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SPANKing 4 fun,submissive?Looking for a good spanking7/3/2020  0  
Omaha Chat and Meet and Greet.REMEMBER THE CREST?6/8/2020  0  
Omaha Chat and Meet and Greet.The Old XXX Theater6/6/2020  0  
Dream's Taboo for YouBoy looking to chat w DAD about spanking6/1/2020  0  
“The BDSM & Kink Club”men that into man to man play4/30/2020  0  
Family fantasy chatI love my family.4/30/2020  3  
Women Couples Into GangBangFunSo I need to date a gal who loves GangBangs ???4/25/2020  1  
SpankSwitch looking to spank and bee spanked4/5/2020  0  
SpankSpanking fun4/4/2020  0  
Spanking discipline in WalesLooking for a spanking4/2/2020  0  
Subs, Brats, Doms and DaddiesDaddies and Grandpas,3/19/2020  5  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchAnyone in Colorado?2/20/2020  0  
Men in lingerie\nightiesFeeling naughty....2/11/2020  10  
AFF Naughty Community.Ass spanking fun.1/31/2020  8  
Bareback CreampiesGetting it1/8/2020  5  
EroticaEroticism is so under-rated1/5/2020  0  
So Cal PnP GroupLooking for some fun12/1/2019  0  
Summit Street Newsneed a good banging11/27/2019  0  
Bareback TorontoFun games11/23/2019  0  
Princess' Rainbow PalacePalace Layout For Roleplayers11/16/2019  0  
Caught MasturbatngFirst time10/8/2019  2  
pussy spankingThe delight of spanking the beautiful treasure.....9/28/2019  0  
spanking in floridaBeing spanked9/3/2019  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Spanking Play.9/2/2019  7  
Ass sluts, submissives white wSubmissive white ass sluts9/2/2019  0  
Dream's Taboo for YouA good spanking.8/31/2019  30  
Daddies and LittlesBut Daddy,8/30/2019  7  
“The BDSM & Kink Club”I've been a naughty little girl.....8/30/2019  1  
Harrisburg Area BBWsBBW Wife looking for lots of cum8/21/2019  7  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlaySpanking8/13/2019  3  
CT SpankosAny girls looking for a spanking8/8/2019  0  
Lloydminster. FunontheBorder3-somes or anal or light bondage ?7/13/2019  1  
pussy spankingNewbies Ne7/5/2019  0  
The Valley Of RoyalSpankings : Do you enjoy them? When? how? With what?6/23/2019  3  
Lethbridge Hook-upsSenior bottom men6/21/2019  0  
GAng BangsBrand spanking new gang bang4/26/2019  1  
Cloud NineAnatomy of a Spanking4/22/2019  0  
Bling Enthusiasts GroupAnatomy of a Spanking4/22/2019  0  
Bling Enthusiasts GroupAnatomy of a Spanking4/22/2019  0  
Bi men looking for Bi funAnatomy of a Spanking4/22/2019  0  
BLING GALLERYAnatomy of a Spanking4/22/2019  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Anatomy of a Spanking4/22/2019  4  
AFF Naughty Community.Ass Spanking, swatting and rubbing.4/20/2019  8  
pussy spankinghello from largo florida3/28/2019  3  
pussy spankinghello from largo florida3/28/2019  2  
AFF Naughty Community.Love Variety During Sex Play.2/20/2019  29  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)DG and Extreme BDSM2/6/2019  4  
pussy spankingNew to this group and love to have my pussy spanked1/28/2019  0  
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Dream's Taboo for Youpheebee cums home1/6/2019  6  
CT SpankosType of Spanking12/30/2018  1  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Spanking Sex.12/10/2018  2  
AFF Naughty Community.Spanking Sex.12/10/2018  11  
pussy spankingGirls REALLY like the way I spank their kitty12/5/2018  7  
Black dom white subpacific Northwest11/28/2018  0  
Dream's Taboo for YouNaughty Girl Needs A Spanking11/16/2018  11  
NorCal naughty freaksSHE TRIED TO SAY NO.......11/14/2018  0  
Rock's BDSM & Kink ClubBDSM Glosarry10/25/2018  0  
Rock's BDSM & Kink ClubBDSM Vocabulary10/25/2018  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Ass spanking during sex.10/14/2018  7  
Swingers For Fun Group.Naughty Ass Play Fun Times.9/23/2018  9  
Daytime Sex!!!!!!!!!SPANKING AND MORE? Hosting in DC metro area hotel9/18/2018  0  
Welcome to the Pleasure Domeanother year ...... another spanking party9/16/2018  0  
Swingers For Fun Group.A Guy Gets A Birthday Ass Spanking.9/3/2018  7  
Swingers For Fun Group.Naughty girls need a ass spanking.9/2/2018  9  
Babygirls and LittlesToymaster.....8/26/2018  2  
BBW in IndianaExtreme desires8/24/2018  0  
HerMastersbitchfantasy for today8/10/2018  0  
Daytime Group Sex9/19 SPANKING FOR A NAUGHTY GIRL! Hosting in Rockville hotel8/6/2018  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Ass Spanking.8/5/2018  16  
Aquarius Bathvoyeuristic bondage play at AQ8/4/2018  0  
Men in womens PantiesI want 2 be very sub serviant 4 a man7/25/2018  3  
wet and looking for sex6/23 and it is my BDay. Need a serious spanking.6/23/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usFacts6/23/2018  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Ass Spanking Fun.6/15/2018  14  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)June Birthdays!!!6/11/2018  3  
CREAMPIE eatingCreampie eating love6/3/2018  5  
AFF Naughty Community.Ass spanking fun times.5/21/2018  10  
The DUNGEON-A slaves Paradisespankings5/18/2018  0  
2 Taboo for YouAnyone want to meet around Mt Clemens5/6/2018  0  
no strings attached sexAnyone want to meet around Mt Clemens5/6/2018  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)May Birthdays!!!5/3/2018  4  
2 Taboo for Youwant to hear your taboo stories or fantasies4/28/2018  0  
Local Swingers For Local PlayCan Swinging fix a Marriage?4/17/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usTherpy spanking4/9/2018  1  
Dommes for the men who love usMasochist4/7/2018  1  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL TAKES THE LIFT3/30/2018  5  
Dommes for the men who love usCommon pervertables around the home3/29/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usDragon tail3/18/2018  2  
AFF Naughty Community.Ass Spanking Fun.3/14/2018  8  
Dommes for the men who love usAre you ready to be a dominant3/12/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usLong distance relationship3/12/2018  2  
east tn interracialbbw looking for her first bbc3/11/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usSensory deprivation3/2/2018  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Wife Loves to be ass spanked.2/26/2018  10  
Dommes for the men who love usSub frenzy2/25/2018  1  
Dommes for the men who love usBDSM 101, Part 42/22/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usBdsm 101 part 22/22/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usDomme2/19/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usRole play spanking2/18/2018  0