clubOrlando area Ladies an Cuck couples5/20/2014  0  
TS/CD/TV COCKSUCKING SLUTSMy first cock sucking or how I became a slut.5/2/2014  4  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesNo longer just a curiousity5/1/2014  6  
Transgendered DommesMy first cock sucking or how I became a slut.4/30/2014  1  
Anything goesFirst Time Eating A Creampie in 1973!4/25/2014  1  
Active ChattersShow us your Tool4/18/2014  7  
Femmed SissiesGiving my first blow job4/12/2014  4  
CREAMPIE eating69 Fun4/8/2014  3  
Mobile Area Bi-Sexualsany body like to suck a cock to compleation3/18/2014  0  
REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCErotic introduction3/13/2014  0  
Hot Wives & Hot MILFsErotic Introduction3/13/2014  0  
Bloomington/Normal NymphosErotic Introduction3/13/2014  0  
Older woman wanting younger meErotic introduction3/13/2014  0  
BBW of Central IllinoisErotic introduction3/13/2014  0  
Hotel EroticaErotic Introduction3/13/2014  0  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)Horny3/7/2014  9  
LaCrosse Love For Allwhat the heck is this? an implant?3/2/2014  7  
The Dublin ClubHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  1  
dublin swingersHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  0  
Irish perv'sHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  0  
BDSEX20 Favorite Sex Tips Ever2/10/2014  1  
Mature Madness & MerrimentThe Tease....surprise2/8/2014  9  
LARGE CLIT LOVERSclit the miniature penis of woman2/6/2014  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayThe Tease1/27/2014  1  
Sioux City Adult Bookstoreany luck?1/24/2014  0  
Triple SWant More Of THAT1/19/2014  9  
CU Adult Bookstore Sexporn store erotica (guy on girl)1/19/2014  1  
Share Your FantasyA fantasy for an japaneseadultgirlfriend.com friend1/17/2014  0  
bi guys metrowestI love wrapping my lips around a long thick cock and worship it1/4/2014  0  
Tampa XXX Theatre FansFantasy Land 1-Dec\12/7/2013  2  
COUPLES UKpenis names12/2/2013  4  
The Aussie ChatroomDeepthroat no more?11/26/2013  1  
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HPV 2 in South CentralHPV 210/21/2013  0