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MILs accident part 7 making a list   2/11/2019

when I turned the VCR back on the fem-dom video started playing, as we watched we both wrinkled our noses up to ball gags, a guy on a leash and boot licking. We both thought the spanking scene looked

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MILs accident part 6   2/6/2019

Still day 3, It was getting cloudy outside and the grass needed mowed, I ask Jan if she was OK that I wanted to beat the rain. She said she was good watching TV but she could use a drink. We went to t

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MILs accident part 5   2/5/2019

Day 3 , When I got up I found my MIL Jan sleeping in the recliner I started the coffee I and went to wash my face and brush my teeth . Jan met me in the hall by the bathroom door " I have to pee

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MILs accident how it started   2/4/2019

In 1986 two before my MIL ( Jan ) had her accident my wife's grandmother had passed away to finish every things up there was a truck load of her stuff that needed moved to my wife's sisters

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MILs accident part 4   2/3/2019

When I got home from the drug store and grocery store I found Jan curled up sleeping in the recliner , remembering she didnt sleep but a hour the night before I lightly kissed her cheek, still asleep

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MILs accident the next morning   2/2/2019

My alarm went off at 5 am as soon as I hit the snooze button I hear a tap on my open door and Mike wake up ! Mike , Mike. I try to focus and get a grip, theres Jan in the door way with her knees slam

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MILs accident after the bath   2/1/2019

I went to my closet and found my Franco jersey and went back to the kitchen and told her to raise her arms and worked it over her casts and over her head. I figured it would be loose enough and pretty

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MILs accident   2/1/2019

Two years after my road trip with my in law ( Jan ) everything had changed. The bottom fell out of the oil business , because of lack of work my wife Beth my (mark) and I moved from Pa to Va. My in-

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