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Blind date at a swingers party - Part 2   10/9/2019

I removed my shirt as Bunny and Rhonda continued to lick and suck on my cock. Rhonda stopped to take off her dress and thong as Bunny held my cock in her hand, lifting it up while she stroked it and

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Blind date at a swingers party   10/8/2019

This is a true story. About 10 years ago I spent some time in Wilmington on business. I chatted with a couple on who lived there, and were active in the swinging community there. They told me a

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Double Latte then Double Penetration   9/24/2019

I was new to the area after moving from the Mid-west. I was horny and looking for a couple to hookup with. I chatted with a couple I met on and we set up to meet in a public place to get to see

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Horny Granny - Round 2   9/16/2019

I slid my cock out of her pussy and lay down next to her on my right side. She was also on her right side and slid her body next to mine. Her head was against my chest while her ass was snuggled up a

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Horny Granny in a Bar   9/11/2019

This past summer I went into a sports bar for a beer. It's I place I go to from time to time when I'm out running errands and get thirsty. It was a very hot and humid day, and I needed to tak

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Mother and    8/21/2019

I had met a young woman at work. She was very pretty and also very sweet. She had the killer body of a dancer. We became friends and stayed in contact after I left working at that company. Through

0 Comments, 6132 Views, 0 Votes Date with Single Mom   8/19/2019

About 16 years ago I exchanged messages with a single mom on She worked two jobs to make ends meet, and didn't have time to date or meet guys. She was also getting over a bad marriage and was

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Swinger Party Fun   8/15/2019

This is a true story happened years ago. I joined a new swingers in central Virginia. We had our first party at a cabin we rented. It was way off season and very isolated. I got there early and

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Husband surprises wife with strange cock while on vacation   8/12/2019

A few years ago I exchanged messages with a guy who was coming to the beach with his wife on vacation. They were a middle aged couple and he wanted to make this years vacation special. He explained

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Frustrated Housewife Needing It   8/5/2019

About years ago, I was separated from my wife and used find partners for sex. As my prior stories have detailed, I usually played with couples for MFM threesomes or more likely, cuckold play.

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Bondage try Part 3 - What she really wanted   8/2/2019

While I enjoyed meeting Carol and the fun that followed, I really didn't get much out of the whole bondage/spanking thing. Did I mention how much I enjoyed Carol? Anyway, a few weeks went by and

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Unexpected BJ   7/23/2019

A few years ago, I went to a nearby golf course to a few range balls. It's a nice course, but my game wasn't ready for a round yet since I hadn't played for over a year. I was half way t

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A Bulls work is never done   7/17/2019

A while back, I exchanged messages with a couple who lived close to me. The husband was no longer able to satisfy the wife, and she needed a bull to have some fun with and to relieve some pent up sex

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Cuckold House Party - Part 3   7/16/2019

I agreed to go on a wine run with the hostess whose name I have forgotten. She was a very well put together middle aged woman with short dark hair, big breasts, and a nicely shaped body and ass. She

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Cuckold House Party - Part 2   7/15/2019

I rested for a few minutes while Cat closed her eyes and took a short nap. I was a little hungry and got up to see what snacks everyone had brought to share. Bill came into the room, smiled at me an

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Cuckold House Party   7/12/2019

About years ago I joined a group on who wanted to meet for group sex parties. We had a couple of meet and greets and got to know each other. I befriended a few couples and singles as part of th

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Older with Younger continued   7/11/2019

The three of us chatted with each other while we waited for my cock to recover. Donna had that "I just got fucked" glow about her, which I found to be very arousing. They explained that it

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Older husband with Younger Wife Cuckolds   7/10/2019

This is a true story about a couple I met about six years ago. I think it was after he replied to a CL post offering my services as a bull. The husband reached out to me and said that he could no lo

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Bondage Try Continued   7/8/2019

I followed Carol into the house. Once inside, her robe fell off her body as she led the way. I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous ass as it swayed so sexily with every step. It still glowed

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Thought I'd give bondage a closer look   7/2/2019

I had never found bondage or the dom/sub to be all that exciting, but friends have told me how much fun it was. "You're telling me that a woman gets turned on by being tied up and spanked?&q

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Younger Couple - Older Bull Part 2   6/24/2019

Ken led the way to the porch and hot tub. I followed Brandy. She was still naked and I watched her shapely body move gracefully to the porch. I just love the way a lady's ass moves as shes walki

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Young couple wanting a mature bull   6/21/2019

This is my 5th story, and like the others is an account of an actual event and is true. This one occurred about 5 years ago. A couple from Tenn. was going to the beach in Rodanthe for vacation. The

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Older cuckold with younger hot wife - Part 2   6/20/2019

While I lay there resting, Terry and Jim had a smoke. We chatted about mostly nothing. I just enjoyed watching Terry standing at the foot of the bed with my visible on her pussy lips. She finished

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Older cuckold with younger hot wife   6/18/2019

Years ago in West Michigan, I connected with an older husband was looking for a bull fuck his wife while he video taped it. We agreed meet at a local micro-brewery so she could meet me and see if

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Kinky Cuckold Couple   6/17/2019

A few years back I got a reply to a CL personal ad that I ran to attract vacationing couples looking for a bull to add some spice to their vacation. A couple was staying on the beach in Duck, NC, and

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My first cuckold couple   6/14/2019

I was living in west Michigan, and exchanged messages with an older couple on They were in their early 60's and wanted to bring in a third for fun. This was something that I'd always wa

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